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  • Poor Amirrora's gallery widgets exploded in a rain of sparks and shrapnel! Okay, so it wasn't quite that exciting, but it was sure an annoying bug. No more gallery explosions, thanks to Amirrora's bug report. (11 years ago)
  • Sanne helped find a bug where images were only being *half* removed from the site when their gallery widget was deleted, resulting in some odd dashboard notifications. (11 years ago)
  • Dog noticed that when characters joined guilds, their icons didn't always display correctly in dashboard notifications. Thanks to that report, the bug was challenged to a duel and vanquished in fair combat. (11 years ago)
  • Angelus-sama
    Journal widgets were losing their editability (that's a word, right?) when their pages were turned. Thanks to Angelus-sama's bug report, journal widgets are once again back on track. Thanks Angelus-sama! (11 years ago)
  • Forum posts made by your own characters can now be edited again, thanks to Ilmarinen reporting that the edit button had gone missing. (11 years ago)
  • Nero discovered that flexible stat widgets weren't initializing when first dragged onto a page - they required a page reload to kick into gear. Now they're ready and rarring to go right away. (11 years ago)
  • Nefferduat was one of the patient few who received old code and new code at once during a bumpy upgrade process, and sent back war reports from the front as the two battled it out. Thank goodness the revolution is over, in part thanks to Nefferduat. (11 years ago)
  • MorganElevrate found a place where the page footer didn't display correctly. It was as if the RPR were sailing into nothingness, right over the edge of the world. In other words, here there be dragons! We're now properly dragon-free thanks to MorganElevrate. (11 years ago)
  • MorganElevrate pointed out a crowding issue, when too many game tags met fixed width templates. A quest has begun for an upgraded UI... (11 years ago)
  • CelestinaGrey's polite note that she was having trouble nominating a character led to a discovery of a runaway "greater than" sign causing a whole comedy of errors. Nominations now work properly again, thanks to CelestinaGrey! (11 years ago)
  • Sanne is a super human bug finding machine. Or perhaps some kind of bug-seeking robot. Go Sanne go! Today she helped get warnings about Epic Membership expiration displaying the right time. (11 years ago)
  • f0x1nth3b0x suggested that player profiles show when someone is currently online. This has been implemented, with privacy options to control who can see your activity. (11 years ago)
  • Dylan reported that page numbers weren't displaying correctly on group membership pages. Thanks to that report, they've been jiggled loose. You may now return to admiring your massive membership rosters. (11 years ago)
  • Amirrora spent an afternoon making a concerted attempt to test and break an uncertain piece of code. Her findings have been used to improve certain BBCode tags. (11 years ago)
  • Meedleboot found a circumstance under which links to friends could be displayed improperly, making it impossible to see who you'd befriended. Friend links are now restored thanks to Meedleboot (11 years ago)