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(I have decided to do a little post to introduce Aria Volturi to you all and give your characters a chance to interact with her. I will warn you, it's hard to find her good side lol. Anyway, here she is)

She is standing in the shadows, shielding herself from the sunlight as she lowers the hood of the robe that she is wearing from over her head. In one swift movement, she flicks her long, coal black locks out from where they have trapped themselves in the dark material around her, allowing them to hang elegantly over her shoulders. Taking a deep, unnecessary breath, she inhales exaggeratedly and audibly through her nostrils before she speaks.

"Hello beings of the universe. I have been requested to introduce myself so, as the polite, well mannered individual that my father taught me to be, I will do just that. I am Aria Volturi. Any other information I am required to give as an introduction is invalid"

Her nose wrinkles in disgust

"And what is creating that awful stench?"

"A sandwich." ((I'm sorry I had to start it out like an idiot))

(( would like to join this if it's okay.)) " It could be this metal charm I keep miss. I am sorry for it's stench."

(It's fine and you are both welcome to join :) )

"A sandwich?" She questions with a raised brow before turning to Breaker, "Metal charm?"

He shrugged. "Yep. I always keep a sandwich on my person, just in case. Speaking of, do you have any mayo?"

"What is in that sandwich?" Aria questioned as her nose wrinkled in disgust, "And I do not have any mayo" She sniffed once more, "Though I am almost certain there is some around here somewhere"

“No, it’s left of here,” a voice shouted in the darkness, “I am certain of it!” A loud screech followed soon after, to which the now visible figure replied, “You do remember that your directions are rubbish, just as much as the foul realm of Oblivion from whence you came? Admit it; you're not as great as you think!” Another screech from the raptor-like creature that emerged behind him, as well as a woman-like beast trailing behind in silence. “By Sithis, do you ever stop and think about where you’re going, or do you just guess and follow your nose? I swear, we’ve been going in circles for days on end!”

Aria heard the voice in the darkness and she looked in the direction that the voice came from and watched as the owner of the voice was joined by two other creatures. Instantly her suspicions were roused even further than they were already and she lifted her hood back up over her head and stopped thinking about the mayo and started to walk toward the new beings

“Sometimes, I get the feeling that you’re doing this on purpose,” the Argonian retorted, “a last act of your creator, undoubtedly, to spite me and my travels. At least Azura has the decency to follow the right track. In fact, she might be the navigator if you can’t lead me to anything interesting, for once. I...” his snout flared in sudden surprise, “What is that awful stench,” he cried, “I’ve been to Oblivion and back, but this is worse than the Ashlands of Malacath!”

"It is the most foul of odours isn't it?" Aria questioned, stopping a safe enough distance away from the three but close enough for them to see her more clearly. Or rather what could be seen of her through the long dark robes that were hanging over her. "In all my millennia I have never smelt anything like it"

“I suppose it is, sister,” he grinned, “don’t bother hiding it from me; we are both children of the night, it seems. But what a terrible way to introduce myself; I am Arun-Ja Xercles, Honorary Magister of House Telvanni, Summoner of Oblivion, and Tender of the Hist. These familiars behind me are Dagon and Azura, specifically named for the Daedric Princes they were created by. But I must ask, who are they who lurk behind the shadows, and is that a sandwich?”

Aria's suspicions dropped upon hearing the introduction and she lowered the hood of her robes once more, "I am Aria Volturi, a previous member of the now defunct Volturi Coven and now a lone Nomad travelling these lands. I have not learnt of their names yet but one of them possesses some kind of metal charm. It is indeed a sandwich and apparently mayo is needed"

((Hope you don't mind if I join))

Gideon watched the interactions with little interest. "That's her?" He asked no one. "I...yes I understand but...all right fine." He seemed to be arguing with some one, an argument he lost.

With that the man walked up to Aria and the others she was interacting with, keeping a respectful distance. He bowed, before standing back up and rubbing at the intricate tattoos on his arms. "Greetings. I am Gideon Graves." He stopped, before looking behind him. "What? Wait do I have...fine." He sighed, shaking his head. "Gideon Graves, the Gravedigger, Obsidian Champion and Chosen of Obsidius. At your service." He bowed, lower this time.

(( No of course not everyone is welcome :) ))

Aria looked to the newest addition to the company and narrowed her eyes somewhat suspiciously as she watched him introduce himself to the small group. "You appear to be well mannered" She commented, her suspicion clear in her tones , "Are you going to inform me who you appear to have been conversing with just now?"

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