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So I've decided to restart my RP here. Hopefully it'll do better than last time. ^_^

WARNING: This RP will include slightly mature subjects, such as violence, gore, romance, and so on. Nothing really explicit mind you, but still be aware of it.

Also, the setting is modern world with magic/supernatural elements. Think...well the Supernatural TV show.

EDIT: Okay this is MY fault, but I should have mentioned this before. If you want to JOIN my RP (any one can, within reason), please either PM me (Mr_Stick) first, or post in my LFRP thread here....

Again sorry for the confusion.


A young man sat morosely at the bar counter, nursing a single drink for the whole night. There was nothing odd about a moody man wasting time in a bar. What was odd however was his bare arms, especially on such a cold night. They were covered from shoulder to wrist in strange dark tattoos. Rather eye catching, but his "leave me alone" attitude ensured he was left alone.

For a little while at least.

A trio of very thuggish looking men entered the bar, their leader taking a moment to scan the environment. Upon spotting the tattooed man, the leader pointed and the tree approached the drinker.

"Mr. Graves?" The man looked up from his drink, looking at the lead thug with disinterest. "That's me. What do you want?" The leader sneered. "You've been asking questions about my boss. Too many questions. The boss doesn't like that, so he sent us to...polity...ask you to stop."

Gideon Graves sighed, slowly standing from the stool to face the three men. "Your boss has information I need. That's all." The lead thug wasn't having it. "Yeah, but seems our boys get a little roughed up every time you ask questions. So you're going to stop, now!"

The three thugs went at Gideon in an instant, two grabbing his arms, and the leader driving his fists into the man's stomach. " stop..." Gideon rasped between impacts. The men didn't listen, just continuing to whale on him.

"Fine...we do it the hard way..." Gideon grunted, the tattoos on his arms glowing red hot before the sound of thunder erupted from him a flash. The three men jerked back, rubbing their eyes. As their vision returned, Gideon, but not Gideon, stood before them.

He wore a skull like mask, black hair long and wet looking, and he seemed to be wearing some sort of body armor over his chest and abdomen. He let out a long low breath, mist pouring out of his mouth in thin wisps. "Now...where is your boss?"

A few minutes later Gideon, back in his normal attire and holding the lead thug's phone, stepped out of the bar into the cold night air. "Hmmm...well this is a start." He mumbled, pocketing the device. As he moved to leave the bar door burst open, the lead thug limping out and pointing a gun right at Gideon. The man was covered in blood and bruises, his two compatriots on the floor behind him in worse condition.

"You...bastard..." The leader slurred, blood dripping from his mouth. He suddenly jerked, looking down to see a long thick chain impaling him in the chest, right through the heart. Looking up he saw the chain was some out coming out of Gideon's wrists, quickly sucking back into him as if it were never there, save for the now gaping hole where his heart was. The man shook, took a step forward, and slumped to the ground, blood pooling out quickly.

Shaking his head, Gideon walked into the night to find a place to get some rest, not knowing that he was being watched.


For Sarena, life in Scotland was easy since she was one of the most loved person in the town. Her day had started out normal, and she had woken up and gotten ready for the day. She was in a sky blue sun dress as she made her way to the school where she taught. Just a year ago, she'd been preparing to take her daughter, Amela to school with her as she taught now that she was beginning to talk.

Then her daughter had gotten sick, and she felt completely useless since she couldn't help her daughter. Once her daughter had died, she couldn't find a way to live. Then she became a teacher, and teaching children was her way to live, helping them learn.

She'd reached the school, and within the hour, children began to arrive. During the day, she was bright and energized, towards the end, she was getting a bit lazy and let the kids do what they wanted since they finished early. When it was time for them to go home, a little boy came up to her and handed her a flower from his mothers garden. "Oh it's beautiful" she said in a thick scottish accent.

She smelled the flower and the boy ran off with a giggle. She smiled and took some books from the school and began walking home, saying hi and smiling at everyone who said hi or looked at her.

When she'd gotten home, there was something strange in her home. It looked like a portal of some sort? She put the flower and books down and looked at it curiously, wondering what it was. After a few minutes of observing, it sucked her into it, and she appeared in some dark place.

The place made her scared, and she began to breath heavily as she tried to figure out where she was.

"Here you go, stay out of trouble."
the guard behind the wire mesh smiled almost tauntingly at Henry as her pushed a plastic tray through the compartment below. Inside was a few items- A silver zippo lighter (not his), a old and very out of date cell phone, one pocket knife, and a silver ring.

with a roll of his eyes Henry grabbed his belongings and walked away from the scene. He scanned the booking room where he saw Duraham, North Carolina's best and brightest. one man was hunched over hugging his knees with a small trendil of spit connecting his mouth to the bare concrete below, a woman was snapping in the air and following her fingers with wild and frantic eyes, and some person (gender unknown because they were wearing a hoodie and curled into a ball) was slumped against the wall in the fetal position.

Henry walks through the heavy steel door out into the night air and soaks it in- he was still high from the hit he had taken a couple hours before but he knew it would drop soon and when it did...He couldn't think about that, right now he just needed to get to a dealer- the only issue being that no one was stupid enough to sell this close to the police department and he had now way of getting there in time. the fear was building.

He began walking down the sidewalk smiling contently at anyone who passed it- but everyone looked at him with fear or confusion. I mean could he blame them? with his wild hair and the mascara caked under his eyes he didn't look like someone you would want to talk to. after walking for an hour the high was completely gone. and he started feeling the burn in the pit of his stomach, a feeling he was all too familiar with
"No, nonono, no" he rushed into an alley way and pulled up the sleeve on his jacket just as he felt the burn begin in his finger tips. he looked at his hand as they started to fall apart like particles and blow away in a wind that he couldn't feel.
it started slow but began building until his whole body was collapsing into the dust.
he was gone in just an instant. and then he was back- this time outside an old house somewhere far away from where he started. He didn't know where he was but this wasn't the first time this has happened and it won't be the last.

he kept his brain numb with drugs so this didn't happen but he couldn't get a hold of anything so now it happened again. he teleported somewhere on the planet and didn't know where the hell he was.

((While any one can join my RP if they like, please PM me or refer to my LFRP post first so there aren't any surprises. I'm sorry, I should have mentioned that before hand. My bad))

Gideon walked, ignoring the people about him and their glances at his odd tattoos. He ignored the blare of sirens as police vehicles and ambulances blared past him on the street to where three known criminals would be found in near critical condition. None of it mattered really, so why should he take notice of it?

One thing he did notice was a ripple in the energy of the city around him. Some one, or something, had used strong magic. Strong enough for him to sense. His ability to sense such things was limited. He had only been using his powers and hunting his killers for roughly a year now.

There was just....something odd about it. It could be nothing, but something in the back of his head kept it in his mind.

So he went to investigate.

Following the thin fading trail, he found himself in front of a storage unit of some sorts, the front locked. It was of course easy for him to break, open the front door, and step into the dark room, not knowing that Sarena was there.

Sarena stopped when she heard something open and someone walk in. Not knowing where they were, she thought they were a threat. So she felt the sides of her, hoping to find something she could grab to attack them with if they found her and tried to attack her.

Feeling around, she felt something cold, like a bar. She grabbed it and lifted it over her shoulder, as if she were a baseball player ready to hit the ball. She walked one step forward "hello?" She yelled out.

Lemon never wants for the fancy drinks that her friends do and after a particularly stressful day of classes, she finds herself on an old red bar stool in a little dive a couple of blocks from campus. The bar is rather empty other than the alcoholics and a depressing looking man belly up to the bar. Five beers in Lemon is swaying on her barstool when three thugs come in and start to pick a fight with the depressed man. As she watches this the ora around the man changes to that of death. Lemons whips her hand over her mouth as it becomes dry and her death song is forcing its way up from her stomach. As quickly as her death song came it was gone and the man's ora is back to that of the living. She had never seen that happen before, as drunk she was drunk she knew she had to flow him. She stumbles down the road behind him toward some old storage units. She stays far back and waits for watching his actions.[/size]

Gideon could hear the woman call out. Freaking heck. Can't see a thing.... He grumbled to himself. He then remembered he had more than just physical power on his side.

Focusing, the tattoos on his arms glowed a fiery red, illuminating his form for a brief moment. He pointed upwards towards the ceiling, a spark of electricity jumping from his arm, through his hand into the ceiling. With that, the lights flickered on, drowning out the glow of his arm-tattoos.

He peered at Sarena, raising a brow at the sight of her. "What the heck are you doing in here? Also...put that pipe down before you hurt some one."

He of course had no idea what was going on, or that Lemonmay could sense the power about him, or that he was being followed.

"I'm going to use it on you if you don't tell me where the hell I am." She lifted the pipe higher and looked at him because of the thing she'd see him do, and it made her nervous. Of course she knew of magic but none like he had.

Gideon didn't have magic in the way people thought of it. Supernatural power was a closer explanation. Though perhaps others viewed that as a kind of magic. It was all relative to him either way.

In the end he wasn't particularly intimidated by the woman wielding an old pipe. Nor was he interesting in getting in a fight with some one who was clearly a victim.

"You are in [X] city. In America." His eyes narrowed a bit. "Quick question. What year do you think it is?" There was something off about her. Not crazy off, just....odd.

"W-well it's July 7th 1883 isn't it? How did I get here? Did you do something or have anything with me being here?" She asked as she kept the pipe in her hand tightly. The sight of him startled her, especially when he wasn't afraid. It was strange, Sarena was quite the warrior, especially at her home, she'd defended her village so many times from raiders and vikings.

Gideon stared blankly for a moment. "July....1883...." He sighed, rubbing his temples. "No, lady, it is not. It is May 2019. You're almost two-hundred years out of date."

He stepped back with a grunt. "Great. Time travelers." He had no idea what to do. It wasn't like Obsidious was talking to him right now or anything. Not that he ever gave clear advice.

"What is your name?"

Sarena's face dropped when he said what year it was. Then she put the pipe down and rubbed her forehead "Sarena" she said in response and then her face went red.

"So if I'm two-hundred years out of date, then how did I get here?"

Gideon could think of a few thousand answers to that. None of them made any sense without more information though.

"What were you dong before finding yourself here? What happened?"

He took a step back, leaning against a wall, trying to look as unimposing as possible. Not an easy task considering how he was dressed, the tattoos on his arms, or the deep scowl on his face.

"I'd walked into my house and there was something that just appeared and it sucked me in, I think." Her face went red "it happened so fast, one moment I'm in my house and the next I'm in a dark room."

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