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wade exits his room and looks over at the the boys hall?


*ricardo Wakes up quickly swigs his second vial and almost spits it out when he realizes there is prom soon* c’mon it won’t be that bad right? *he paces back and forth rethinking and waiting for the shadow effect his potion caused to wear off* ok... it was bad enough with vampire hunters but I suck at social interaction... *he quickly chuckled at the irony of what he unintentionally said* ok... *he exits his room puts his hood back on covering his face with its shadow and looked for the schedule in a folder he was holding*

*Eclipse sits outside doing some homework*

wade strolls down the hall and heads outside to get some fresh air

She looks up .
"Hi wade!"

"oh hey eclipse"

"Can you come help me?"

"yeah"he walks over to her and sits down next to her

*she shows him a detailed drawing of strange flower .*
Its for art class, does it look okay?

"that depends, if its an elephant then its the worst elephant I've ever seen, but if its a flower its great"

She looks at him then giggles at his response. "Thank you. Its a flower from my home. "

"it is quite pretty"

"Perhaps i could take you home one day." She blushes at her comment. "Er..i not like take you in it be our home... But show you"
Eclipse stammers blushing coving her face.

"yeah I would love to see your might find mine a little boring though, y'see there is no magic there"

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