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Anonymous Gender Nonconforming

Nina Phelps

Dawnia Cisgender Woman A married professional woman living in suburbia ...


Reyrecords Female A shy girl learning the ways of life

Rinori Ashryn

Anonymous Female

Ex-Shrine Maiden

silentruth Female You don’t need to like what I did. I don’t. You just have to accept it.


Anonymous Male

Cayden Ines

AshiokMemeSender Male A talented bio-inventor who became his own beta tester, becoming a dogboy in the process.

Astrid Lamere

Anonymous Cisgender Woman Softcore punk looking to find writing material

Solomon Taylor

_Skylark_ Male "Just shut up, and leave me the hell alone."

Ayla Al Faris

Aya Cisgender Female 🐺 "Some days, I am more wolf than woman." 🐺

Francis Hockenbury

Dawnia Male A Medic in 3rd Squad, 2nd Platoon, B ("Bravo") Company, 3/44th Infantry Regiment, 196th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division with TDY assignment as a SOG unit.

Kaiya Ashikaga

BloodLightning74 Female A Gang Member looking to exit the game.

Thomas Javier Garcia

SkyStormer87 Male A Gay boy her ran from his father's destiny for him. To be himself

Ashley Graham

Drakenheart Female A struggling college student who always ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Erin Demond

Misery_Loves_My_Comp Male Lose Your Dreams and You Will Lose Your Mind

Harley Quinn

Sohrryu Intersex 𝑴𝑨𝑫 𝑳𝑶𝑽𝑬

Kaoru Javier Unfrid

silentruth Male Don’t pace yourself. Just go until you fall over. We’ll pick you up. (Social, Diplomat)

Hadlee Silvers

Anonymous Female


Anonymous Cisgender Male Familiar with candle, with book, and with bell? Were you Whittington's friend? The Pied Piper's assistant? Have you been an alumnus of heaven and hell?


Bananasaurus Male [Inactive]

Ruby Kaufman

XrosHeartless Transgender Female An modern day witch for hire

Leonard Christian Ryder

Valkyrix Male Soldier of war, turned enforcer of law.

Ahlam Valaide

Anonymous Male "You are such young fragile thing"


Anonymous Agender

Carlo Manelli

sapphicgiallo Cisgender Man “My past makes me who I am.”


Anonymous Female "Don't Touch"