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I am currently working on my group Athaali and i want some tips , or some advice and please tell me what not to forget.

-A description of the way Athaali works (as in a brief overview of politics, history, religion...)
-The main factions in Athaali
-The technology used here (since you wrote Sci-Fi I suppose it's quite advanced technology, but then I might have misunderstood)
-More detailled rules (maybe tell if free form or dice rolls are supposed to be used or if both are ok)
-Description of some of the locations in Athaali (you spoke about a desert with fairies and of a big city)

And of course I've surely forgotten most of what's necessary so I'll try updating this.

Generally, the world should be more detailed. Think of some potential settings and plot hooks (you already suggested a few in your intro) and expand on them. We will also want politics and some history like John said. A new player needs to know how their character’d interact with other races, why they’d interact that way, and what is and isn’t normal in their setting.

To my last point, you mentioned magic users, but how common are those kinds of people? Is a telekinetic just an average joe, or are they really rare?

And finally, rules for roleplay style and formatting are important. Not only would a new player want to know about dice rules, they’d want to know what restrictions exist on roleplay style and post-length.

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Forums > RP Discussion > Athaali group tips