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Forums > RP Discussion > Thoughts on "To My Current RP Partners" Threads?

Because here are my thoughts: cut it out. :) Write your excuses up and copy and paste it into you and your partner's OOC thread. Or even your profile.

Seems like an awfully rude way to tell your partners you'll be on hiatus.

I dislike them too, but for me it's not even about being rude. Posting in the public forums an apology to people you are RPing with, where everyone you're not RPing with can see, but where the people you're RPing with aren't even guaranteed to see it at all... Why does that seem like a good idea? Just PM your partners. Keep private business private, as it should be, especially since the reasons given in these threads are often matters of the poster's private IRL life. If the poster is trying to make a cry for help, there are much better ways to obtain it than telling people they're going on hiatus. If the poster is just seeking attention or pity...please don't involve your RP partners in it.

Do I sound harsh? Maybe. But you're right, it is rude as well. I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining or bad-mouthing anyone by replying here, but it's something I've been thinking about ever since we got a rash of that type of thread over the holidays. It just rubs me the wrong way.

AFK threads are actually considered spam and thus against the rules anyway. ^^; If you see them, you can report them to help the mods find and remove them faster.

The ones I've seen did seem a bit unnecessary to me, so to say. I understand that if somebody has a lot of people they're in roleplays with, it's easier to write one thing and publish it instead of having to copy and paste it to a handfull of people. It's great that people think about their partners and want to inform them oocly to give them a heads-up about whatever the topic might be.

You can't be sure all of your roleplay partners see said forum post and then they will be left wondering where you've gone (in case you're going on a hiatus). Personally, it seems to me that it's a bit unfair to just make a forum post because it's not very private and some people don't feel very comfortable in writing in public topics where it's on display for everybody on the site. I think the best solution would be to write the update on your profile, as some people tend to write their current roleplay status there c:

@malachite I completely agree with everything you said

@sunflower the profile wall post I agree is the best way to handle this

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Forums > RP Discussion > Thoughts on "To My Current RP Partners" Threads?