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How do you add an Image in a Pm. I have tried many times but eneded up with long links instead of images? Do I copy the image link, open it in a new tab then copy? I'm honestly confused

[ img ] Image url [ /img ] is the code for embedding an image into a post.

If you want it to align, you need to use [ img align=left ] [ /img ] for left align and [ img align=right ] [ /img ] for right align images.

(just remove the spaces between the brackets!)

[img]image url[/img] [img align=left]image url[/img] [img align=right]image url[/img]

You want to make sure you have the direct link to the image (I.e., right click the image, hit view image, copy that url and paste it between the above code)

Be aware that the img tags only work if the image's url end in .jpg/.jpeg, .png, or .gif.

The official help documentation is here. :)

Yep, that's the problem, if you try to put in a url that does not in .jpg or .gif, etc. (an image file), it will just give you that string of characters thing.

And in most cases, all you have to do to get to the "real" url for the image is to right click and choose "open image in new tab" or something to that effect. Then go to that tab and copy the url.

Or...just search Google for only JPG files, if you know how to do that.

Or, if not, just keep trying to find an image that ends like that.

Some images on some sites just will never let you get to the actual image link, no matter what you do, but most will.

I'll give an example using the img tags but spaced out then show you what it looks like without the spaces Here we go! -Starts the training music for the helpful- becomes
[img]>Link below is with the tags<[/img]

so a image url is the image name and ends in a jpg png or gif?

CodingMad1 wrote:
so a image url is the image name and ends in a jpg png or gif?

Sort of. If you find an image that you like, more often than not if you click the 'share' feature it sold say copy link. (Again, only works with PNG, JPG and GIF). However if It doesn't, ImgBB is a good BBcode image host. Once you've received this link, you simply just need to do the following:

So, this:

Becomes this:
Example wrote:

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Forums > Help > Images in rps