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Zelphy Male “......It’s you again.....The other me.”

Bella Crimson

BellaCrimson Female This crimson haired young female isn't scared of going to the woods all alone at night

Sophia Of The Gesitburg

Queen_Knight Female "I...I will save us all!"

Avery Lawrence

Anonymous Male A kind Elf, trying to repay a debt and save anyone he can in the process.


Anonymous Female An ancient spirit, her heart filled with love, yet scorced by an age old grudge...

Thomas Shaw

Anonymous Male A folky rock n roller living with one foot in his grave. Not by choice, he is currently working for the CIA.

Abigail Welsh

Kotomi657 Female Shy Kitten

Turullia E. Collins

Kotomi657 Female The Young Environmentalist


Gear Cisgender Male An Inexperienced God


CisMe Male Free spirits are for the free

Dakota Kershaw

Anonymous Female


yesterdaysagain Cisgender Male


Anonymous Female Devourer of Worlds


Zelphy Female "Onward to an Adventure !!"

Silverlance Family

Winters_Fury Gender Variant A family of hunter's who are keepers of a powerful weapon. Yet lies and traitors from the past are found out, thus the old becomes new and makes a new path and legacy.


VoidedCharisma Non-binary Just a true blue companion. A unique specimen of the Slime-Folk, due to their renowned skills as a cat burglar and ‘good thief’ they’ve had enough time to practice and hone their abilities and s

Prism Nyquist

Dekko Male "...I'd love to be princely like those guys in the mangas."

Llef Crodan

Anonymous Male A half-elf slave looking for a home.

Shade Chong

Cheng_Ching_Chung Cisgender Male A gloomy but kind boy who faced disaster in order to live happily.

Jace Jeremiah Bailey

CatalinaRose Male He’s an asshole with a heart.

Jessica Greer

Anonymous Female A Starving Musician...

Cat Shaw

Icysoul Female The girl who's heart is broken, but can be fixed.


MissLumina Female

Finn O'Hara

Lanx12 Male A Father first An Assassin Second.