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Bake Sale Progress Report

There's 20 days left in the bake sale, and only $1,389 left to go to meet our main fund raising goal! :D I don't want to count my chickens (phoenixes) before they're hatched, but it's looking very likely that together, we're going to reach our goal! :D

This week, our mission patches went into production. They will be roughly 3 inches high, and have iron-on backing for those of you who aren't handy with a needle. Check out this amazing patch design!

If you've contributed, remember to enter your shipping address for your backer rewards.

Or, if there are certain backer rewards you don't want, you can now opt out of one or more by adjusting the checkboxes here:

What am I working on? As you're reading this, I'm more than likely working on making the character/group profile builder support native rows and columns, one of the biggest changes to come to the profile builder since we opened our doors. :D I'm SO looking forward to being able to show you some video of that VERY SOON... Backers will get to see that particular sneak preview first. ;)

Community Feedback

  • Laineie

    September 5th 2019


    Congrats on breaking our goal everyone!
  • Deumeawyn

    August 31st 2019


    Wow! Less than a thousand when I looked just now.
  • Orrik_Zynn_x2

    August 31st 2019


    Woo!! Got me some stuff today...including my lovely purple phoenix and sum BACONNNN!! <3 <3 <3
  • Kruhee

    August 30th 2019


    AWESOME! <3 <3 <3
  • velariah2315

    August 30th 2019


    The patch is beautiful and represents the site well! Keep up the amazing art work!
  • ShadowWeaver

    August 30th 2019



    I’ll need to update my address!
  • Selkieborn

    August 30th 2019


    Cannot WAIT to get paid and put another Phoenix worth into it! (Gotta catch ‘em all!)

    This website is so awesome, and this community is second to none. Thank you Kim!
  • MercyInReach

    August 30th 2019


    The patch looked amazing wow! So exciting and I'm so excited for more sneak peaks.
  • Somnom

    August 30th 2019


  • StaticNightmares

    August 30th 2019


  • JustaBitEvil

    August 30th 2019


    It's been less than an hour, and rather than 1389 we're at 1271! RPR is such a great community!

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