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I've noticed there aren't a lot of active shifters on this site, that or maybe they hide themselves from common light. I have two werewolf characters who are having trouble finding their kind. Searching for a lively rp.

There seems to be a boom in werewolf activity, just above (now likely below) this post. I am certain that the werewolves of the RPR will find other werewolves to hang out with and become shirtless hunks and sparkle and what werewolves may do.

I'm not hiding, I simply have a job to do. I might be interested in hooking up with a pack. It's been a while since I've spent time with my own kind, though occasionally I do see my brothers.

What? At least a quarter of the posts I see are weres... Maybe it's a very recent thing.

*Spills Were-children into this topic. Lets them run rampant*

There are definitely a large amount of Were's on this site. You'll find some to play with for sure. :D <3

I have too many to count XD Though, I also have a lot of shifters, not just wolves.

I'm sitting here smiling like an idiot. Though at the amount of people I missed I probably am. c;
Am I oblivious, or what? I stand corrected.

Well, it's not really your fault since Fox, SD and I rarely post on the regular forums and even when I do, most of my characters are set as private. I do have a lot more weres, personally, but none are uploaded besides Mattie at the moment.

I have quite a few werewolves myself such as Moon & Atrixian. c: A lot of my other wolves aren't loaded, so they're hidden. But if you have any questions, just throw me a PM.

Not much of a werewolf.. But This character is a Were-creature. Were-rats are the bomb!

Since I seem to be on a roll for character creation, I do believe I would not mind playing a were-creature. Though I must say that were-rats are excellent creatures, perhaps a were-tiger would be needed for this pack.

It would be really cool to create a group made of all shifters. I wouldn't mind creating one if I could come up with a decent name.

Perhaps the Moon Pack. Foggy Mountain Pack. Foggy Moon Pack. Candy Mountain Pack. Candid Moon Pack. Candid Pack, and any sort of pack name available.

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Forums > Looking for RP > Where are the weres?