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Mia continued testing the piece of rotting flesh. She grabbed the lid that it was on and moved into a different section of the lab. She placed the lid inside a large compartment that was surrounded in glass. Mia then sealed the flesh inside the compartment. Mia walked out of the room, turning something on in the lab on her way out. A loud beeping noise went off two or three times, and the door to the lab locked. Mia sat down with a huff before looked at the door.

He stood up, tesing out his newe 'leg'. He took a few tentative steps, wincing. He grabbed a rifle from the corner and used it as a crutch, heading out of the house.

Drew couldn't find the kitchens, but he did find a lot of scary-looking equipment and a rather alarming selection of cadavers. Evidently, this was a bio lab. And he found more than enough evidence of that.

Mia yawned, waiting for the separation to finish. The device she put the flesh in, is supposed to dissolve the parasite, but none of the good cells.. She has yet to discover how, but she’s getting extremely close.
After around 10 minutes, w loud beep went off through the same speakers that it had earlier. Mia smiled happily as the lab doors unlocked with a click. She walked inside, hoping for good results.

Drew eventually returned. He reached to scratch and itch and accidentally touched the tracker. A bolt of pain shot through his back as he did, and he froze, teeth grit in agony.

Mia looked st the flesh. No visual changes.. she opened the compartment and took the lid out with the zombie flesh on it. She brought it back to the microscope and looked through it. She didn’t even notice Drew because she was in a rush. She groaned and put her head in her hands. She was never a violent person, so when she’s frustrated or mad, she just shuts down.

"What are you even trying to do?" He asked her, standing in the doorway. He could feel a bit of blood trickling from where the tracker had hit.

Mia turned to look at him. “I’m working to find a cure. And right now, there is literally nothing. All I have to help is this liquid that can hold off the infection for about a week.” Mia leaned back in her chair. The cavaders were for that treatment. And most were successful. But eventually the momentaral cure had ended and they all eventually turned anyways.

He limped through the city/town area, avoiding large groups and using an ice pick on any infected he came across. He headed towards the area that seemed the easiest defensible.

He nodded. "Hopefully you succeed. Suppressants are better than nothing, though."

“Yeah.. I guess so...” Mia looked at Drew, her face filled with sadness. “But suppressants aren’t enough.” She shook her head lightly as she turned back around. She sighed.
Mia always managed to keep her feelings on the low, but since she’s been around people, it’s been harder. She needed to keep herself together now that another person was alive. Plus it’s just how she is. She doesn’t like to gain pity from other people, and it was still like that. Mia made herself smile as she turned ack to him. She began walking toward a hallway. “I will continue to try.” On her way out, she saw his back bleeding. “Oh.. Are you okay?” She asked, not knowing the tracker was on him.

"One of the zombies must have clawed me accidentally earlier today. I must admit I forgot about until recently, when I went to scratch my back. It's nothing, though. I'm sure it shall heal swiftly."

Mia shook her head. “Even if you were going to heal, I still need to check it, plus it’s a zombie scratch.. You’re infected.. I should look at it..” She looked at Drew.

Drew sighed. "Fine. It is nothing, though. I think it'll feel fine soon enough. But you can check it. No harm in that."

Mia nodded lightly and led him back to the medical room. She let him sit down. “Can you lift your shirt please?” She asked as she put a pair of plastic gloves on.

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