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About the Lag

Posted by Kim on January 4, 2020, 9:00am

I've mentioned the lag in a number of other news posts, but not enough people have seen/noticed those mentions, and this is a big enough issue to get its own focus.

So, here we go:

No, you're definitely not the only one experiencing lag. Everyone is still experiencing it to a greater or lesser extent. :) Depending on what combo of site features you use, and where you're connecting from, you may be being hit with it quite hard.

For some of you, the lag has gradually subsided until it's mostly not there and most of the time, when you're lucky, the site responds instantly. I'm very happy that we've gotten some of you there! The goal, of course, is to get us ALL there ASAP. :)

This is an issue that does not have a single root cause. Almost every single day, we take another step toward reducing the lag. Day by day, it gets a tiny, tiny bit better, and one day soon it will be gone and forgotten.

Speaking of forgotten: I think most of us have forgotten that RPR 1.0 actually went through several periods of extremely, massively high lag over the years, that had to be battled back with lots of hard work. Take heart that we've done it repeatedly before, and we'll do it again now!

Don't be afraid, fam. It WILL get solved. <3

How can you help?

Report every bug you find in the site. You never know what might be secretly contributing not just to making your life slightly annoying, but to making the site a wee bit slower. We've gotta catch 'em all, and I need your help to do it.

  • You're never bothering me by sending a thorough bug report. It doesn't matter how many other bug reports I already have on my plate. I'm glad to get bug reports!
  • It doesn't matter if someone else has already reported the very same exact bug that you are; usually, every little clue helps to fix it.
  • It doesn't matter if the thing you're reporting might not be a bug at all, and turns out to be just user error. There's no penalty for guessing wrong, and safe is always better than sorry.
  • Bug reports help EVERYONE. It's awesome to submit bug reports. :D
  • Please, please, please submit your reports through the bug report form, under Help » Report a Problem.

Thank you again for all your patience, support and help as I work to sort everything out. :)



January 7, 2020

Thrilled to hear it's back to a healthy state for you, Seth! :D


January 7, 2020

Some weeks ago the site was awful to me but now is it all good again, the loading time is back to normal. Dunno what you did Kim but it did fix the issue, at least for me.


January 6, 2020

Thank you for all of your hard work.


January 4, 2020

Thank you much Kim! :)


January 4, 2020

Kim, thanks for working so hard and endlessly to solve any of the bumps and hiccups that are happening along the way. Please don’t forget to take care of yourself and rest too!


January 4, 2020

Thanks for the update Kim! It makes total sense that after such a big upgrade handled by just one person, the site is dealing with some hiccups. :)

I get the impression that fresh new 2.0 is less buggy than 1.0 was though!


January 4, 2020

We appreciate everything that you've done, Kim. Keep up the good work!


January 4, 2020

Thanks for all your hard work, Kim!