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silentruth Male I’d consider all the splendor and beauty of this world and my place in it and then BAM! Roadkill! Or I’d get distracted by a Pizza Hut sign.

Shady Viper

Seven_of_Beasts Male Defied Programming.

Divinum Imperium

Seven_of_Beasts Gender Fluid The Path Of Excess Leads To The Tower Of Wisdom.

Ubel Norder

Sweet_Little_Sock Male We all have monsters inside of us, i just decide to listen and agree with mine

E-123 Omega

Foxfarer Agender The Superior Robot


Wolfie9753 Gender Fluid


Nightmares_Reborn Male Welcome to my workshop

Murumi kytami

0089 Female Cool MOOO-m~

Kezia Barron

Shinan4331 Cisgender Female A split personality character who doesn't know who she is herself


QuentinTheGremlin Cisgender Female Spiderverse

Ren Hemmberg

Revereen Cisgender Man "Guess I'll try"

Astrid Vanderton

Clumsylemon Female Whiskyandtea

David 'camp camp'

Anonymous Male "always remember to be kind!" (DMs & RP open!)


Ollie Male "It'll all work out, I'm sure of it!"


Ollie Cisgender Man "Don't worry, man. I'll protect you."

Elias Behringer

kkateequ Cisgender Man How can someone who saved so many...take just as many lives for his own twisted pleasure?