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So I’m in the process of creating a handful of characters. I like to get the very basics filled out and finish them up as I roleplay more. It helps because sometimes I just don’t fall in love with a character and they were great in an rp, but I don’t want to see them anymore. I also love to give my characters middle names, like I don’t know why but they need them. Also I noticed that my characters almost always are not straight and I feel like that has to do something with me being queer.

So I hope you enjoyed my senseless rambling.

JanieJones wrote:
I also love to give my characters middle names, like I don’t know why but they need them.

Same. Just look at my line up. Most of em have middle names.

I dont think there is anything particularly wrong with characters sexuality matching your own. I only play hetero characters whether they are male or female because I am hetero. I think its because its something we are more familiar with that helps us get into the heads of characters when we know certain aspects about them that reflect ourselves.
For instance, I am a bit of an abrasive, strong willed woman; but I can still be very submissive and romantic, softhearted, compassionate. I really dislike playing mousy, clueless female characters so most all of my female characters have personality quirks much like myself.

Thats not to say that my characters are all exactly like me~ they are all very different. Instead of middle names, when I build characters I sit down and consider their likes, dislikes.. how they might respond in a verity of situations.. what do they like to wear? do they bite their lip when they are thinking about something? what are they obsessed about? My characters dont always end up with middle names, I think its because my dad in real life dosent actually have one so im open to a verity of possibilities. but for me? Its taking all that and making the magic happen in that first post and they blossom from their foundation into their own person.

I hope you have fun building your characters. I end up story-boarding all mine on pinterest anymore xD

I like giving my characters middle names, i think it helps kinda.. make them feel a bit more real. most people have middle names after all. I also like to think about whether there's any significance to their names or not.

I have very few female characters and this is something that bothers me because I feel like it's a major weakness on my part to struggle to play women. I try, but something just doens't "click" and it's frustrating.

But I also have not thaaaat many straight characters lol. That'd be my big ol' not straightness showing up hah.

I admit that I have a fair few characters who exist because they were created to fill a niche. Either they were inspired by a challenge or a complaint someone laid down (eg: "Why are there so few black vampire characters?" "I wish people played truely alien aliens" and so on) or they were created because I needed a certain SORT of character for something and they er... got away from me.
Some of the characters I have the most fun playing started out life as NPCs in other rps and just sorta... grew from there lol.


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