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((lets continue it here, so others can join easier))




Soo.. we gonna RP 😎

I would think thats why we are here. 😉😜

* he walks the hallways carring some books* I'm 418 and the teachers here treat me like a kid?


* he walks near Felicity* did you get anything from that math class and are you okay you look like sad soup

*eclipsa runs by the.* "at least you woke up on time! sooo in trouble.

You think you are? I got cuaght skipping and now I have calculus and I have no idea how to do that!

*eclipse stops* oh thats just math.

Well can you please help me with the homwork?im greatly confussed

"just math? some people really suck at math"wade says peeking over at them"him for example"

* rolls his eyes*its not my fualt back in my days math wasnt a thing! Now it is and it has letters and numbers! They are just making me do it cuase in skipped, I just need help on the bottom half of the work sheet and them I'm goot * rolls his eyes* never going to skip again

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