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"..." Tseng just...crosses his arms. "Pass. I'm not dating you, Reno."
Noble Six (played by shadeslayer45)

ive read your file compiled by the UNSC and im not interested pass

six crosses his arms and tilts his head
Aphrodite (played anonymously)

Aphrodite gazed upon him and smiled. "I wouldn't mind going on a date or two, but I would often prefer helping you find your one true love instead."
Draka (played by Serpentina_Winter)

"a greek goddess would be fun to date"
Fenix Cinderwell (played by ChaoticCosmos)

An enthusiastic smile tugged up on Fenix's flame filled face "An incredibly hot dragon in more ways than one to match my firey interior and extiror! A romance that i think would be quite fitting!" The flame elemental fist pumps the air like the enthusiastic goofball that he is.
"Hmm...I think we should be friends for now...and see where it goes..."
Musette stands there awkwardly with her hands crossed in front of her and avoiding eye contacts, ”perhaps when you become of age then maybe we can give it a chance.”
Sadako (played anonymously)



(stares at next person) you can pass if you want. I'm dead anyway.
Pwent Thibbledorf (played anonymously)

“Wot a coincidence! So am I! I think we’d get along just fine me lass.”
Drake Lie (played anonymously)

"definite pass, although i am crazy, i am not as crazy as you, plus, when i kill, i prefer it to be unknown, leaving a body is just a waste"
Haruka Saigo (played anonymously)

"Did you say kill? Hmmm..." Haruka looked at Drake and thought. "Sorry, but I'll have to pass."
Zipactli (played anonymously)

“Uuh.. pass, way out of my league, eh.”
Natasha de Cristobal (played anonymously)


"Vy vykhodite iz moyey ligi... "
Z23 (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)


Ich denke ein Russki und ein Deutsches Kriegsschiffe keine richtig Bindung haben.
Sarissa Bluefeather (played anonymously)

“You are certainly very beautiful. I would not be opposed to a romance if you are fine with having a Halfling as a partner.”
Satomi Ito (played anonymously)

"You seem interesting, but since you're up for a romance with the person above and I'm more into men actually, it'll be a pass. I hope you guys enjoy each other's company though. Will be cheering for you, guys." Satomi smiles brightly.
Umar Abbzan (played by Pantrane)

“Habibti!” The tan man clad in neon green clothing and matching sneakers slides his metallic sunglasses up to the top of his head. “You say you are animator, yes? Perfect! Can you animate a version of myself? Come let us discuss this over dinner... Candlelight and roses are a must.”

Jinx (played by starsteemer)

"Oh wow, you seem super sweet and all but, oh, ah jeez, military men just aren't my type! I'm a pacifist, it sorta goes against my morals.. But i want you to know you're pretty cute and you'll find the perfect partner someday! Good luck Umar, but Pass."


((Views of Angry Russian Man do not reflect my own.))
Artemis watched the man infront of her with curiousity "pass, sorry, way too old and definitely not my type" she didn't sound sorry whatsoever, if anything the she-wolf just sounded bored.

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