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"I'll go I dont know if she will make all skinny and pale looking" *he laughs*

* lays unconsiois in the hall*

*takes her to the nurse*

Isn't responding *

"Is she Ok?"

* nurse* she hasn't been eating making her body slow if he keeps doing this she's going to be hospitalized or worse .....

Hey u go to go to bed can we continue this Tommorow

"New this would happpen how can we help"

Your going to bed?

(can anyone join?)

You will jave to wait and see tomorrow but I'm pretty sure there are 2 slots open))

Mary Jane sat in a chair just outside the nurse's office, trying not to freak out too much.
Poor Elena. She probably wouldn't make it to the fair, that was for sure. Sighing, she stood and paced up and down the narrow hallway, not able to sit still. Was Elena ok?

*rushes out the office*


*the Nurse suddenly called an ambulance *PETER!! She lost a pulse!!

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