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Winter Art Trade Signups Open

Posted by Kim on November 9, 2023, 9:00am

It's time for the official RPR winter art trade! Sign-ups are open now until November 25th.

In this art trade, artists post information about a character (or characters, if they want to give the other person a choice of things to draw) they would like to receive gift art of. At a specified cut off date, submissions stop and each artist is randomly assigned someone else in the exchange. Then each artist draws the thing they got, and on a certain day, everyone exchanges what they drew. So you do art for someone else, and someone else gives you art. It's like secret Santa, but with art!

THERE'S A TWIST ON THIS ART TRADE: MONO COLOR! This is NOT a full color trade, but rather, you will pick a color like red, blue, black, etc. -- whatever feels appropriate to the character you get assigned - and then color/shade the piece only using darker or lighter shades of that one color.

This art trade is open to artists of all skill levels!

We are no longer dividing artists into "dabbler" and "devotee" categories. We do ask that this not be your first or second attempt at drawing, but if you've been drawing for roughly a year or more and are willing to do your very best, you're welcome here. Participants should go in with the expectation that the art they receive will be in an unknown style and completed by someone with an unknown skill level, and be excited to get a nice surprise whatever it turns out to be. If you think you may be upset if your gift art turns out to come from an artist who is not as experienced as yourself, or who uses a style of art that is not to your taste, this is not the art trade for you.



November 9, 2023

@Astrobeans please read the linked rules, it explains how traditional art can be used :)


November 9, 2023

Sign me up! I've got a new style I'm experimenting with


November 9, 2023

I have a question. Is traditional art allowed? I know digital is more preferred.