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Tetsuya (played anonymously)

*he hissed not happy about what he heard* “why are always the cute guys taken…!”

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he had no answer to that as he just uses transference to appear right beside his warframe after running a full system diagnostic on it and frowns
Tetsuya (played anonymously)

*he rattled his tail unhappy* “I don’t like this at all….I can’t get one guy!”
"i can't help you there"
Tetsuya (played anonymously)

*he smirked chucking* “you don’t seem too bad your self are you taken..?”
"at a time...i was after that i no longer wish to bind myself to another"
Tetsuya (played anonymously)

“I should of guessed” *he soon slithered away quit quickly*
he clenches his fist the body of equinox lying lifeless in his arms "equinox...forgive me"
Tetsuya (played anonymously)

*he stared at a painting*
he just sunk deep into his depression
Tetsuya (played anonymously)

“Is there usually more people here than just you two?”
"its a bar it comes and goes" he had transferenced back into his warframe it helped with the pain even if the warframe was more a prison then a sanctuary he could never leave
Tetsuya (played anonymously)

“Um ok what do you usually do here?”
"Drink. Drink until you collapse." Monika sighed.
Tetsuya (played anonymously)

“I don’t know what this drinking is that you speak of?”
"Alcohol?" She raised a bottle up. "Beer, wine.. maybe some other nonalcoholic drinks. Oh, forgive me, My name is Monika."
Fumizuki holds up a juice box. "I drink this."
Tetsuya (played anonymously)

“The only think I’ve drunken is hot chocolate?”
he hasn't eaten or drinking anything in who knows how many centuries
Tari (played by randomentity777)

Tari squees at the sight of Fumizuki. "OMIGOSH! She's so adorable!"

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