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Rigby Intersex So, I haven't come to the theater to hear about other people's problems. I've come to be taken out of myself, and, preferably, not put back again.


Jay_Kapa Androgynous hm, what an odd creature


Romluek Cisgender Male

Antonia Sanchez

Falyn Cisgender Female A small town dreamer wishing to travel. A strange event may soon change her life.

Tess Tripletrek

Anonymous Female An over-the-hill adventurer looking to guide the next generation.

Axel Haroeris

Haroeris Male Before we depart, lets leave a mark, cause light shines brighter in the dark.


BeanpoleJoker Male Your friendly neighborhood healbot!

Rene Noel

Anonymous Male here come dat boi


Galaxy-Star Female A wild heart and tamed mind


SmileyChesh Male Tell me what you want. I'll get it. Then, you give me what I want.

Charles Graves

ZombiesCrossing Cisgender Male "Ah, don't fret! I think the answer might be..."

Sacri Pan

Sacri_Pan Non-binary A lonely bat...or cat, waiting to be friend with someone

Ryu- Street Fighter

MangoNekros Male To live is to fight, to fight is to live!


MissLumina Female "Blood is that fragile scarlet tree we carry within us."

Varil Dotsk

Pinata Male i'm hoping my leg muscles will atrophy, so i won't be tempted to use them.


frostwyrmm Male "A curious wyrm with a friendly demeanour."


Anonymous Female Primal. Raw. Malleable. Darling owned pixion from a kingdom in the clouds with a healing hand, an analytical eye, and a warrior's sense of honour.

Lucinda Smith

Kotomi657 Female Cute Foodie

Varis Elpkiir

Lady_Latte Cisgender Male An elven bard trying to forget his past and find a purpose in life.


Lord_Cegorach Male If God made food, and the Devil the cooks, then I am guilty of being a compulsive sinner.


hexblading Cisgender Woman Death is a promise, and all we have is the present.