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Forums > Smalltalk > Bake Sale End Countdown Chat - DONE!

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ahh yeah I'm a few dollars shy of another bacon, but hey cloaks are pretty fairly priced so if I have another character :P

It's not like I don't already have 50+ characters >.>

I just woke up owo I'm acruelly well excited for the mission patch. I gotta figure out what jacket to put it on >.>

Yay!! I need to figure out too.

Just 15 minutes!

*face half in pillow* this is like rpr new years

I know, I've been thinking all night that we need a ball drop. :D

XD luckily it happens before school starts for me :P

Annddd itssss overrr

This was a frigging amazing life experience. I'm going to bed on a cloud of joy

Night night all! :D

Night Kim! Be proud of your accomplishments! ;)

Night Kim!

I saw the bar at $13,715!

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Forums > Smalltalk > Bake Sale End Countdown Chat - DONE!