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Lorenzo Moore

SpectralRam Cisgender Male


VoidfulBrain Male Demon boy

Nelson Seth Dickens

Little_Teacup18 Male "Stupid lighter.... Oh! Uhhh, want one?"

Dearne The Fearn Druid

WinterBlackDraoi Male Seeker of the grey and walker on the path between the worlds.

Iris Jasper Fallenheart

Little_Teacup18 Male "Don't be alarmed by the chains, please."


Alessa Female

Cinioch The Huathe Druid

WinterBlackDraoi Cisgender Male I'm an activist, I'm passionate, and I can be poetical, gentle and loyal.

Will Cipher

JetFire Male The Dorito Demigod

Charlotte Evergrande

Lumaslily Female A devilishly exotic beauty gifted in the art of song and magic.

Reaper Unvene

Luminescent_Snow Male A soul reaper with an insatiable bloodlust

Raz Ahmud

Lanx12 Male Master of the Arcane Arts


Anonymous Cisgender Male


JetFire Female The Sweet Child

Ekiya Kumar

Anonymous Female ~ Explorer of Life ~


Anonymous Female Sarcastic, Cold Mage


Anonymous Female Fearless


Moving_Wine_Addicted Female Just a short brat who drinks and walks all day

Sylvie Jacobs

lonerRaven5885 Female loner with a good heart and traumatic past

Artemis Crowett

Anonymous Male Artemis Crowett, the ruthless reporter. He’s got an eye for a scoop and AWAYS gets what he wants. Whether you like it or not