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JetStorm Male A Zora Prince

Lt Steve Harrison

Shadow-Ranger Male A High School Playboy who got around. Went into the Army after graduation. Earned his Airborne wings and went to Officer Training School.

1st Sgt Chris Silas

Shadow-Ranger Male He'd rather be back home, but he had soldiers to keep alive.

Ele Yu

Shadowbanish Cisgender Woman

Madison Morgan Kennedy

LakotaSiouxWarrior Female Washington redskins cheerleader heartbreaker and hussy

Ember Audenzia

JaiyanaBinx Cisgender Woman A fiery young adult who is trying to give the best life to those she loves.


Anonymous Cisgender Male A man born to be a werewolf who didn't turn out to be one after all


Anonymous Female


Anonymous Male A fallen angel, a watcher, who pretends to be human working in art restoration.

Elerrina Isilme

Anonymous Female All my joys to this are folly, Naught so sweet as melancholy.

Ally Jake Matthews

Razbrry Female Sixteen and starting over

Robin Hunter

Razbrry Male a boy without friends,

Aurelia Maren Pierce

Razbrry Female A girl abused as a child making a living and staring her first year of university

Aislin Kelly

Ramika Female The Dark Ballerina

Adalind Mercer

Ramika Female The Flowery Botanist


dantefrancis Male The perfect warrior

Aleksandra Annenkova

Anonymous Female Russian Businesswoman


Anonymous Cisgender Woman A free spirited artist living unwitingly in a city of supernaturals


Anonymous Female Will fight anyone for a half eaten burger from McDonalds


Anonymous Female One who sleeps between all worlds

The Way of Kings

Anonymous Oh shoot, some Tzimisce.


Hooke Cisgender Man A walking trash fire.


PlayerRenee Female A orhan who went to war in the Apocalypses


Hooke Demigirl "You an' me are gonna have to have a talk about what Anarchism's actually like, dolly."

The Coterie

Hooke Other Hey, check it out. It's a room full of vampires.

Aylssa Nicole Kennedy

LakotaSiouxWarrior Female Car mechanic new England Patriot cheerleader looking for true love


Anonymous Cisgender Man War will do things to change a man


Anonymous Bigender The duty-bound bhikkuni