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Lilly Lewis

SylOfficial Female "Welcome to Lilith's Oddities, how may I assist you?"


SolemnRhetoric Unknown The sole provider of invisibility carrying your image into obscurity.

Across everything

NeonBragley Female My icon explains it all

Mr V

The-Dark-Truth Male A slightly insane Half Divine who fights to free his people from a corrupt council.


Anonymous Gender Nonconforming


JetStorm Male "Hello"


The-Dark-Truth Female A beautiful Genetically made Demon Catgirl who seeks to find a power source for a Underground city.

Azrail Graven

The-Dark-Truth Male A Necromancer who strives to protect a artifact of immense power from Evil's grip!


Elysian-Wolf Male Cartographer adrift among the vastness of time and space, strong, but unwilling to return to his people.


Demilicious Androgynous "Lick my lips and smack my ass."


Anonymous Female

Charlotte Evergrande

Lumaslily Female A devilishly exotic beauty gifted in the art of song and dance.

Dungeons and Dragons OCs

Apprenticedmage Other A world's worth of characters (quite literally)


Anonymous Two-spirit Hobgoblin Werelion

The GM

Juls Game Master / Storyteller


Fynn77 Male Think before you act.

Lt Donna Nickers

Anonymous Female So far, she's a surviving redshirt.


Fynn77 Male I'm NOT a fairy. Have you ever been to the far-away lands of Oclaria? Yeah, guessed not. Let me show you what a real elf is like!

Kekoa Nash

Forta-ver Male Home is not a place, but the bonds between people. My family is my home.

Enrique Ramirez

Forta-ver Male A white-collar rep with a love of music. Probably a con. But a damned-fine con.

Beatrice Vitale

TetriLys Female Someone who wants to escape the incessant daily life to pave her own path - but she might need a push or two along the way

Charles Darling

TetriLys Male A rugged loner that refuses to resign to a life of lowliness, and is willing to do anything to prove himself.