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Hey, I'm new here. Sorta. I don't know. cx
I hope we get along and become friends, possibly roleplay together soon.
About: I have identity disorder, thyroid disease, and asthma, along with Asperger's so I might become distant and emotional at random times in the roleplay. sosorry~ ;.;
I can reply quickly, depends on how I feel or what's going on in my reality world. I respond in one or more paragraphs. I don't smut. I like yaoi rps along with detailed responses. If you ghost me and is rarely active. I'm sorry but I'd have to delete the conversation.

That's all~ byebye~


Hello! Welcome to RPR!



Hello and welcome to RPRepository. The Best role-playing website ever thanks to Kim.

Hello , welcome , welcome , to the site!! if you have any questions...
Look here >>>>>
if that does not help , please feel free to pm me or anyone on the site!

Hey Platypus and welcome!

I adore your username. <3 That aside though and apart from yaoi, are there any other genres of roleplay that you enjoy? :)

Welcome to RPR Platypus :)

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Forums > Introductions > ..hi..