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This is a spinoff of the internet meme/joke 'petitioning' renaming the USA 'South Canada.'

This is what I mean, by way of example
petition-to-rename-the-usa-south-canada-what-about-alaska-24413080.png 9SZBy0Y.jpg

The rules are simple. Someone names a place, whether country, region, city; heck, a planet or moon, real or fictional, and the next person says what kind of Canada it is. (Please note that if you name a fictional place it would be nice to provide at least a way for the person to learn a little of the named place, like naming the fictional material it comes from--i.e. telling them that you mean the Metropolis from Superman comics, or Hogsmeade from Harry Potter, etc.)

For example, I say Easter Island, you say 'Tiny Canada,' and then tell the next person to rename Great Britain.


The first thing to name is China!

Crowded Canada


KansasVenomoth wrote:

Flat Canada

Westeros - A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones

Fractious Canada

Halley's Comet

Almost Centennial Canada


Techie Canada

Krypton (Superman/DC comics)

((nevermind totally misread how this works))


((I'd never heard of this Canada thing! It's friggin HILARIOUS! ))

Super Canada!

The Pacific Ocean

((Ikr? XD))

Canada With Many Volcanoes

The North Pole

Santa's Canada

For North Pole: North Canada

The Bootes Supervoid.

The Dark Canada.

Sirius-It's a star.

Distant Canada

The Klingon Homeworld (from Star Trek)

Imperial Space Canada


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