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This RP will depict extreme violence, strong language, and possible adult themes. Continue at your own risk.

Hey everybody! This is where the Mafia RP will take place - very little OOC should happen here! If you want to join, or have any questions, comments, or concerns for me, please talk with me in the other thread (here) or through PMs. Below is a list of jobs that need to be filled, as well as their ranking. Again, if you’re interested in filling, please let me know in the other thread or through PMs!

1. Bosses (1-2): Rosa Nyro , Angelo Daniel Rosin

2. Right-Hand Man (1):

3. Enforcer (1): Beniko Bandae Kuromiya

4. Mastermind (1): Ricky Spence

5. Explosives Specialist (1): Warren Stubbs

6. Hitmen/Assassins (1-2): Kukiko Vellucci

7. Hackers (1-3): Sarah Schai

8. Mercenaries (1-5):

For as long as anybody can remember, the cities of this country have been a corrupt hellscape - none so more than Westbank. With crime rates reaching an all-time high, and danger lurking around every corner, it seems that nobody can be trusted. Without control, chaos is destined to be the city’s downfall.

But, if you’re smart, you may see your advantages.

This is how Rosa took reign over Westbank within a year of her arrival. Opportunity struck - one shifty job led to another, and soon she was climbing the social ladder. She took what she needed, manipulated when she had to, and likely has more blood on her hands than anyone else in the city. She soon learned the terms of business. Now, there isn’t a single street that isn’t under her control. Stealing, drugs, murder - she could get away with it all. Anyone brave enough to turn her in was either silenced or bribed so heavily that they were never heard from again.

Of course, she couldn’t possibly do it all alone. She had organized a team of people that specialized in helping her with her ‘dirty work.’ She would only allow the very best to be so closely affiliated with her. If they weren’t ambitious enough to seek her out already, Rosa would hunt down the most elite forces in the city to join her ranks, so that they may rule the city together. Now, with her team at her side, they organize every street, every building, every business - there was nothing that happened without them knowing. Doing this work was what earned her title as Queen of the Westbank Mafia.

Every once in a while, there would be business on the sidelines; people seeking help. Politicians looking to cheat elections. Families looking for vengeance. Addicts wanting some obscure drug - they accepted any charity case...for a price. Play with fire, and you’ll be burned; once you’re involved, there is no escape.


Rosa paced the tiled floor without the usual bounce to her step. Her arms were crossed over her chest, and there was an unsettling hollowness to her smile. Her typical jolly behavior had been thrown for a loop. Any passerby may not be able to tell the difference, but those who were close would know that she was becoming angry - which was a very dangerous state of being. If not by that, then by her urgent text that stated that everyone in the Mafia should “get your asses down to the safehouse ASAP.”
The safehouse - a mansion they purchased that sat on another dozen acres of land - acted as the Westbank Mafia headquarters. On a typical day, it would be used for client business, or just a place to relax. As of right now, Rosa was conducting emergency business. She waited impatiently for her crew to arrive. When they finally did, she wasted no time getting down to business.

“We made a deal with some backroad hicks a couple weeks back,” She began. “We brought them a shipment of drugs to their doorstep within a week, and I still haven’t seen a dime. They won’t answer my calls, and no one’s been home in days.”
She paused, biting down on the inside of her cheek to control her temper. Once the rage subsided, she continued. “But I know where their little hideout is. We’re gonna trash the place, and waste those sorry little shits.”

Ricky sat to the side with the usual cigarette hanging from his mouth patiently looking between each person whilst thinking about methods to go about the situation.

"They'll be expecting maybe not us but some kind of trouble." he said before taking a quick drag of his cigarette, the look on his face suggested he was whipping up ideas and such in his head him speaking even could be seen as him just talking to himself.

Beniko drummed her fingers against her crossed arms. “Great,” she drawled, just an edge of sarcasm in her voice. Her eyes were focused on who she considered the main speaker in the room—that being Rosa. She was leaning against the wall, taking up a space near the exit.
She cleared her throat, and, more genuinely said, “So, have we developed a plan?” Personally, she didn’t want to just charge in headfirst, and she had unfortunately had worked with one who had—she had foolishly went along, and the price was a scar tracing across her ribs, one she bore to this day. “Or are we getting to that?” That edge of sarcasm started to reappear in her voice, but hopefully no one would notice.

Vellucci smirked and chuckled a bit, "Why not just charge in. It's more fun that way." she said as she was cleaning her gun. She looked up at them and stood up from the couch. "So a couple of hicks don't pay, the worst they could possibly have is a shotgun. But if you insist on delaying our boss's revenge by all means keep at it." she said with a thick Italian accent. She stretched, popping her back before sitting down again.

Angelo had been in the kitchen pouring himself a glass of whiskey. His head was pounding already, and thoughts were racing through his head as he took a sip of the hard alchahol. He jumped a little when his phone buzzed on the counter and he took a quick look before grabbing the phone and heading into the other room where the others were gathered. He leaned against the doorframe, peering into the room with an eerie smile. "Its about time... don't want to lose my...uh touch." He mumbled before taking another small swig of the whiskey.

The large man walked over and sat on one of the couches as he twirled a knife around in his other hand, his dark eyes darting around the room, watching the members of the gang closely as he whistled softly. He suddenly stopped and glanced at Beniko. "I agree, we need a plan.. so whats our plan??" He asked as he slipped out a ciggeratte and looked around. "Anyone have a light??" He asked, suddenly serious.

He flops onto a stool he pulled in from a side room, tossing a lighter to Angelo. "Not anymore." He grins, drinking something from a small canteen at his belt. "And I agree with Kuki, just blow the bastards to hell and back!" He chuckles quietly, putting the cap back on the canteen.

Huffing an aggravated breath, Rosa took a carton of cigarettes and pulled one out using her teeth. She took a glance around the room, finding that Angelo was the only one with a lighter visibly at hand. Once he lit up his cig, Rosa wordlessly took the lighter to set her own ablaze. She took a long pull, and her shoulders lost tension once she felt that instance of relief.
“Calm your asses, of course we have a plan. I’m not sending any of you in there to run around like headless chickens,” Rosa scowled. “Everything’s gotta have a plan these days. I ain’t even mad about them ditching, I expected that. No, we run this city, and we can’t even go in with guns blazin’ - that pisses me off.
Rosa took another drag off her cig, and looked at Vellucci. “They’re more than a couple rednecks - this is a drug house we’re dealin’ with. They sell half of what we give them, and use the rest for themselves. Runnin’ in there without any plan would get us killed.”
She dropped backwards, into a recliner. She pointed her cigarette at Ricky. “Exactly. They are idiots, but they’ll expect trouble. Probably got some guards posted around the area,” immediately she jumped to her feet again, and began pacing once more. “If we take ‘em out quietly, they’ll never see us comin’. We’ll break into their main base, and that’s where the real fun starts.”

He shrugs and settled onto the stool, his grin turning into more of a smirk. "Alright bossman, whatever you say. Quick question though; what exactly is this genius plan you keep going on about?" He asked, taking another drink from his canteen. "Also, can I have my lighter back?"

Ricky sat back and rested his head on his hand for a moment in silence as everyone spoke.

"That part of the process of planning you try rush a painting and you'll wind up with muck on paper, it may take a while..." He took a quick drag from his cigarette and sat back up. "Like the boss said they could be using the drugs, I'd imagine a few hicks pumped full of meth or what-ever-the-hell they got will take a lot more than a couple of rounds to take down"

He sat quietly waiting for others to have their input as he continued thinking up a plan which he began to think he had one.

The young man took a couple of puffs of his ciggerette and blew it out as he closed his eyes. "Well go right ahead..." He said jokingly as he watched Rosa take the lighter out of his grasp. He stood up amd stretched a bit. "Theres a guy over there that I've got a beef with anyways." He muttered. "I would love to put a bullet straight through his skull." The man walked over to a nearby duffell bag that stored most of his firearms/other weapons. He slowly began to clean the one he would use for that night he assembled it all and screwed on his silencer before slipping it into a holster that was hidden by his leather jacket. He took another puff of his ciggerette before putting it out and dowing the rest of his whiskey. The man liked to do most of his work being drunk, or at least have a buzz. He found more enjoyment and confidance in their killing sprees that way. And he was also the most dangerous that he could ever be.

Kukiko looked over at Warren, "I'm happy that you agreed with me but just know for next time. . . Don't ever call me Kuki again. Only my brother or a future love can." she said and then looked at Rosa and nodded, "Alright I didn't consider that they use the drugs themselves. That makes things a bit more complicated but it would be nice to finally try out my new gun."

He raised his hands in mock indignation. "Sorry, geez. And if those crackheads pump themselves full of whatever the **** they've been selling, just blow 'em up!" He grinned, miming an explosion with his hands. "Send them to hell, without even wasting your precious bullets."

Rosa took a long drag from her cigarette, pushing smoking ‘O’s from her mouth to relieve more tension. She shot a narrow look in Warren’s direction, considering his presence for a moment before tossing the lighter back at him.
“Amazing question, smartass,” She remarked sarcastically. “Just be patient. You’ll be blowing off these guys’ heads soon enough.”

Her eyebrows pinched together when she heard Ricky’s remark. She sat back down in her chair, the cig dangling from her mouth, and looked over at him. “Ain’t nothin’ wrong with an abstract painting. We just have to make sure this all goes over smoothly. They might be hard to take down, but somethin’ tells me they won’t be capable of much if they’s high of their asses.”

Even in her anger, Rosa couldn’t help but crack a smile at Angelo’s sly remark. It was in her nature to be childish; she was never one to be the serious type, unless in unfortunate circumstances like these.
“You should know the drill by now,” She joked in reply.

Rosa turned to Kukiko with an impish grin. “I like where your head’s at. I want you packing heavy heat when we roll in there.”

She stood, taking a final drag from her cigarette before snuffing it out on a nearby ashtray. Before she addressed the room, she glanced over her team with a critical eye. The corner of her lip pulled into a satisfied smirk.
“Alright, here’s the deal. We’ll roll in on them late tonight, when they’re highest and most vulnerable. I need a couple snipers at a vantage point - take out whatever guards they have, silently. All of ‘em. Once you’ve given the all clear, the rest of us can close in on their hideout. We’ll storm the place, break their shit and kill any hick that gives you trouble. Oh, but leave their head man to me or Angelo. We’ll be taking extra care of him.”

Angelo smirked as he rose to his feet, setting his glass of whiskey down. Angelo grinned at Rosa at her sly remark and he chuckled softly, pretending to salute and acting like a smart ass. "Yes ma'am I do know the drill." He said with a wink before looking around at the gang members gathered around together. "I don't want to be burying any of you tonight." He suddenly growled, his face nothing but serious now. He give each and every one of them the death stare, before putting on a smirk and heading to refill his glass of whiskey.

Kukiko chuckled, "I'm one hard bitch to kill" she said and got up looking dome something to drink. She found some bourbon and poured herself a glass of some. Kukiko walked back to the couch and sat. She sipped her drink as she started cleaning her trusty revolver.

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