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Forums > Smalltalk > The best valentines day you ever had?

I went on a vacation with my boyfriend to Florida for 10 days. He bought me 5 string bikini swimsuits. He paid for the flight I paid for the hotel rooms. ❤❤

I've had two:

When I got my first guy friend at 12. He asked me out (which I declined politely) but our families went on vacation to Scotland for a week and he was really sweet the whole time <3. It was the last thing we ever did before he moved away and stopped talking to me...

The second one was last year; my current boyfriend took me into town to go to Bewiched to get my favourite hot chocolate. We then went into the shopping centre and just kinda messed around, and he ended up buying me a Wolfie stuffie (which I still have and is in perfect condition!)

The adorable stuffie


Well.. gosh this is embarrassing.. I don’t have a boyfriend ( but I wish I did!) anyway.. my parents always give me a card or something so ... kinda sweet of them.

I'll say te best Valentine's Day for my older brother on Valentine's Day he proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes!

Hmm... I have a hard time remembering a really good Valentine’s Day. I’ll have to say the last eleven years have been the best.

Sure there were the good times before that but they seemed to have faded in memory.

February 14 is my wife’s birthday, and I’ve enjoyed spoiling her each year with a bed and breakfast time out when the day falls on a weekend, to the nice dinners when they are during the week.

I get the extra flowers and card for Valentine’s Day but it is the birthday that is celebrated.

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Forums > Smalltalk > The best valentines day you ever had?