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Kudos for KansasVenomoth

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Although we haven't chatted or role played. He is fabulous in the forums. He has a line up of outstanding original characters. He's a shining light in this community. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - LakotaSiouxWarrior

  • Kansas and I have known each other since I first joined RPR and I enjoy every conversation and roleplay I can get with him. He's like my really big brother, and I'm his little brother, lmao. We've gone through some rough times and some quite...awkward times, but we always managed to work things out. And his plotting for roleplays and his posts that drag me further into the plot with every single reply he gives me are so detailed. I've no regrets of meeting him. And I know you won't either. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - xArix

  • Kansas is *amazing* to talk to. He's a great writer, kind and understanding and passionate about things he loves (such as, who could've guessed, sports!). Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - staticnightmares

  • OH MY GOD.

    Wooo, I've known Kans since the day I set foot on RPR. Three years, man. A lot has happened and he's always been with me through the good and bad. He claims he's straight, but I am still trying to convince him to join our magical Gay Squad.

    He's my inspiration, my best friend, and a great roleplayer. Check this man out. <3 - _ashir-penny_

  • Kansas is slow as all get out, but he's very kind, friendly, and chatty. He's also highly imaginative and creative. He's made me laugh more times than I can count, and always works hard so that everyone involves enjoys what's going on. A fantastic person all-around, I fully recommend adding Kansas into your lineup of partners. - Kunabee

  • This guy is awesome.

    He's funny, chill and in a ton of fandoms, so I doubt you'll have a hard time finding common grounds if you want to roleplay with him. Which I highly recommend, by the way- he's a great writer, and I bet wonderful things will happen if you click "send message" under his profile picture. - Spook

  • What can I say about KansasVenomoth, he's great world builder, his characters are well written and developed, honestly I'm quite amazed at his work, outside role playing KV is respectful and warm individual. definitely check him out. MERRY CHRISTMAS KV! - RimCaster

  • KV is hilarious and a very talented role-player, I really like creating a world with him (I still need to reply ahhh I'm so sorry!) his enthusiasm and energy is contagious and his obsession for his sports is a hoot. His very sweet girlfriend is also never far behind, so don't be surprised when you see that adorable couple being lovey and cute in chats, they're a pair, can't have one without the other!
    Thanks for being my friend KV!! - iolhantheX

  • KV is a fantastic Bro, has excellent taste in music, and is both knowledgeable and helpful, and patient, whenever discussing sports.
    But to my shame, it took me a while to realize that he is also an adept and excellent storyteller and world-builder. The detail and thought he gives everything is incredible, and the variation and ingenuity is simply fantastic. I'm incredibly honored to have been of help to him, and I always look forward to and enjoy hearing about his newest creations. - JayBird

  • KV, the Kansas Chiefs Machine! It's been a while since we've talked or RPed with each other, but this man here is so lively that his energy rubs off on a lot of people, including me! His World of Majoria is also fascinating to learn about, and he makes me envious of his worldbuilding skills. Keep going strong, man! We should totally talk Pokémon whenever we run into each other again! - Lucretire

  • KansasVenomoth is one of the most creative people I know on this site! Besides putting so much detail in his roleplays, he also has so many unique characters! He is a great friend and a fantastic roleplayer. You all need to check him out! :D - MarieSapphire

  • Oh, look at that, I'm giving this guy another kudos XD

    In all seriousness, though, this guy is just amazing and I love him so much, and I'm not just saying that because he's my boyfriend :P

    He's just such a nice, funny, and just genuinely enjoyable person to be around. His creativity is amazing and I've thoroughly enjoyed the over 100 (seriously, I counted) rps we've had together even if some didn't last long and I'm looking forward to the next adventure we make together! <3 - Gab

  • he is a nice loving person friendly he is a nice guy he is awesome cause he can help us with all our problems - Fangs_Fogarty

  • Okay, I know I've given him kudos plenty of times before, but I just can't get over how amazing this guy is and he deserves tons more. He's such a great friend and an even greater boyfriend. Ever since we met, he's done nothing but make me smile and laugh and I'm grateful to have such a caring boyfriend in him. His roleplaying is pretty great as well. That time spent waiting for replies (on both of our ends) is well worth it! Don't pass up the chance to get to know this moth! <3 - Gab

  • Kansas Venomoth is funny,kind,warm hearted person i ever met he always know how to make anybody smile he is the coolest friend anybody can ask for,you will have fun with Kansas he is always there when your feeling sad or upset you can count on him - scarellett

  • I cannot express how kind and sweet KV is. Always there with a friendly conversation and kind words, as redundant as that sounds it is so true. KV is amazing!! And he has the CUTEST kitties. His characters are well thought out and well written, while I haven't rped with him YET, I am excited for the chance!! Thanks for being so wonderful KV!! <3 - Ripley

  • Described by myself and another friend as "The Friendliest Person on RPR", it never ceases to amaze me how kind and welcoming KV can be. Not to mention his creative and inventive worlds and characters, all of which are well thought out and given just the right amount of detail. We're all lucky to have KV around - JayBird

  • He is intelligent and kind,and accepting and also very descriptive,which can definitely add direction to the rp. He also has respect for others. He tends to be a paragrapher though,which can be good and bad. Very well worded,and just fun to talk to. He is also very creative always working on some land or character or backstory. - DragonQueen

  • This guy is awesome and you wanna know why...

    He's kind. He's sweet. He's not boring. And he lightens your day when you speak to him. It made me so happy when he talks to me and I feel so excited waiting for a response. He's great and a awesome human being. I suggest you talk to him, cause he makes your day shine with joy. - Rokyo

  • Everyone, make way for the king of cheesy romances! This guy really knows how to make a great story and convincing characters *cough*evenifalotofthembutnamelykyoyaaretotalidiotsinlove*cough* and I've loved the many roleplays we've done in the year we've known each other. Aside from his awesome roleplaying, this moth is just an all around amazing guy. We've done so much together since we've met, simply from rping to now building and entire world together! So, yeah, he's the best moth! <3 - Gab