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Anyone use voice samples for their characters? I have been wanting to add a little extra to my profiles in this regard, any tips or places to go that would provide free samples or creation of character voices?

Thank you! 💙

I like to have a "manner of speaking" section for sure. But it's usually just a description of like tone, how they speak, accent...
Still, a reference like "they speak with this sort of accent" or "with this sort of tamber" would be useful for those times you can't quite find the right descriptors for sure.

I do have certain patterns or quirks such as accents, mispronunciations, or other voice variations that I like to describe on my posts. But I do have voice claims for some characters! I have them for maybe one or two characters tho, since it's pretty hard for me to decide in a particular voice sometimes.

As for references, most people use either characters from different media (tv series, videogames, anime) or music as reference. I tend to prefer the first option, but there's nothing wrong on picking singers as your character's voiceclaim either.

I am a big fat sucker for music when it comes to anything, and honestly? My absolute most favourite thing is choosing singing voices for my characters. Most of them "can't" sing, but I love the specific sounds one finds in music, over spoken-word. I'll often choose a "singing" voice, for my characters and use that as their voice representation entirely.

Keep in mind, one's singing voice can be drastically different from one's speaking voice. So, I try not to choose voices that are verging on opera style. Crooners are some I try my hardest to avoid, but dang are they pretty.

When it comes to my character Abigail, I often imagine her voice like this;
This one here. or this one. ^_^

I make a mental note of what voice actors I know from shows, games, etc then find a video of them in a demo reel or interview to link on my profiles.

I will definitely try some of these. I may have further questions on how to put them on the page or something...I'm not fully computer literate, just enough to get me by.

I mean I guess the closest examples would be how Microsoft, Firefox and Google are gathering people's voice samples. Maybe that's going into making better text to speech bots? You never know.

I've casted a voice for my Transformers character, because I can't really do a PB for him. But nobody else as it hadn't really occurred to me. But

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Forums > Smalltalk > A voice for your character...