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((Open. You can feel free to jump in and write whatever you like. Any genre, any skill level. Just as long as we keep the plot making sense. Create lore, create a monster or a time-traveling visitor (maybe this rainforest is on another planet, or on earth but before our time?) I have no preconceived notions about this world or the plot -- it can go any direction. No minimum frequency of posts or level of commitment required. It's come and go as you please. Let's see what happens.))

The small animal with short brown fur and a long snout made her way slowly through the unusual rainforest, sniffing out succulent, young shoots of grass close to the ground.

She stopped every once in a while to chew these tender treats, as above, the sun shone through the sparse breaks in the rainforest canopy.

At about the size of a pig, the trees towered over her.


The tropical birds talked to one another, providing a chattery backdrop of sound among the tall trees. The colorful birds hopped branch to branch, gossiping about who knows what, shaking the leaves and sending showers of dew drops down over the tapir's short, brown fur. She didn't even look up, she just slowly continued forward in a zig-zaging path on her quest for succulent shoots and leaves, eventually emerging into a more open area.

The rainforest was theirs, for the time being. But it was like no rainforest known to Mankind. Far, far away from this place and time, anything could happen.

The small creature suddenly froze and the hackles on the back of her neck went up. She lifted her snout into the air, sniffing it, tasting it. She sensed something strange in the air. The parrots suddenly went silent. Everything was silent. Listening, waiting.

Alicyia froze in the trees above as well, her staff weapon already half-way in her hand. Hunting. She'd only been hunting, but the sense of dread that settled in her spine left her staying her hand. And well, she'd never quite seen a pig with a long nose before. Probably best not to beat it silly. As she waited though, she realized it hadn't quite gone completely silent. In the background of it all, there came a gentle hum, like the computer fans she remembered from another life. The sound kept getting louder too, even louder still.

Oh. She knew that sound. Alicyia shot up, her eyes wide as she lept to another tree branch. "It is most definitely time to go!"

The tapir was oblivious to the golden-haired human who was hunting her. Her usual predators normally stalked her from the bushes. And she didn't detect the scent of those ferocious felines. There was certainly nothing to fear from the trees, of all places. No reason to look up at them. No reason to be wary.

She could easily have been caught and overcome. But today was her lucky day. A more powerful predator scared her unseen predator away.

The strange, gentle hum that rose in the air made her pause and look up. She sniffed the air. The sound was alien -- completely alien. Spooked, she dove behind a bush and disappeared among the leaves.

"There, in the trees!" Tram shouted to his copilot, pointing at the screen, his eyes wild with obsession. "The girl! Target her! Hurry! Hurry!"

But in a flash, she was gone again. Just like every time before.

"Damnit!" Tram yelled and slammed a fist down on the console. "Pursue her!"

"Well, I can't take the craft into the trees Tram!" Zek said, rolling his eyes. "If you want her you'll have to go after herself on foot yourself!"

Fear registered in Tram's green eyes as he paused and stared at his copilot. It was the distant stare of a too-ambitious young man whose mind was racing through the countless possible outcomes that could result from his next decision.

The craft hovered in the air just above the broad-leafed trees as Tram carefully considered how much he wanted this promotion.

"What if I get stuck down there, Zek?" he said, quietly, suddenly admitting his greatest fear to his subordinate.

"You die," Zek said frankly, meeting Tram's emerald gaze with his own icy blue one. "It's not worth it. Leave the girl be."

Tram shifted his eyes to look at the view screen, deceptively inviting green treetops and blue sky filling it from end to end. His mouth became a thin line and his eyes narrowed, obsession with this task clouding his judgement. He said what they both already knew.

"I can't."

With that, Tram unbuckled his seatbelt, left the cockpit, and suited up. An olive green utility pack hanging from his shoulder and an assault rifle on his belt, he made the jump.

Ever since she was a little girl, Alicyia had these dreams. Other people had them too, but no one could explain why. A normal world during the day, but at night...oh at night what dreams she had. Fantastical worlds with dragons and cityscapes, warlords, circuses, and apparently, rainforests. Each dream had its own story and quest. She never woke before she completed it. However, this dream was unlike any of her others. She was beginning to suspect that this wasn't a dream world at all.

Creeping along another branch, she kept going until the hum of the jet faded into the sound of the forest. She assumed whoever had been pursuing her had given up. About time, really. That, like the dreams, had been an ongoing thing, though she supposed it must have started more recently. When it felt safe, she jumped to the ground, running through the soft dirt and over broken branches that snapped beneath her boots. Whatever forest animals were around went skittering away, but she was far done with hunting. Now, it seemed that she was the one being hunted.

That was, until she tripped and fell face-down in the dirt.

As Tram fell to the ground, his magnetic boots interacted with the metal in the planets core to slow his descent, gradually decreasing his acceleration as his falling form approached the surface.

The slim, yet muscular, young soldier looked like an olive-green cannonball dropping from the sky, his arms hugging his knees to his chest and his head down. The safest way to land in the event of a program mafunction.

Tram landed on the soft, forest floor with barely a sound. Silently, he rose to his full height of 6 feet.

The man's short, jet-black hair was mussed up from the wind of the fall and he was already beginning to sweat in the humid rainforest atmosphere.

He listened carefully, not moving.

She was armed, he remembered, his muscles tensing. If the last two years had taught him anything, it was that she could be dangerous, even with primitive weapons. And if she caught him by was game over. Well, probably. If his interface was taken or destroyed he be stuck there to live out the rest of his days--which might not be many.

He heard a rustling sound feet away and his heart jumped as he drew the assault rifle and aimed it at the thick underbrush. It could be her. Or one of those catlike creatures preparing to pounce and sink it's teeth into his throat.

"Come out of there!" he shouted, with authority. "You're coming with me or you die!" It was a bluff, of course. He needed her alive, obviously. And if he killed her here, he wasn't sure what would happen, but he would lose her again, at the very least, and he would be back to square one. Or would she die out there? he wondered. If that happened, they were all doomed.

But she had no way of knowing that. he wouldn't kill her. The Third Order wanted her to come willingly, of course, but he wasn't losing her now, the rules be damned.

"I said come out of there, or I'll shoot!" Tram growled again, kicking at the moist soil, sending rocks and pieces of wet earth flying.

Out of the underbrush, the frightened pig-like tapir emerged, skittering across the clearing and disappearing into the trees.

Tram's mouth fell open and he cursed. "Damn. Well I guess I'm here for the night." He sighed and looked up into the trees.

The beasts of this rainforest were things of his nightmares. The rainforest made him uncharacteristically nervous.

Over these past 2 years, he'd pursued his target through so many landscapes, sometimes missing her by mere hours or minutes (it was hard to judge).

He'd dodged dragons claws and clashed swords of warlords, and yet none of those environments made him as unsettled as this dense and humid rainforest... with it's swamps, and it's giant serpents, it's stalking large cats. If there was any world he didn't want to get stuck in, it was this one. Something about not being able to see more than a few yards ahead of him made this expert pilot uneasy.

He swallowed his fear pulled out a small handheld device. Looking at it, with his rifle in the opposite hand, he moved forward through the dense growth, as silently as he could, in the direction of the nearest heat signature. It was moving fast. But then suddenly, it wasn't. The red dot froze on the screen as he heard a huge thud straight ahead.

He burst through the clearing, half expecting another animal when he saw her -- HER -- lying facedown in the dirt.

Tram sucked in a breath and his green flew open wide.

"You!" he whispered to himself. She looked smaller than he'd expected. He had to fight off the urge to help her to her feet. The moment was surreal. Then he set his jaw, narrowed his eyes, and raised his assault rifle, aiming it right at her.

"You're coming with me," he declared, boldly. "Or you die right here and now." He gestured the nose of his rifle towards the clearing where he might still be able to get off a signal before this time window closed.

Eyes shooting open, the emerald orbs with gold flecks scanned the scenery. This was not her mountain home, shaking her large head, she stood up shakily and tested her limbs. Nothing seemed broken but she was a predator unlike many would want to tangle with in this dense forest.

Lifting her head she caught whiff of many strange things. Foreign things. Hearing a skittering, Tiamat looked down and noticed a pig like creature running away from something. Waiting a few moments to see if anything followed, Tiamat licked her maw as she began to salivate. She was hungry and she would eat well.

Inching forward, the first thing she notices is a girl face down in the dirt. The second was a man with some sort of weapon pointed at her. Emitting a low growl she continued to inch forward until her snout poked through the bushes.

Tram's eyes grew wide again as he heard the low growl coming from behind some bushes. Nervously he raised his rifle to aim towards the sound, then back towards the girl, then back towards the bushes. He wasn't sure who to point at.

A snout poked out of the bushes and he instantly recognized it's shape and form.

A dragon!

He cursed under his breath. This made things more complicated. If the dragon was hungry (and weren't they always?), it might try to attack Alicyia, and then he'd be forced to defend her. Meaning his bluff would be revealed. She would know his goal was to keep her alive.

However, what if the dragon was trying to defend the girl? Then he would have to defend himself.

In either case, he didn't think his assault rifle would be much help against that thick hide. He had expected cats and snakes, not dragons. But one never knew what could happen in here.

Thinking quickly, he realized he had just one option. Escape with the girl...NOW.

Tram fired off a few warning shots in the air, hoping it would give the dragon pause without angering it.

Then with a Third Order war cry he dashed towards Alicyia. She seemed to be stunned or knocked out from the fall perhaps, or perhaps she was playing dead, he wasn't sure.

As Tram ran, he pulled out cuffs from his utility bag and managed to cuff one of her hands to his own before lifting her up and throwing her over his shoulder.
Then he ran like hell.

Through the tangled mess of tropical plants and broad leafed trees, weighted down by Alicyia's body, wondering how fast a dragon could move through such a dense terrain. Tram was grateful, for once, to be the smaller, more nimble creature of the two. I might be able to outrun it in this kind of place. His strong arms carried Alicyia with little effort and he wove through the maze of trees and mazes deftly, heading towards higher ground, looking for somewhere to hide.

All of sudden, he wished he had brought a sword instead of a rifle.

He pointed the weapon up and it made a loud popping noise, unlike anything she'd ever heard. But in the next instant he had grabbed the girl and took off running. Tiamat didn't want to start setting things on fire so she did the next natural thing. She gave chase.

Keeping her wings tucked close to her body, she picked up his scent. Male, sweat, fear, and a strange smokey scent. Letting a roar rumble from her maw, several smaller creatures took off not wanting to be her meal. Following his path, her bulky hide knocking smaller trees out of her way.

Finally reaching a clearing of sorts, Tiamat unfurled her wings and immediately took flight, her large form taking to the sky. Her scales were ebony with a hint of gold in some areas. Now above the trees, she scanned for the little male.

Seeing him, she took note of another large creature seemingly attracted to his mad dash to escape. Narrowing her eyes she let out a deafening roar before swooping down. Barreling through the tree tops, Tiamat kept her prey in sight as she careened downwards. Throwing her wings out last second, she stabbed into the monstrously large snake with her claws.

It hissed as it rounded to attack her but by then it was too late. Opening her maw, Tiamat caught it and chomped down before turning to look towards the human. Dragging the snake with her as she approached, Tiamat wondered if he would run again.

Dropping the snake, she tilted her head before clearing her throat. "Explain your intentions with the girl before I decide to add roast human to my meal." Clearly a feminine voice but it rumbled from her frame like a slow moving thunderstorm.

Legiana heard the popping sound,and smelled two,no three people.One male and the others female.Wearing nothing but a white dirty cloth over her body.She ran to the area,and she saw saw that she was a dragon,which was surprising,as she was a dragon herself.And thought that all dragons were extinct. This only encourage her to run faster,and when she reached the area,she saw the woman dropping what looked like a serpent,and that she dropped it,and tried to reason with the man.She decided to stay hidden,and look,not wanting to draw attention to herself.

MHW wrote:

((Hey there! I just wanted to say hi but to also inform that Tiamat isn't in her human form. She's currently in her dragon form. Sorry if it wasn't super clear! ^^))


Tram heard a quiet hissing from up in the trees. He looked back, his eyes burning from the salty sweat pouring from his brow and saw something like a tree branch...perfectly colored for camouflage. Then it moved.

That's not a tree branch! It dropped down onto the ground, its smooth brown skin more visible now that it was away from the brown bark of the tree.

Tram froze and turned to face it, staring the large snake. Catching it off guard, it paused and rose like a cobra about to strike, staring into this strange bipedal creatures eyes, the snake's simple mind trying to judge whether the unfamiliar creatures were predator or prey.

Tram took it's moment of hesitation to fire off a shot but the trigger jammed and the snake prepared to seize them.

This is it, thought Tram as his heart raced.

Then he heard a deafening roar. His eyes turned to the sky and he saw the fierce dragon swoop down and sink it's claws into the huge viper. His mouth gaped open as he gazed at it...ebony scales with hints of gold, magnificent wingspan, 100% fiersome predator but with any undeniable beauty and grace.

Tram wasn't sure what to do, with his trigger jammed and after that display of agility, obviously no where to run. He was at the dragon's mercy. But, then again, it had just saved their lives for some reason.

Dropping the snake, she tilted her head before clearing her throat. "Explain your intentions with the girl before I decide to add roast human to my meal." Clearly a feminine voice but it rumbled from her frame like a slow moving thunderstorm.

Tram's eyebrows raised slightly. She just saved our lives, he corrected himself, adjusting mentally to the realization that this dragon was a female.

Tram looked down at Alicyia on his shoulder, wondering if she was conscious. It had all happened so fast. Tram looked up at the dragon, and cleared his throat.

"I would not harm her," he answered the magnificent creature boldly. "I was sent here to retrieve her. She is the only one who can save my world from a millenia of war, oppression, and destruction. But she does not know it. She thinks she's only a regular person, having a dream. And in a way, she is." He looked down at her, hoping she wasn't hearing any of this. "But in the 32nd century," he said, more quietly, we have the developed the technology to contact her...through the interface, and communicate with her -- in this playground we've lured her consciousness into -- it's some kind of mix between computer simulation and daydream."

He stared at the dragon, his jaw set.

"Roast me if you want, but that's all I can tell you. If she's heard any of this it could jeopardize everything. It was very hard to find someone like her. It's taken me years. Whether she lives or dies your world in the past is safe." he paused, pondering. "But if she does, the mindscape may collapse in on itself, and we are stuck in it."

He looked the dragon straight in her emerald gold flecked eye, wondering if she believed him. His life obviously depended on it.

32nd century?,Legiana thought.It didn't know what was going on,but she got this.The dragon saved the human male and female.She was going to leave,until she hear 'war'.That got her attention.And the special ability that he human girl had to predict the future,or that what she guess.She decided to take the human female.She took off the white cloth,revealing wings,and got into a crouching position.

((Hi. Yeah, it was clear so read carefully. You should edit to reflect that, or we can void those parts that refer to her as a woman and a person and move on (looks like that is what we've done).

We should wait awhile to post until murkysoulwaters has another chance to post. So we'll stop it here until she posts.))


I made an Rainforest OCC thread. :)

Status of RP: Waiting on Aliciya's reaction...


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