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Hey hello there! This is a random survey that's basically trying to get a better understanding of whether you have seen Tam'nýer-a' around, or if you've been eyeing it or are an ex-member, etc.

Just a quick summary that Tam'nýer-a' is a homebrew fantasy world group that can be found here on the RPR. We deal with things such as pirates on the high seas, fantasy races, strange fauna & flora, gods & goddesses, etc. It is a realistic fantasy world.

This post and the survey is all about active learning and basically crowd sourcing how we are doing and where you guys think we can improve, or build upon. As always, please be honest, but not a buttface.

Muchly appreciated! <3

Now onto the survey!

Some of your guys' answers are extremely helpful! Please keep them coming. We've already gotten ideas of what to brew up for future events on a major scale. <3

Also, if you are marking that you are only somewhat satisfied with Tam or the fantasy part of it - let us know how or why in the extra comments section. We can't improve without your input and it is highly valued. :D

Hey! Thanks to a lot of really fabulous responses to our survey, we actually made some changes to our rules in the group. Check this out~! If you've read our group but not joined and had reasons you didn't want to, there's questions in the survey that definitely could help us if you've got answers for that. :D We really love hearing these responses, keep them coming!

We got a couple of comments asking for a condensed version of lore and the best options we have right now are the Before You Apply page AND the newly, not entirely finished, Terminology pages. :) The Terminology page is the MOST summarized that we can get about the lore. Gods are reduced to 1 sentence, but in order to fully understand everything we would still encourage people to read the main pages of the lore rather than rely on the summaries.

It seems that our reply rate was a bit daunting for some, and it was something that prevented people from wanting to join. All three of these rules got a bit of a face-lift and written to be better understood. No one is required to actually reply at a 15 day rate or less, but more so we just like making checks on our community to ensure they're enjoying themselves in the lore and the group. :)

1. With this group being so large and wanting to encourage a great deal of activity, we tentatively check in on our community after 15 days have passed should you not reply to a thread. This is not a requirement, nor is it a strict 15 days, but we try to stay consistent. If you are unable to reply to your threads, don't want to divulge to us as to why you aren't able to get to it, all we ask for is a quick "I'm a bit busy/I'm not feeling my muse at the moment/I'm struggling to get to it, but I'll figure it out." response. We just want to ensure our community is doing well.

2. We ask that you please inform Demilicious or Hadeslicious or even your friends in the RP group if you are going on a prolonged hiatus, and especially an indefinite hiatus. We don't need to know why, how long, or what for, but we strongly encourage communication so we don't unintentionally pester you while you're away.

3. Do not pester or harass another roleplayer for a reply, ever. If a fellow player has not replied within the 15 day time frame, we ask that you please inform Demilicious or Hadeslicious so that they can assist you in contacting the writer and ensuring that everything is okay.

4.If there is a large group event taking place and you choose to participate but cannot reply after 15 days time your turn will be skipped in the story. This is to prevent large group events from being halted should someone need to step away for awhile unannounced. This in no way reflects on you as a person, merely just the name of the game.

Heyo! We got a response to our survey that mentioned a scaling system about lore depth and it being able to assist newcomers to the group. If that was you, could you hit one of us up? We'd love to discuss and potentially get some clarification on it. :) No need to show who you are, you can use an anonymous character or a blank profile to send the message. This could be really useful to us for the group.

We are still enjoying these responses and thank you all kindly for the effort you've placed in answering us. Keep them coming!

Thanks to everyone who has done our recent survey, we hear you! We have already made some changes to our rules to make them more lax, we have some commissions on the way, and now we've opened up a new race. We hope you enjoy it.

*As a side note we are still looking for input, so if you have not done our survey, please do so. It is helping immensely and is greatly appreciated.

New Continent & Race Discovered!
Discovering the continent, and seeing nothing but mountainous desert and sand dunes for miles was perhaps a bit off putting in terms of disappointment. However, it also made some people drop their guard on the foreign territory.

FDTeP6f.pngThe Püertagœn Navy was also not the only one’s daring to explore the Foot Continent. There were pirates invested in discovering the new land and what riches it may have held. However, what they came across, (those that survived the journey, sandstorms, and the heat that is), were humongous ruins, looking as though they had been built by the Gods themselves and abandoned upon their death.

In truth, the first meetings with the Zdjętzami did not go smoothly. Fear ran high as posed bodies began to line the scenery. Their faces and bodies all too foreign to really provide any time of comfort, though when it came to be realized that these people too were blessed by Sùrelï with the knowledge of C’ërod, despite everything, perhaps they were not as barbaric as they seemed.

Things with the Zdjętzami are extremely touch and go. People who step foot on the Feet Continent, named as such because they are the last and considered the bottom of the world, tend to make wide berths from their iconic homes, and they do not mind the distance. Everyone is wary, especially since upon first meetings blood was shed.

Not much is known or understood about these strange looking people who call themselves the Zdjętzami. Needless to say however, is that curiosity on both sides gets the better of a rare few.

You can read more about the Zdjętzami here.

Also, shoutout to DarkCrow for doing the art of them for us! <3 Please check them out. They are amazing to work with and constantly check in during their commission process. Super duper lovely. :D

We are still looking for a handful more insights on our survey so if you haven't done it already, we would love to hear from you.
Thank you. :D

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