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Since i habe once again come across soneone who has blocked me, apparently, i would just like to throw the suggestion out there for a block list you can access to see the people you've blocked and people who have blocked you. I didnt think anyone disliked me enough to block me but i guess you never know, so, it would be nice to be able to look into this.

I think that would hit some of the privacy issues that other requests about blocking have had before. Imagine only one person has you blocked - but you find an anonymous character you are blocked from contacting. You know who that belongs to now. And listing the characters would make it even worse.

It could also end up being used as a list for abuse against those who have blocked you, or as the blocked person, some with certain mental illnesses might experience panic attacks just having such a list of people who "don't like them" available.

And people don't necessarily dislike the people they block, at least not on any personal level. Some people block folks just because they don't feel like they can deal with direct contact from them and things like that.

Side note: I'm not assuming you, personally, would do any of this. Just lazy language.

There will never be a place you can go to look at a list of people that have blocked you, as it raises huge privacy concerns.

However, there's been a place that lists the people you have blocked since the day the site opened - it's at the bottom of the "settings" page :)

.Nevermind though I was thinking the same thing.

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Forums > Suggestions & Development Discussion > Blocked list