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This is the FAQ for user epicness

If you're looking for information about epic groups, try the Epic group FAQ instead.

What are the benefits of being an epic member?

To thank epic members for supporting the RP Repository, they have access to all these great perks for the duration of their epic status:

  • Characters belonging to epic members have NO ADS on their profiles
  • Epic members don't see ads anywhere else on the site, either!
  • Create custom character styles to use and share
  • Access to all of the custom character styles that other members have shared!
  • Customize their own user profile with colors of their choosing
  • Get 10 temporary extra character slots
  • 2 extra temporary page slots allowed for each one of your characters
  • Upload 30 extra gallery images per character
  • If over 18 years of age, optional access to the age verification process.

Your purchases help to keep the RP Repository open, growing, and free for basic members.

What happens to my extra characters when my epic status expires?

If you have more characters than your account type allows at any point, don't worry! They will not be deleted, and none of your hard work will be lost. We'll keep the extra characters up for reference, but you won't be able to edit them until you upgrade your account or reduce the number of characters you have to be equal to or less than what is allowed by your account type.

If you want to make certain you have enough character slots that never expire, you can purchase permanent character slots separately.

Here's an example: Let's say I create 15 characters. My epicness expires, and I return to having only 10 character slots. This will mean that I can't edit the last 5 characters that I created, and if I had created custom templates for any of my characters, they will automatically revert to using the last free one that they had.

But those five excess characters remain visible to everyone, for as long as you keep them up, and I can continue to post with them so that my RPs will not be disrupted. Their profiles are just frozen from being edited until I either purchase more slots, return to Epic status, or delete enough characters so that I don't own more than my account has slots.

For more information on the way that character slots - both temporary and permanent - behave, see the Character Slots FAQ.

What happens to my extra pages when my epic status expires?

The extra pages continue to display but are not editable until you are epic again, or until your account otherwise raises its page limit (such as by purchasing permanent extra character slots to replace the missing temporary ones.) Nothing is deleted.

How do I tell how much time I have left before my epic membership expires?

Go to Your account menu (this will appear as your username) » Account Info. The expiration date of your epic status is the first thing on the account info page.

How do I become an epic member?

You will need to use an item that grants epic status. You can purchase them from our store, receive them as gifts from other members, or sometimes even win them in contest!

What happens to my custom character styles when my epic status expires?

Although you won't be able to use your custom styles without an epic membership, all your hard work won't be lost. Your styles are saved, and will become available for you to use again as soon as you renew your epic account. If you have shared your styles, they will remain available for other epic members to use.

What happens to my age verification if my epic membership expires?

If you were successfully verified as an adult, that verification will remain with your account regardless of whether you maintain your epic membership status.

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