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I usually start off anything I want people to read with things like 'FREE COOKIES' or 'DARTH VADER WILL EAT YOUR MOTHER'. Who wouldn't click on the latter, right?!

Anyways, hello! My name is August, I mostly play Furcadia, and I'm a big fan of strict Dragonlands roleplays! I also really like feral dreams, but all the good ones seem to have disappeared over the last little while. I just joined a few days ago because I found a link to this in a random helpful links topic. I like to write, but either really dramatic scenes or really funny ones that put my characters in uncomfortable situations. I'm mean like that.

So, nice to meet you all! (:


Welcome to the site! Nice to meet you! Cute port! Do you remember where you saw that list of helpful links? I would like to thank whoever included us! And I guess the question now is, are we helpful? :D

Sorry! D: Take this coupon for a free Arby's straw. It's worth a lot.

Thanks! Nice to meet you too! Thanks x2! I didn't actually draw it, it's just a free one I found on Deviant(Me+Art=Disaster), but I thought it was cute too. And no actually, I don't, it was a while ago, I just was way too lazy to actually do anything, haha. But yes! You are actually. And super friendly so far, I might add :D

Free straws? I'll take 10!

You on DeviantArt?
I'm Chelseam2

Nice to meet you X3

Bahaha, one to a person plzthx. Straws cost Arby's dough, you know.

And no, I'm not. d: But I like browsing the art, some stuff is really amazing! And you too :3

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Forums > Introductions > FREE STUFF!