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FadedTapestry Male Yuan Ti Rogue/Warlock Captain. Pirate-Lord. Once-Deposed Noble. Hunter of Slavers. Ruthless with a Heart of Gold.

U.N.I.T. 35235236466-0001A

AgentMilkshake Agender I am the ship's computer... um, trust me!


Chrove Cisgender Man "Thou shalt protect the living from that which thy are."

Cadwyn Jones

Caelianna Female Unavailable

Somjit Vipavakit

Samiakki Androgynous "It's fragrant like pollen. . . and like pollen, it's getting everywhere. Ugh."

Connor Hunt

Samiakki Cisgender Male "I've thought about it. I'll consider your offer if I can trade you mine."

Sable Sans

SkeletonInFleshSuit Gender Fluid Sable Sans, is a 5’11 tall skeleton monster with psychopathic/sociopathic tendencies.

Eirae Baradir

Anonymous Female

Bailey Mullen

Anonymous Female Rugged cow-woman on the windy road to new beginnings.

Terger egret

Baryonvexx Male "The great beyond is underwhelming, i mean at first it had it's charms."


lumafly Demigirl


Aya Cisgender Female 🌸 Rosefinch 🌸


ogle Gender Nonconforming A fallen angel seeking vengeance against the gods by whom she was abandoned

Iris Musicia

alanai Gender Nonconforming A powerful "magician" whom society holds up as their unwilling messiah.

Zhou Yanfeng

Samiakki Transgender Male "Trying is all you can do, you know?"

Ambrose Meleran

WillowRue Male [🧛] -- A disgraced noble turned vampiric assassin who avenged his family's fates now seeks a greater purpose.

Genevieve Starthorn

SmallTownWitch Cisgender Woman A faerie bodyguard develops feelings for the faerie prince.

Olmeid Llopek Lore and NPCs

Kahmical Unknown Tropical magical Island


WildOracle Cisgender Man

Doctor Samule Ramirez

Baryonvexx Male "And the little glass vial goes into the gun like a battery, and the zydrate gun goes somewhere against your antomy~"

Sarah Tammer

Anonymous Female


Anonymous Male A.K.A. "Dave", he is a very emotionally complex and loving father

The Eclypsian Carnival

Anonymous Other Io and behold the terrible wonders of the Greatest Spectacle of All!