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Forums > Help > How to get back the profile wizard? (Solved)

I changed my mind and I want to use it instead of starting from scratch, can I go back or do I have to make another new profile for my character?

Unfortunately, trying to use the wizard after already creating your first page will result in this:


If you want to use the wizard, you'll have to make a new profile (and optionally delete the old one), but you can add all the info from the wizard by hand too. I'm guessing you just want to know what entry fields to go for in case you forgot something?

Ah, okay. Yeah, I just wanted to know what the fields were, if there's a list of what the wizard takes you through that would be great thanks :D

This is sadly not even complete at all, but it should maybe give you a little idea what to look out for? :)


I stumbled across this solution: I deleted all 5 pages from a profile so that it tells me I’m using 0 of my allotted pages, then when I leave I see the screen to pick the wizard or do it manually.

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Forums > Help > How to get back the profile wizard? (Solved)