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"Mind if I have another?" Turvold asked. The mead was well-made; enough so that it reminded him of his fathers mead, the fabled, "Mead of Poetry".

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(hey, is anyone here?)
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

(I am, just not sure if I can serve you)
Turvold turned around, eyeing the figure sitting a seat or so down. "So, what is your name?" He asked, trying to initiate some form of conversation.
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

Tom looks over to the one speaking "My name is Tom, what might your name be?"
Brynjar (played anonymously)

Brynjar walks into the bar, smelling each one of them, knowing the scents of their heritage. He goes to the bar and says, "Got any mead?"
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

((hey Trixie can I help behind the bar?)) Tom finishes the rest of his mead
Trixie (played by Victoriantruth) Topic Starter

When trixie is not here, there are many workers who can provide service.

These can be played by anyone.

We have hank, bubah and trina who all work at trixie's bar. Ask them and they will definitely serve you. You can write these as sidecharacters. X

Xoxo trixie.
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

((alright I'll be Hank then I suppose))
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

((I'll make a profile for him
Hank (played by dabomb217op)

Brynjar wrote:
Brynjar walks into the bar, smelling each one of them, knowing the scents of their heritage. He goes to the bar and says, "Got any mead?"

"Indeed we do sir" Hank fills a tankard with mead and sets the tankard in front of the man "If you'll take a look at the post over to your left there's a menu with the prices of our drinks on it, you may pay with whatever type of currency you carry"
Turvold turned to Tom, saying, "My name is Turvold Thorn might. You can call me Turvold."
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

((didn't you ask for more mead King? I can't remember)) "Pleasure to meet you Turvold"
Asbjorn (played by KingDragon)

Another figure walked in, covered in furs and leather armor with a shaggy cape. He hung it by the door and up to the bar, saying, "Didn't expect you here, Turvold." He then turned to the bartender. "Strongest beer on tap, please."
Hank (played by dabomb217op)

Hank nods and grabs another tankard and fills it before setting it in front of the newcomer "Here you go, prices are on the menu on that post" Hank points over to the post
Asbjorn (played by KingDragon)

He nods and tossed a few coins onto the bar as he drank somewhat quickly.
Hank (played by dabomb217op)

Hank collects all the coins and places them inside of a safe underneath the bar before starting to clean the used tankards
Turvold turned to Asbjorn, saying, "I was just passing through. I am heading back to the Fjordlands. I have a job I need to fulfill."
Calla (played by Akali_Fang)

Silently the door to the bar would open and a small, skater looking girl would slip in moving with a sense of womenly grace to the bar. "Wiskey, please" she asked with a soft tone. Pale eyes surveying the various patrons with mild intrest.

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