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Thomas Shaw

Anonymous Male A folky rock n roller living with one foot in his grave. Not by choice, he is currently working for the CIA.

Turullia E. Collins

Kotomi657 Female The Young Environmentalist

Althaia Hawthorn

Lumaslily Female A devoted woman that may appear rough on the surface, but has a gentle heart.


Anonymous Female Devourer of Worlds

Prism Nyquist

Dekko Male "...I'd love to be princely like those guys in the mangas."

Shade Chong

Cheng_Ching_Chung Cisgender Male A gloomy but kind boy who faced disaster in order to live happily.


Anonymous Male The Rebellious Netrunner

Jessica Greer

Anonymous Female A Starving Musician...


MissLumina Female

Finn O'Hara

Lanx12 Male A Father first An Assassin Second.

Zi Noemah

Shiki Female

Ferran DeVare

Graideds Cisgender Man Vampire that's too old, too powerful, and too smart. Will cut a bitch

Lilly Lewis

SylOfficial Female "Welcome to Lilith's Oddities, how may I assist you?"


ragemachine Female How many times do I have to repeat myself, I don't do SACRIFICES!


Anonymous Female

Ella Pegasus

Dark_Goddess Female An ordinary girl seeking her past.

Nightstorm Gemstone

ragemachine Female She's Teiil's, Longma-goddess of order and destiny, best friend


HamstaQueen Female A bling girl and her sassy big floof

Chinami Eikichi

SidtheSinner Male "E-excuse me..."


nnces Female


ragemachine Male He was the ruler of Hell for a time

Steve Harrison

Anonymous Male A Guy From Oakwood California