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honey-and-iron Female [starts drama in Toreador]

Xia 10737

Anonymous Female A researcher wanting to achieve greater knowledge and wisdom. As well as find out the secrets of the universe.

Lara Raith

SirenPond Female White Court Vampire, de facto King. Daddy Issues.


OrchidLover Cisgender Female "I don't get mad, I get even..."

Ren Kaneko

Siren Male A Rōnin exiled after a betrayal close to his heart, he now looks for a way to survive in the wastelands and find a place for himself.

Hannah Jensen

OrchidLover Cisgender Female "Catch me if you can.."

Heidi Moore

OrchidLover Cisgender Woman "Even death has a heart." -- Markus Zusak, The Book Thief


Anonymous Male For SCIENCE!


Icysoul Male "I'll help you, you just have to give me something."


leotines Cisgender Male


NightmareNadeshka Female “A mortal with psychotic urges yet gorgeously unique to the eye.”


Anonymous Cisgender Man


dANTi Cisgender Woman An anarchist with a love for music, and a dark past she tries to forget about.

Elias Asher

JacksonHallow87 Gender Nonconforming

Ryder Desantos

Anonymous Trans Some people submit to a hivemind god to cope, and that's okay.

Vivian Garnet

Anonymous Intersex Abandoned absol educated hirself

Collective of WoD Characters

Cromagus410 Male A Collection of Various Heroes and Horrors

Elias Pierce

IllustriousSpectre Male A suspicious headmaster. What are his plans for the students in his care, and why have some been disappearing?


IllustriousSpectre Male A community college professor who finds himself near powerless in a world of monsters

The Abrull Siblings

IllustriousSpectre Other Siblings, hunting their father and living night by night.


IllustriousSpectre Male Pretty chill Garou, telling the future and drinking tea


IllustriousSpectre Female Undead anarchist with a kind heart, trying to make things right even in death

Lorilei and Desmond

Apprenticedmage Other A "Loving" mother and her newest find, taking care of their children as only they can

Isaac Gatestone

Apprenticedmage Male Born into the modern nights, he is a guard sworn to protect the woman he loves. Whether she knows of his feelings or not

The Way of Kings

Anonymous Oh shoot, some Tzimisce.