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Just a Few More Days Left in FOBETEO

Posted by Kim on December 22, 2019, 1:04pm

Because this has been such an oddball year in terms of scheduling, the kudos-giving portion of the Festival of Being Excellent to Each Other will extend for another three days.

I apologize about the timing of this, as it actually puts the last day right on Christmas. FOBETEO is meant to be a non-denominational celebration that does not relate to any one winter holiday! Scheduling just shook out that way this year. We'll be back to our regular FOBETEO schedule again next time round :)

I and the mods have loved reading all of your kudos so far this year. You all have such touching things to say about one another. Thank you to everyone helping to make the dark winter so bright. <3



December 23, 2019

Extra days to smother people in love? I dig it.


December 22, 2019

Best Christmas present ever, thank you Kim <3


December 22, 2019

Thank you merry Christmas Kim.


December 22, 2019

More time to give kind words?! Bring it on! ❤️❤️❤️