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Gather friends and listen to our tale of the Bionicle. Millenia ago the Great Spirit, Mata Nui, battled with his evil Brother, Makuta. It was a long and hard battle, as Makuta's forces invaded the world of Bara Magna. In the end, Mata Nui overcame his envious brother, and many valiant heroes defeated his armies. The Matoran left their now ruined universe, to enter the transformed Bara Magna, Spherus Magna to begin anew. Thousands of years after this, the Matoran and the Agori quickly began to feud with one another. In response the great Toa of Light, Ekkimu, and leader of the Toa Gardah journeyed across the world and discovered a lush island, naming it Okoto. It was large, and had beautiful land.

The Toa Gardah spread out, inviting all Matoran to this beautiful new home. The Matoran who came prospered under the guidance of the now Turaga Gardah, who had sacrificed their power as Toa to guide the Matoran. It was a peaceful time. However, this was not to last, as a long forgotten and ancient Evil seeks to return and retake the world of Spherus Magna...

A Matoran strode through the bustling streets of Fa-Ifo. Most of the Matoran, this one included, wore coats beneath their armor to keep them warm, as the city was in the northern most part of the island, and as a result was freezing. Not as much as Ko-Ifo of course, but it was still cold, and the Fa-Matoran weren't Ko-Matoran. The Matoran approached a large metal tower in the center of the city.

The Matoran, whose armor was mostly silver and black, with a bit of white, stopped, looking up at the tower. He adjust his Matatu mask, and took a breath before walking inside. He took a lift to the top floor. He stepped off the lift and walked forward, to a large door. "You got this Melu. They're just a Turaga. They aren't gonna bite your head off or anything." He mumbled, before opening the door and going inside.

"Turaga, you can't be serious!" Came the voice of another Matoran. He was named Halu. Save for being mostly silver, with little black on his armor, he looked similar to Melu, though wore a Noble Ruru, rather than a Matatu. "Melu doesn't even know how to fight, and your sending him out to travel across an island crawling with Mata Nui knows how many dangerous Rahi!" Halu said, apparently not noticing Melu. "I've heard your concerns, but I have those issues taken care of. Melu is one of the best cartographers in Fa-Inu, possibly even in Onu-Oko." The Turaga said.

Korgot stood taller than the Matoran by at least a head. They wore black and purple armor, but had a grey shawl on top of their sparse armor. They wore a Great Arthron. Korgot glanced up when he noticed Melu. "Ah, Melu. Greetings." Korgot said. Halu glanced over his shoulder, shooting a glare at Melu. "You needed me for something, Turaga?" Melu asked, ignoring Korgot. The Turaga nodded. "This ridiculous. He can't defend himself out there!" Halu said. Korgot growled. "I've heard enough Halu! I've made my decision!" Korgot snapped. Halu grumbled, glaring at the floor. "What ever." He grumbled before turning and leaving.

"What was he talking about?" Melu asked. "He's simply jealous. He'll get over himself." Korgot explained. "I have selected you for an important task, Melu. The last map made for Okoto was done several centuries ago. By now, many of the routes and paths it had are either out of use, or have become too dangerous to use. You are one of the finest Cartographers in the city, so you will go out and make a new map for Onu-Oko." Korgot explained, handing a tablet-like device to Melu. Melu seemed stunned. "Several other Matoran have been chosen to map out the Okos, so dont' worry about them." Korgot explained.

"Now, I've heard you aren't a fighter. So, I've elected to give you this." Korgot added, before handing Melu a custom made Disk launcher, as well as a few Kanoka disks. "The Disks are custom made. After a while they automatically de-materialize into the Launcher's energy stores." Korgot explained. "However there are still limited Disks, so try not fire too many. There's nine stored in the launcher." Korgot explained. "I have also taken the liberty to get a travel companion for you. A Fe-Matoran named Whiru. He's a skilled warrior, and I think you may know him." Korgot explained. Melu still seemed shocked.

"Arey ou sure I'm the right one for this job?" Melu asked. Korgot nodded. "Positive. Now, you'd better head to the Tram system. Take Transport 92. It will take you to the outskirts of Fa-Ifo. You will find Whiru there." Korgot explained. Melu nodded, before turning to leave. He left the tower and headed to the tram. "I still don't get why the Turaga decided to give a job this important to some cross-wired coward like you." Came Halu's voice. Melu groaned. "Maybe it's because I don't have my head shoved up my butt." Melu retorted. "At Least I can defen-Where'd you get that from?" Halu asked, indicating the Disk Launcher on Melu's back. "The Turaga gave it to me for self defense." Melu said. Halu burst into laughter. "You serious?!" He questioned. "Do you even know how to use it?" He questioned. "Yeah I do. And I like talking to you, like I like shoveling Pokuu droppings. So see you after I've made that map." Melu said, smugness easily noticeable in his voice, before he left.

Melu got to the Tram station, and headed off on Transport 92. He got to the end station and got off. He wandered around trying to find Whiru. He'd met Whiru before. Despite how old the sport is, Kohli is still very popular, and Whiru was the Goalie in one of the games that Melu played in. He got along with Whiru fine, so he was happy about that at least.

Peering through the crowd was a Fe-Matoran with metallic grey armour and a single orange pauldron on his left shoulder. Beneath his armour is a dark grey coat and locked under his chest plate is a strap for a special sheath on his back that holds a short spiked morningstar mace. He was slightly taller than the average Matoran at 4'3" and his bulky armour like look added to his strangely bulky presence. Adjusting his grey Pakari mask he spots the familiar face of Melu. Waving down he calls out in a loud voice.
"Melu! Over here." He calls out waving. Trying to make himself seem taller and get his friends attention as he stands off to the side of the swarming crowed. Numerous others look to him with questioning looks at his overly vocal behavior but keep moving anyhow.

Melu glanced around he heard his name. Whiru was easy to spot. All Fa-Matoran armor was some variation of mostly silver and black, with occasionally some white thrown in, so what orange was in Whiru's armor stuck out like a sore thumb. Melu made his way over to the Fe-Matoran.

"Hey Whiru, long time no see!" He said. "Ok, so when I was on the way here, I had thoughts about the best way to get the map made." Melu began. "I think, it would be best to get the best paths to the important places first, so first things first, we need to find the best paths to Onu-Ifo and De-Ifo, then to the border of Av-Oko, and go to the other borders. Once that's done we can start finding pathways to the other smaller villages." Melu explained.

"It has, been what two months?" Whiru replies tapping the side of his mask. Melu wasted no time getting into the idea of their job. "Always straight to it huh?" He pats his friend on the back and notices the disk launcher. "Where did that come from?" Whiru asks wandering behind him to analyse the weapon. Being from Fe-Ifo he has always admired craftsmanship especially with weapons. His own career or being a guard played into this frank obsession.

"Turaga Korgot gave it to me for self defense." Melu explained. "Well, we should get moving now. This map's going to take a while to complete. I think I'll be able to get us a pair of Pokuu to make traveling quicker." Melu explained, motioning for Whiru to follow him.

He lead Whiru to a large dome shaped building and went inside. The smell inside was awful, to put it mildly. There were various domesitcated Rahi everwhere. Some Ussals, large crab-like rahi with custom made coats, several Trynu, moderate sized cat-like hunting Rahi, and dozens of others. Melu immediately made his way to a pen with several tall bipedal raptor-like Rahi. They had armor plates, like most Rahi, but had fur coming out from their organic portions.

"You are very eager to get going." Whiru says following suit. As they walk into the building he contorts his face in repulsion. "Do they ever clean these place?" He says waving his hand in front of his face. "Give me sulfur and forges any day" Whiru took a moment to stop and look at the Ussals. He never saw those where he was from. They snipped at him and as he made a face at them he returned to Melu who was examining a bunch of Pokuu. "Haven't ridden these in a while." He said looking at the bipedal animals.

"Yeah they do, but you can only do so much to get rid of the smell." Melu said, doing his best to ignore the rancid odor. Melu inspected the various Pokkuu. He spotted two that he thought would be good. "We'll take those two." Melu said, indicating the two. The handler nodded, before going to retrieve the two Pokuu.

Melu paid for them, and the saddles were affixed to them, allowing Melu and Whiru to ride on them better. "Alright, let's get moving." Melu said, hopping on his Pokuu.

"So do you think we could explain why this task on your own? I would have thought to map out the entire island you'd need dozens of cartographers. At least if you don't want it taking years." Whiru got his Pokuu to begin a modest stride forward. "Though you'll be fine from danger, I can handle anything we could find doing a simple bit of mapping." He says slapping the reigns and causing the Pokuu let out a cry and spring forward. Whiru went wide eyed as he wrangled with it and was nearly tossed off as he slide around and put the saddle on the side of it. Nearly falling as it came to a stop a good two hundred meters down the road. Animals were not his strong suit

"I'm not doing it on my own. I've just got Onu-Oko. There's other cartographers getting the other Okos." Melu explained, before Whiru's Pokuu darted off. Melu followed before they came to a stop. "You don't work with many animals do you?" Melu asked.

Pulling himself around and having the sternest expression he can muster as he tries to keep his composure. He adjusts his mask. "No, no I don't. Don't get many around the mines and forges. Sometimes beasts of burden but mostly trucks are used for it." He tries to gallop it forward slowly.

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"Well, you guys would probably benefit from having a few Ussals help out around the mines." Melu said. "Try not to spook it, they're kinda jumpy." Melu explained. "Definitely don't whip the reins." He added. Vehicles existed but, at least in Fa-Ifo, weren't produced for the individual Matoran. Helped keep from using up the resources of the area. Plus with the chute system most Ifos had, personal vehicles weren't needed so everyone seemed to get by just fine.

"I don't make the rules I just work with what's provided. So how do we go about this cartography anyhow?" Whiru asks having not worked with it before. He only knows basics from talking with Melu.

"Well" Melu began, pulling the tablet out. "So this tracks our exact path and how far we've gone." Melu explained. "So as we're going along I'll mark down any important land marks we pass, like lakes or mountains. I'll also need to mark the directions..." Melu added, doodling down the directions onto the map. "We'll probably make several trips to and from a village or city to find the best paths. Any overly dangerous or inconvenient ones I'll probably remove once we're done finding all the needed paths." Melu said. "For now thouh, we just keep going to Onu-Ifo." He said.

"That would be how long a ride? I don't usually go this way so I'm following blind." Whiru was rather unfamiliar with this particular region. His friend may have traveled many miles but he was rather short traveled. He was never able to travel for too long. Especially into the moister regions of the island. Those places made him feel uncomfortable.

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