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Hey, I will make it quick, I want to start a rp, with just maybe 2 or 3 people, I have posted this rp in Find RP, and made a group for it, but I do not see a clear way to actually host the rp, as in where will the people want to rp make post? I cant find in the group where to make a section for people to post or anything, and I am starting to assume its all done in PMs, but surly that is not the case? So am I missing something? I started like yesterday and just need some pointers.

For starters, you don't have to have a group to RP! So long as it'd be staying PG-13ish, it can be done in the public RP forums (Fantasy, Scifi, or General, whichever suits), and works exactly like posting in LFRP.

If you think it might get into adult themes, like heavy gore, language, or sexy stuff, then yes, PMs or a private, properly set-up group is best. Or you can do that just by preference, if you'd like, regardless of content.

You mention that you already created a group. I'm guessing you haven't given it forums to post in yet? Here, you should find something helpful in the list here, especially about group profile pages. Groups work basically like guilds on some other sites; sub-sites, basically.

Okay thank you, I honestly have never worked with a website that operated off of forums mostly, so I am really trying to learn all I can. Since I want to keep the RP small, I may just do it in PM, to avoid too much hassle for something that I only want 2 or 3 people in. If I did the rp in the Public RP forums would there be a way to make sure only me and my rp partners are the ones who can post in it, or should I just stick with doing it in pms? I will still try to make a group, but I want to make sure I know what I am doing before I go into that sorta thing

You can include "Private" or "Closed RP" or something like that in the title. There's nothing to literally prevent others from posting in there, but it's considered rude to barge in, so it shouldn't be an issue. If someone does, just send them a quick message letting them know you're not accepting more people at the moment, and/or tell a mod so the post can be removed, hopefully before it confuses anyone. :)

Well, for public threads the best you could do is put (closed) in the title. It wouldn't block others from posting in it, but it does let most people (aside from some newbies) know that you're not taking requests for anyone else to join.

Another viable alternative is to have a group PM--PM's aren't limited to just one on one like they are on some other sites. ^_^

EDIT: I see I was ninja'd, lol

Ah I didnt know that about the PMs so that will help, since I wanna keep the rp between just me and maybe 1 or 2 people there should not be a problem doing it that way

Yep, group PMs are totally a thing! Can be tricky to add people after the first one gets sent, but a PM can be sent to as many people as you might reasonably want. :)

I do most of my RPs via PMs these days. I find it easier to keep track of.

Seems so, I will defiantly go that route, especially if I end up just having one partner. Thanks for the help

No problem, all of us are glad to help :)

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Forums > Help > Help Starting RP