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Valaria Sucrose

Primrose-Chan Female The Queen of Roses and Servant to the People

Yami Moral

Narama Male Don't give up, there's no shame in falling down!


Anonymous Male A modern neo-ninja disguised as a friendly humanitarian herb doctor, pharmacist and tea maker..


Djkiller Male A vampire hunter who is well known and enjoys nature

Mizuki Alani

Zodiac_the_abnormal_ Female An young woman learning how to control her own power of shapeshifting.


Djkiller Male A very strong troublemaker who hates when people think there all that


Djkiller Male A tall and thin teenage boy who likes to wear chokers. He is described as being a neko

Zeinab Almasi

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Vesper Zion

Anonymous Male

Charlotte Evergrande

Lumaslily Female A devilishly exotic beauty gifted in the art of song.


Rogue-Scribe Male A Dunedain Ranger who was morally grey, doing bad things for good reasons.


Anonymous Female I’m a Spoiled Girl looking to have fun. Feel free to call me if you want to get down.

Athena Davidson

promqueenK Female If you know her, no you don't


simmik Agender A curious spirit

July and June

milktea_dollie Gender Nonconforming A pair of twins that seem total opposites.


milktea_dollie Male "Never lend your head! Always fold it high!"


Rogue-Scribe Male Kitchen Servant and Citizen Soldier of Rohan.


Anonymous Cisgender Female

Franklin Dixon

Wixiany Male He's a rude and arrogant CEO, but also rich enough for everybody to tolerate it.

Tulip Crown

Anonymous Female Monarch Robot


sayori12 Female

hellfire inferno

starwolf Male welcome to my world


EnkeliAgon Male Gifted with Greatness | Cursed to Serve

Artie Irix

GarnaalProductions Female A spunky mechhead trying to make her way in the universe