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"How fun..."

He huffed a bit as he finished decorating his area of his flat. He knew trick or treaters would be arriving sooner or later. He dressed as a wizard last year, which seemed, fun. This year, he took to wearing a Vampire Hunter's outfit, complete with a hat of course. The shocking young teen ran a hand through his hair as he would flip his braid behind his back.

"Easy does it. Joule didn't snack on the sweets I got. Good. Anyway. I should wait, right?"

Taking his finger, the young adept poked some lights, causing them to light up. A smile came across his face. Maybe this wouldn't be bad after all? Picking up the treats, he would wait for any guests to come and get what they needed or wanted. Or shock them if they took more than one piece.

In curiosity Alvis decided to participate in the Halloween festivities while having little knowledge on it. He manifested in front of a house in the form of a Reaper, wearing a black cloak with black skeletal wings, the outfit completed by his weapon in the form of a scythe, rang the doorbell and silently awaited a response.


HE would walk over to the door, holding the bucket of treats. Slowly opening the door, the adept would look at the other.

"Oi?" HE asked. "Need? Candy... right?"

In Alvis' lack of knowledge he believed he had to act as what he's dressing as. "....I have come for your soul Gunvolt..."

He gave a rather strange stare at the other. His azure coloured eyes meeting the others. Maybe it was some sort of Halloween joke?

"My soul? You sure you want that? Or the sweets I have? I have plenty for you..."

HE was confused now. So very confused.

Unsure he pauses for a moment to process then speaks again. "....Yes, these sugared confections shall serve as a substitute...We have a contract, Gunvolt, these confections in exchange for your soul." The golden eyes under the hood gleam for a moment.

He raised an eye brow at the other and then shrugged. Holding out the bucket, he let the other take his pick. A small nod was given from the adept to the other.

"Help yourself." He said softly.

He reaches out his hand with a blue flame and takes a handful from the bowl. "Contract fulfilled, good day Gunvolt." He walks off and disappears as he leaves the porch.

The raggad and dirty women stepped onto the porch. Shed torn her dress a little and allowed herself to only wear one shoe.

It was a terrible cinderella outfit but it do. She was hungry, and halloween was a perfect time to get something to eat.

She only hoped she wouldnt be turned away as she rang the doorbell. Once,someone opened the door, shed smile half heartedly.

"Trick or Treat."

Despite a blockage keeping her memories from fully restoring, thanks in part to the severe beat down she had suffered during her escape from Bison and the Dolls whom she had, at one point, affectionately called her 'sisters', there was one aspect of Cammy that lingered: Her love for Halloween. And so, with this perhaps the only thing she could remember about herself, the blonde decided to just join in on the fun and forget about her lost memories. At least once she had some candy in her mouth the savory sweetness would put her over-worrying mind to ease.

The blonde had chosen to dress up as an undead bride cat person which was a bit of a peculiar choice, given her tomboyish habits. But the almost pro-level rotting flesh makeup, the convincing blood and the sickly white and dark circled under eye patches all perfectly accented her tattered looking dress that stopped just a little bit at the knees, showing off the British female's exceptionally toned thighs that were clad in light blue markings. Her hair remained braided, although she did have a passing thought of just letting it all fall perfectly straight. And lastly, the girl had a pair of cat ears sprouting from her hair and whiskers on her cheeks (not those cheeks! Get your mind out of the gutter.)

Cammy had spent some time wandering the neighborhood; ignoring the whistles and somewhat immoral remarks of those who she encountered on the way. Although, the sixteen-year-old wanted nothing more than to wrap her powerful thighs around the necks of the ones who the words were from and twist those said necks until she heard a satisfying crunch. But she didn't; Cammy wasn't going to let her hostility get the better of her this time around and for just one time, she would ignore her natural impulse.

Eventually, the muscular teen had come to a halt at a flat; her doll-big blue eyes scanning over the decorations. She actually found herself smiling for the first time in....She couldn't remember.

The skeletons, the bats, the crude spider webs, the jack-o lanterns, the gray tombs that said 'RIP'.

Cammy stood in front of the flat; a simple black cat with green eyes in the shape of a candy bucket.

"Well, that was strange..."

When he went to take a seat, more and more people came. Seemed like a good thing? Yeah it did! He picked up his bucket of candy. A huge smile came across his face once again. His body sparked a bit, making some of the carefully placed Halloween decorations to light up some more.

Pulling up the hood to his wizard costume, the young adept held out his left hand and waved it a bit.

"Welcome! Welcome!" He would call out. He sure got an ear full earlier from Joule about the previous guest. Maybe this was to make people feel more welcomed?

"I see two guests? Come one and all! Come see the Marvelous Gunvolt at work! For each will earn a sweet treat!"

Halloween was never really one of those holidays that Asher found himself celebrating. Maybe when he was a kid, but... for the most part, he had gotten used to leading a rather busy lifestyle that meant studying, working, and providing the best that he could. To have a day off... really have a day off, that just felt... amazing in some aspect. Though, it also felt stifling. Now that he was free... what was there to do?

For the most part, Asher spent time in contemplation over the night. His sister, Lucie, might have planned something, but she had her own friends that she hung out with... and that's what she was doing tonight. Then there was the fact that Javier had his own bar event that he was still preparing for with his sister and brother... maybe that was a place to go once it got later.

Walking along, Asher was taken out of his thoughts as he passed a place that seemed to be bustling in some capacity. If anything, no one was too old to at least enjoy some candy and treats if people were offering. Asher just hoped that he was not considered 'too old'... but, considering a couple of the other people that Asher saw, it seemed that the household seemed open to giving treats to adults that were making their way over.

Approaching, Ahser rose a hand in greeting with a smile on his face.

"Oi?" He waved to the other that was coming. So more and more people were coming on this splendid night. HE seemed to be enjoying this as the thunder child snapped his fingers. A few more things illuminated as he waved is hand.

"So, all of you came for a treat? Or shall I show some tricks of the trade?" He asked. "I can put on a show for all of you!"

Gunvolt was sure hamming it up.

"You got tricks?" Asher asked, his brow raising with intrigue. There was a moment where Asher looked to the others who were around before continuing on to say: "I mean, the treats would be nice, but I'm down for looking at whatever tricks that people are willing to showcase."

There was no real sarcasm to Asher's tone. He was really looking forward to seeing anything that Gunvolt was wanting to show off. After all, a lot of people tended to get treats for Halloween, but only rarely did you get to see tricks that were not sometimes cruel. Asher just hoped that this trick was not that.

"Tricks? Of course!" He answered in a tone. "Care to see? Grab a seat!"

He motioned his hand a bit, hoping to gather more watchers. "This trick will give you a treat! So, come one and all!"

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