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Hey there everyone. I've been gone from the RPR community and from art for a long while, trying to get my mind back into both. I have recently just started trying to use watercolors and I need to practice, so I'm putting up a sale! These waist ups will be $10 each (If you want to ask for a full body, it will be more) and done on watercolor paper, and a digital picture will be provided to you. If you would like, for $2 more, I can even mail you the original.

Anyhow, here are some examples, PM me if you have any interest! I will be taking payment by paypal only.


Another example

Not a waist up, but another example of my work!

These are gorgeous!!

I love this style.

Lyss wrote:
These are gorgeous!!

I love this style.

Aww thank you!

I'm totally getting one. March :) hope you're still selling by then.

I very likely will be :>

Here are some finished comms: This one is for JSanders4


This one was for FreeJayFly!


For savannahsage!


For JSanders4



If I may ask, what are our payment options? Like, how do we pay you?

I use PayPal :)

I just wanted to say that your style is freaking gorgeous. Stunning. I plan on doing this as soon as I have $10 in my name. Holy shit.

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Forums > Art & Creativity > Watercolor Waist-Ups Only $10