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Xavier Chapel

Lord_Merrakus Cisgender Man Planeswalking corsair, seeking the next horizon

Rebecca Kennedy

Anonymous Cisgender Woman A Freelance Investigative Journalist. Does some modeling on the side to help pay the bills.


Anonymous Cisgender Woman Florida Girl who moved to California

Belli Neces

ExcentricJaguar42 Male A knight as dark as night

Sionia Venra

OrionCeleste Cisgender Female An elven princess that just wants to be free.

Lexi Mills

DarkonDreams Female A young woman struggling with a horrible Curse.

SAW characters

jimmymcgill999 Other GAME OVER.

Maeve Harper

Reithesniper Female "Blitz, turn him into a statue!"

Tsukihi Facundo

Danaros Cisgender Female A human bred for combat, espionage, linguistics and gymnastics turned Hellhound and one hell of a Detective.

Bryce Geoffrey

Anonymous Cisgender Male


Anonymous Female "People think I'm fighting to save the day... but really I just like to fight!"

Sylvester Anderson

Sylvester007 Male A man lost in the darkness with no sense of direction.


XsaWeoG Cisgender Male A charming Pahmar folk hero, returning to his homeland after many years.


Vaporwave Male A prince turned pirate


Anonymous Female The less you know the better


Tims_Kid Male A shy forest guardian who would rather eat hot coals then leave his forest

Ezra Barlowe

revviruu Male A tired, self-isolating war veteran who feels lost in life.

Heath James Parker

Anonymous Cisgender Male With bushels of bad habits, who could ask for any more?

Francesco Moretti

AndoCommando Male Just a down on his luck newspaper guy


Tims_Kid Male “Be careful with that, it’s heavier than it looks.”

Onyx Clad

Anonymous Cisgender Female "We protect and preserve humanity...whatever the cost."

Beckett Alden

revviruu Male A dorky, introverted bookshop employee just trying to get by.


SilverFox Cisgender Female

Ethan Rameriz

Anonymous Cisgender Man Up and Coming Actor and California Surfer Dude. Dating Ellie Wysocki.


Anonymous Cisgender Female

Dana Wyne

Anonymous Cisgender Woman Dana quit her job; had a meltdown at a house party and left into the night and disappeared. She was last see getting into a car...

Mira Lalière

theliquidtoad Demigirl "Have you ever picked a lock? Well I can teach you, as long as we're getting something shiny."


SpaceCadetBird Agender Space Cadet Bird