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I love how we can have activity feeds on the home page to tell new potential members that our group is active.

It would also be very nice (and get more people to donate, most likely) if it would put an activity feed notice on there when someone donates items to the treasury! Right now it's all anonymous and hidden to the public.

I'm guessing the best way to implement this is a checkbox that starts off unchecked saying "Make my donation anonymous" when you're on the checkout page of the item to donate. Then on the activity page, it might say "Name donated X to Groupname!" If they check off the box, I would still hope that the activity feed could say "Someone anonymously donated X to GroupName!" in that case, though.

Even better is if it could tie into the home page activity for every user, not just the group's own activity!

I think this is a fabulous idea! If one person sees another donate to a group's treasury they may catch on that not only is the group active but also something worth investing in. :)

I like the idea of a widget crediting donations. Someone donated a gift to a group I'm a mod of, I wouldn't have known if the owner of that group hadn't thanked them publicly!

I'll even elaborate as someone who's donated to the void before - I have mild access to spruce up a group's appearance and layout.

The other day, I wanted to buy it an extra page. So, no big deal, I followed the prompts from the editing window - but then these take you right to your own inventory after purchase. There is no indication on the feed that it even happened, no confirmation or any activity timeline, nothing in the settings to which I did have access - unless one actively goes to the group's treasury from the tiny link at the top of its main public page.

Said group now has a preposterous boatload of extra pages. (Which isn't a bad thing, necessarily!)

But anyway, the point being - I do like the idea of showing off the donations in timelines or widgets - not only for advertising purposes, but also for less confusion among those donating, as well!

Late to respond, but... This is a great set of ideas! Thank you very much for sharing them.

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Forums > Suggestions & Development Discussion > Group donations on activity feed