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enters the bar and looks around before heading towards a seat at the bar counter
(hey, is anyone here?)
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

((alright I'll be Hank then I suppose))
(whoops, wrong character! That was Sturmtiger's line! excuse my mistake!)
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

((It's all good King!))
Klara stopped the mech outside the establishment. The mech crouched and the claw hid itself inside. The KV-1 turret marked with the Second Reich’s flag pointed its main gun down, and the whirring of the machinery inside stopped. The top hatch opened and out came a woman with long white hair, blue eyes and fair skin.

Klara climbed off and opened the door. She looked around and observed the talking tanks, then made her way to an empty seat on the bar.

Talking tanks, Monika really is crazy… She thought to herself.

“I’ll have Vodka, the best you have. None of that weak type.” She said out loud, passing Gold Marks on the counter. Then, she looked around to spot any other fellow soldiers for the German Empire.
(Ah darn, I forgot to change the character)
(It's cool! I did the same thing just a little while back!)
"Just as much as you do, and for many years. I earned every one of these dings and dents on the battlefield." He said in response. "I am sorry for you. It is hard, being taken from your homeland. Despite that, I rejoice that you are serving with us. you and your mech seem like a powerful asset not to be tempted." He rolled forward slightly.
Hank (played by dabomb217op)

((Love the way you described Alwina's sexual orientation Nerdy))
Alwina Coldwill (played by Thatnerdychick)

((well it was that or "as straight as a rainbow))
Hank (played by dabomb217op)

((equally as good lol))
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

((Oh Tom isn't made of shadows btw, unless he is shadow-traveling))
(I'm gonna have to change the profile for Sturmtiger from a regular tank to a mech here soon. I hope that there isn't too much that needs alterations.)
Hank (played by dabomb217op)

((I've had Fae wine in another rp, its some good stuff))
((As long as they’re not entirely human, it’s fine))
((nice dis of 50 shades of grey lol not a fan of it))
((I meant that line for Revenge but eh, sure.))
Hank (played by dabomb217op)

((I miss it sometimes to be honest, is it still as grind-heavy as it used to be?))

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