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Watering harvested plants doesn't make them come back.
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

Sorry about your crops Z
No idea how long it'll last... but folks are welcome to go look at what I did to the 3 large fields now.
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

ooh I like it Z
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

omg its spells rprp
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

Yup. And, uh... I guess that with some eggs, could make a whole lot of strawberry shortcake. XD
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

lol true, although it would take forever to get enough eggs
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

hey Kim
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

rocks and ores aren't spawning
What are you supposed to do with the food that you have?
Put it in the shipping bin. :)
Nice fields, Zel! <3
Where's the ink to play this game?
You can find it in the News Posts around Epic Week, from April and May. :)
Unfortunately, since Epic week is over none of the games are available now. Epic Week takes place in April each year and they'll be back then.
Err...the game is still there, though. You can't get Epic Week points for playing it, but it's technically still playable as far as I can tell.

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