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Yuki Chiaki

Anonymous Male "Pay close attention... to me~!"

The Guinevere

IllustriousSpectre Neither Research and Development Voidcraft, cloaked and orbiting the planet Earth

Stellvira Hamuta

Anonymous Female A somewhat shy, curious woman who's the proud mother of three. She enjoys traveling and exploring new locations.


DarkCrow Agender Angel of Heaven

Aleksandra Annenkova

Anonymous Female Russian Businesswoman

Amethyst Azureshield

Anonymous Female Dwarven Paladin

placeholder name

Anonymous Gender Nonconforming

Fresh Sans

JetStorm Male "Sup Dude?"

Geno Sans

JetStorm Male A Sweet Young Monster Whom Has Soul Deficiency

Jenova Shepard

Anonymous Female I can take everything from you, or I can give you the world at the click of a button.


Anonymous Female

Solstice Ulysses

Anonymous Gender Fluid What would you sell for perfection?


Anonymous Unknown "Close your eyes and sleep... I'll be here for you if you need me."


Kruhee Female A girl who has no idea what she is, or how much danger that may put her in.


Anonymous Male


Kruhee Male Family means everything...

Sean morgan

Panzerdivsn Male Engines I get people I don't

Miss Hyde

Kruhee Female A woman in a painfully slow transformation into a monster.


LotusFlower Female The nomadic performer who wishes to explore the beauties and mysteries of the world

The Shadow

LotusFlower Female Deadly assassin ready to take anyone down


Kruhee Male A magically addicted PI with way too much time on his hands and a super weird best friend.


Kruhee Male I'm sure there's a reason, I just don't know what it is.


Kruhee Female A runaway making her way in the world, avoiding letting her past catch up with her.