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Hmm...what about Rylie? If you're up for it?

I have Evelynne here, if you're up for it <3
Always lovely to see kind-hearted people giving away gifts ;;

Hey If you like my boy here Mord, you are welcome to doodle up a little something for him. Very generous of you to offer!

If Dani here catches your interest...he's not quite finished but yeah...
I love your art style! :3

Valentina wrote:
oh man this is really nice!!


maybe valentina?? :>

(sorry for the quality in this one o- o )
Her theme song of my personal choice: 🎵

Now for her Story on Fey:
{Now remember this is totally off of my world and has nothing to do with his prior history, this is to be treated as if he was born in a whole other verse, a new life}

See more

Valentina Perez was born with shit show parents, and to make matters worse, she killed them for being poor excuses for ones anyways!
She was enrolled in the criminal education system, and passed all but some courses of her years with some exceptionally flaunted colors.
Let's just say she knew how to treat the teachers well.

Some teacher.
She may have stabbed one or two a few times.

But, on the bright side of the darker side. She lives now in the Eastern City capital and does her self made business in the 3rd Ring of the City, the ring known for it's edge on the darker side, where criminals hang, and violence is a welcome call there.
As much as she'd love to boss around woman of all colors and pimp them out to the needy dirt bag men that lurk in the mere shadows with they not so clean cut faces, she was outdone by the wealthy rulers daughter.

SOOO, what can she do, exactly what she wanted to on plan B!

Valentina is a popular blogger on the radio of sexual suspense and murder.
Did I say radio, well shucks I did because Fey has no such things as TV's!!
But, she will go and tell her stories to all listening in on Feys the dark side of the stations just how dark and crude the cracks can get when she's got someone she likes tied in her webs and ready for a good time.

And it always ends in a bang, well not so much a BANG!
But a good splash. And she leaves no details out in her pleasure.
How could she, she's got a fan base worth millions going for her!

Sadly though, she doesn't know just what to do with all this doe yet, or were to store it.
But, she will find out, and hopefully get herself some knew toys for her playmates in the creepy shadows of the 3rd layer alleyways.

Wink Wink.

But for now, she lives in a stolen apartment, and enjoys the sweet life of doing whatever she wants, whenever, and no one tells her otherwise.

Veezly wrote:


honestly am mad impressed at how accurate that backstory is to her character, because that sounds exactly like something she would do. stabbing multiple teachers? criminal cam-radio-girl? SPILLER OF THE TEA? well gosh diddly dang, if i didn't know any better, i'd say you covered all the bases. i truly give my thanks to u.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Your art... Is amazing! I was shocked! Knocked to my feet! If you have time... and if you don't mind... would you try drawing Honor... Or maybe even Bonnie?

I would love you if you did something for this little lady if you wanna 😊
( for the record, she does wear an eye patch, it's just extremely hard to find photos to show it that I like. So I just have to hide one eye)

Always happy to be of help. Mombo is awesome. -Talks like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch- I LIKE FLUFFY!

A-Hem...Anyways. >.>

I narrowed it down to two, and trying to pick between them is a pain. But in the end I go with Sir Janus. Not one of my most used OC's, so it would be interesting to see how he would fit in.

Thank you V! ^-^

This is so very nice! What about my dude here, Kyle?
I would love to see him in your style, and I'd love to just have more art of him in general ;o;

Sasha wrote:
Lovely art, and generous of you to offer! If Sasha strikes your fancy ii would love one.

(This was fun!, I enjoyed looking at the realistic photo to creating this because I saw a story already for her)
Her song of choice from me.
I can see her walking in, a walk so filled with arrogant sas, a jerk in her hips, sexy, and all the men looking, but looking away in fear. Fear for the man that is actually walking with her, arm in arm.

For her story!:
{Now remember this is totally off of my world and has nothing to do with his prior history, this is to be treated as if he was born in a whole other verse, a new life}
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Oooooh she is a doll, a look of wonder, those red lips.
She was born for this, born for beauty and grace in the darkest of ways.
No not everything in the City is dark, but it's known to turn that way.

This woman, this Sasha was raised in a family well liked by the Eastern high class men.
They had contacts, and she was spoiled for it.
She knew nothing more then to walk like you meant something, and let no man tell her other wise.

This was pride, and this pride earned her a place in the hands of the ruler over the entire Eastern City.
Mr. X, or, just known as X.
She would take his hand and rule at his side.

Her life after she blossomed, ripe for the picking; was something every girl would dare to get their hands on.
She got the finest dresses, the sharpest jewels, exotic pets, and the best food money in the City could buy.
All at the wave of her hand, and the look in those eyes.

No man dared stare at her, for her Ruling husband, X would be standing at her side if out in public.
Of course this was all show, nothing was between them.

And so, she would actually hunt for men of her taste, while her husband handled work for hours leaving her cold and lonely.
Leaving her in an abyss of wrong and rights, it didn't matter anyways, so long as she kept her image with him out in public and kept her business inside their dark walls, she kept her place on the highest throne of all the land in the East.

That is till they adopt their first child, the first child of Ruling, how would she fancy being a mother, oh, she wouldn't
she'd just have the henchmen take care of it, besides she had a party to attend, and a new dress to adorn.

What a girl.

These are so cool! If you're feeling up to it, could you give Neera here a go? <3

Elrick wrote:
Hey veezly!!! Can you draw little elrick? Ya know him and ya love him... The cute ball of anxiety and fluff

Hope you like it, I know you said in our posts that he had white ears so, I hope I got this right lol.
So yah, Elrick baby, such a cutey, so innocent and I felt that this song was DOWNRIGHT PERFECT for the anxiety fluff ball I know him to be. Wink wink.
But I can see him, see him sitting on an edge somewhere by the shore of the Sea of Feylinks. Waving his cute mismatched shoes while he swings his head side to side, throwing those big floppy cat ears side to side too. <3

For His Fey Born Story:
{Now remember this is totally off of my world and has nothing to do with his prior history, this is to be treated as if he was born in a whole other verse, a new life}
See more

Elrick, the picky little puzzycat, gosh darn it he had to be born in such a trash bag.
Growing up, it was rough, it sucked like nothing sucked more!
His parents were killed in an accident after picking him up from moderate education (school).

So sadly he was the only one to survive.
Instead, he stayed in the hands of their grandfather, who was an abusive perv and did horrible things to poor Erlick, so horrible I can't put it down because age restrictions and Im not trying to get banned, lol moderators. JK LOVE you guys.

I know I know, back to the story!

Elricks grandfather was nothing short of deserving a life behind bars. But the sad fact was, ... it wasn't even his real grandfather.
Nope, his grandfather died a long time ago, and had been replaced by this wacko who claimed to be his grandfather.
To make things worse, he kept little Elrick on a leash and voided him of all his childhood friends, teaching him that he would be better off with just good ol gramps.
PSHhh, it's so sad.

But, when Elrick's 'grandfather' accidentally fell down the steps and died, Elrick was free!
But, didn't know what to do, he was taught only to obey! So who does he obey?

Well Elrick, morning the oddity of his dead decaying grandfather, finally got up and left, moving from their odd shack in the woods to the quiet town of Dales town!
Where he made a friend named Ned, and Ned being Ned taught Elrick the ways of knowledge, and helped him get through that wall of crippling obedience.

Sadly, Elrick couldn't be completely fixed, he forever wished for someone to obey, and loads of chocolate milk.
Tons of it, like so much that he could take a bathe. UGH~<3

But, the day came when he would, when a man strolled through town in a black coat and smoking a long tail Eastern feather.
Elrick didn't understand it, and he felt like he knew him in another life.
But, he couldn't take his big green eyes away from that sharp smirk that man always carried on his face as he walked on by.

Elrick just had to find out why his fur was standing on end in the most pleasant of ways for this dark, tall, and white haired man.

There's really nothing remarkable about Benji here, but if you have the time and inclination, I'd really love it if you'd consider him for this?

Heyy, this seems pretty cool. Here's Gwen if you're up for it.

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