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XD uuhhhhhhhh I was planning on not saying why the change happened, but I guess i could put IDK

Plus, I would focus on the "idea" you used to make him and on what makes him unique, the littlest things that make him "stand amidst the crowd" and develop that.

You may not put it, actually, just write a little bit of prose about it. Wanna make it mysterious? Go for it.


tmw your hungry but have no food besides goldfish (the snack that smiles back)

Oh God

S i g h


Tmw you just realized this is the first time you've ever roleplayed with a red head before XD


I feel like that means there aren't enough redheads. WHAT SHOULD I MAKE MINE LIKE??

as in, I'm gonna make one now cuz yeh

I don't think I've got any redheads myself, lol

WE NEED TO MAKE SO MANY REDHEADS THAT WE HAVE NO SLOTS LEFT (we can just delete them and make other characters when needed.)

Is it just me or is there only a small group of people who are ever in this chat

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)