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“Apart from summoning creatures of another plane of existence?” he asked, “I control the powers of Fire, Storm and Ice, I can commune with the powers beyond your comprehension, transport myself between worlds, and I am unable to truly die, as I don’t really have my complete soul; it’s a long story, trust me.”

"Your abilities to control fire storm and ice sound not too dissimilar to my own abilities to control the elements" Aria stated from her seat on the trunk, "My abilities are the most powerful I have come across this far in my existence. Though I am not naive and know that it is the laws of evolution and possibility that a more powerful ability than my own could one day cross my path" She let out a slight sigh , "That may be part of the reason why I was kept hidden for a lot of my existence"

She sat on the trunk for a moment in silence, her expression appearing thoughtful as she twirled a lock of her coal black waves that were now uncovered from the hood of her robes, "There appears to be some similarities that all three of us share. Perhaps that is why we have been bought here together"

"Nothing is beyond comprehension. That is a falsehood given off by entities that want to make themselves seem more important than they are. Just because something is so big you can't see all of it, does not mean you can not comprehend it."

Gideon looked back at Aria. " said your coven was destroyed? By who? Maybe that's why I have been sent here. As far as I can tell Obsidious is focused on keeping balance. Maybe your destruction would disrupt the balance."

Aria pulled herself out of her thoughts and turned to look to Gideon to answer his question, "By myself" She told him simply before taking a moment to pause before she elaborated, "As the coven grew, so did the power of my father and he became power hungry. His want for power became dangerous and it could have proven fatal to the entirety of my kind. So, I had to overturn him - I was the only being who was able to - and this caused a huge fall out within the coven that led to its ultimate destruction. So I am to blame for my coven's destruction but I done it to protect my kind"

Gideon nodded. "Interesting. Often enough the wrong individuals amass too much power, and thus upset the balance. Maybe you being forced to destroy your own coven is why I've been sent to you. Or not." Gideon shook his head. "I've been wrong before, so all I can do is wait it out, and see how things unfold."

Aria's eyes narrowed thoughtfully upon hearing Gideon's words and her mind ran through the relatively recent memories, "Perhaps what happened with my coven is the reason why we have all been bought here together" She concluded as she ran a hand through her long, silken locks, " The destruction of the Volturis did have a lot of consequences. Perhaps we have been bought together to try and resolve the impact that those consequences have had"

"Consequences? What kind of consequences?" Gideon asked. "Safe to assume some out there are angry at you, for what you were forced to do. Could that be the case?" Now that he was here, he was a bit annoyed that Obsidius wasn't talking to him, giving him no options or confirmation. "Maybe I'm supposed to help you stave them off or something."

"Consequences meaning that I now have made a lot more enemies than I originally had to begin with" Aria stated, "People will be angry at me for what I was forced to do but my main battle is not with angry enemies but enemies who wish to over throw me and amass more power for themselves." She informed Gideon, "Power that, if it is bought into the wrong hands could destroy everything that we know"

Gideon nodded, the tattoos on his arms glowing red hot for a moment. "I've heard that before, and if it is true or not is besides the point. It always ends up badly for some one."

He thought for a moment. "I'm thinking more and more that is why I was sent here. To assist you."

Aria noticed the glowing of the tattoos on his arms and this glowing finally bought her attention to them, She took a moment to study the intricate designs, her supernatural sight absorbing every minute detail of them far quicker than any human ever could begin to do so before she looked back up to his face, concentrating on his words fully. She nodded when he said that he thought that it was the reason why he was sent here, to assist her. "Well I guess that means that we are allies"

Gideon rubbed at the tattoos on his arms, finding them uncomfortable. They actually weren't tattoos in the literal sense, but Gideon himself didn't even know that.

"It would seem so. Though perhaps just standing here chatting about it seems unproductive, to say the least."

"It does indeed" Aria agreed with a nod of the head, "Perhaps we should go to the Castle, the three of us. That is the place that is most susceptible to attack"

Gideon eyed Arun-Ja. "He seems....silent right now. He hasn't said anything in quite a while...." He peered at the reptilian humanoid, but shrugged. "Castle? Very well. Lead the way." He bowed.

((So...I'm guessing it is closed?))

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