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Anonymous Female A rumored magical legend, dweller of the crystal caves.

Pedro Pascal Almodóvar

TheCaptain Male A young musician looking for his place in the world.


Anonymous Male Lone mercenary seeking to redeem his fallen comrade's honor

Panda Panda

Anonymous Male Halfling Slinger

Soriya Yuziko

bxbyGreenbeann Female " Shut it.. "

Jill Murphy

Anonymous Female

Martsin the Blood Druid

Anonymous Suffering is Salvation!


Lord_Cegorach Male The Nordic Wolf-God, who broke his chains prematurely and decided to wait for the Ragnarǫk within human society.


Angel_Dust Female Hey, nice soda

Sheyu the Venerable

Anonymous Female Sheyu, the great and powerful Djinni of the bottle. Open it and claim your wishes three, whatsoever they may be.

Hollace Winslow

pixl.bee Demigirl "That would be absurd behaviour for Little Miss Perfect."

Deirdre Emaràin

pixl.bee Cisgender Female A girl with a curse and a blessing, trying to make the best of the cards she's been dealt.


Anonymous Errant flame, rogue messenger


LoneDarkWolf Male Supernatural

Jessica Rivera

Anonymous Female ~ TV News Anchor and Weathergirl on KGO 7 in Oakland ~

Kletva Lazara

Pibbit Demigirl I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still.

Aran Guinness

Anonymous Transexual Female A Irish American MtF programmer

Lady Tereni

Anonymous Female A bored Fey lord who shifts her dungeon to and fro throughout creation. Promising vast treasures to adventurers who brave it...


Saffronfox123 Female A mischievous, shape-shifting fox demon who enjoys attaining and trading all sorts of valuable things, from gemstones to rare essences.

Keith Calvart

MercyInReach Male A 'token' ace with an affinity for books and the singing voice of an angel

Ixius Fadel

cringyduck Male I can shake the world.

Wade Mortem

VoidedCharisma Male He’s just a guy who’s trying to survive in this world just like you and me. But to call him normal would be nothing less than a bold faced lie.

Fullmetal Alchemist

LunarWitch Gender Variant Fullmetal Alchemist


Failure Male Nothing and everything, all at once.

Gwendoline Vrenna

DreadHeadRed Cisgender Female