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Guardian Angel

Veliona Female Woman who is determinated to follow her dreams to change the world.

Nicki Martin

randomentity777 Female A CIA Agent who conceals her cunning beneath her attractive looks


Anonymous Demiboy An incomprehensible being just Herr to have fun and see the sights!

Ira R. Flicke

littlewerewoof Male Exuberant thespian; manchild; and poet.

Rowley Flicke

littlewerewoof Male Not as cool as his brother (still pretty cool)


littlewerewoof Male Dope reincarnated dryad man


Dndmama Female Mysterious pet shop owner hiding a dark secret

Noelle Chesterton

ZeeTheBee Female A curious, cheerful girl living in the 1880s.

Erika Reynolds

ZeeTheBee Female A stereotypical Cheerleader (?)


ZeeTheBee Female Shy Octoling Girl

Angela Grey

Tucker_Dragon Cisgender Woman

Nemuru Karashima

Anonymous Female "This is it, Domain Expansion - Total Golem Arena "

Adrian Pierce

Anonymous Male


FictionDragonborn Female The CPU Of Planeptune

Jade Stephens

Anonymous Cisgender Woman You don't see with your eye, you perceive with your mind


AgitoAceXIII Female "Hoshiguma, Defender Operator. I will be your shield, your blade, your fortress. Very glad to meet you, Doctor."


AgitoAceXIII Female "Ahaha, aren't you the lucky one, Doctor? I don't have any work for the day, so I wouldn't mind keeping you company for a bit."

Aia Inari

Kai_Twish Other A versatile AI construct.


phrog Non-binary pending

Acolyte Delacroix

Anonymous Male

Julie Valdez

Caelianna Cisgender Female

Rebecca Kennedy

Anonymous Cisgender Woman Model, Photographer, Investigative Journalist