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Found this place by accident because I was browsing character profiles on Discord. Slightly dubious because I'm mostly an ERP player these days, but I've been feeling mostly R rated as of late, so figured I'd see what the place is all about. Feel free to ask me stuff, mostly because I hate trying to do these intro things. I dislike talking about myself overly much, but I'll answer most reasonable inquiries. Looking forward to meeting & making friends here. :D

Welcome to RPR! I love your username by the way.

Hey! Welcome to RPR! I’m happy you found this site, even if it is by accident. If you’re ready to roleplay then I’d suggest going to “looking for RP” or “Find RP”. There you find the exact roleplay that you please. If you need anymore help I’ll be willing to help you out. Just PM me!


Rest assured, you aren't alone. XD


Hello and welcome to RPR.

Hello. It's nice to meet you.

Welcome to the family, hope you enjoy your stay!

Hello and welcome to RPR

Thanks for the warm welcome~ I'll likely be lurking around a bit for a while before getting involved in anything. I like to get a feel for a place before I dive in headfirst. Thank you all again~

Hi there PlatinumDragoness, welcome to RPR! As you can see the community is fun, friendly, welcoming and helpful! If you haven't yet, we recommend browsing the tutorial, it's got a ton of helpful tips and guides for all sorts of different RP-related subjects, from making characters to looking for RP partners--even experienced roleplayers may find things they hadn't thought of, I know I sure did. :) And if you're still not sure about something on the site after checking out the tutorial, feel free to ask questions of the mods and anyone else who offers to help.

If you're hankering for some specific kind of RP, we have an awesome Find RP tool that has a bunch of neat filters and stuff you can use to look for particulars. If you just wanna browse, you can go straight to the Looking For RP forum and see if anything there catches your eye, or even post ideas of your own! (And I see you have already begun doing that, nice!) :)

Or if you just wanna chat for a bit as you decide what kind of characters you want to make, we have a place for Smalltalk too!

And above all...hope you have fun and stick around a while to make a bunch of RP friends! These people being friendly sure helped me decide to stay, too, when I was new!

Oh by the by, I notice you have several fandom based characters, one each from Marvel, DC, and Star Wars that I recognize (I don't recognize Telain's world/universe--is it a D&D setting?). What other fandoms do you enjoy? ^_^

Telain is kind of an odd mix of D&D and D20 Modern. I also happen to enjoy Naruto, Bleach, Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Soul Calibur, BlazBlue/Guilty Gear, Berserk, Hellsing Ult, and probably a few more I'm forgetting offhand. Exalted. World of Darkness. Uh...I think that's it. Probably. XD

Ah nice! Of those (aside from D&D--I have a couple Pathfinder characters myself that are in the middle of campaigns), I don't really know much about most of them, myself, just the ones I noticed you'd made characters for, hahah, but it's nice to have things you enjoy, for sure! ^_^

I do have some friends who enjoy World of Darkness and have told me a bit about it though, it does sound interesting. :)

I primarily have characters based in comic or video game fandoms, with a small number of anime-based ones. Most of them are characters I had while on a website, that I just basically copied the profile coding from and saved to a text file. At last count, I had around 70 or so separate character profiles saved, with over half of them being OCs I created to exist within a given fandom/setting, and the rest being personal versions of Canon characters.

I'm kind of a crazy person when it comes to character creation and the like. XD

Hahah, you sound like me, I have made an insane number of characters over the years, too, most of them for very specific RP's. XD

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