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Shiloh Ereghast

Anonymous Cisgender Woman Spellsword here to get cash.

Nelson Seth Dickens

Little_Teacup18 Male "Stupid lighter.... Oh! Uhhh, want one?"

Flynn Price

BeetlePrince Cisgender Male "Whwh Hi!?"

Dearne The Fearn Druid

WinterBlackDraoi Male Seeker of the grey and walker on the path between the worlds.

Iris Jasper Fallenheart

Little_Teacup18 Male "Don't be alarmed by the chains, please."

Cinioch The Huathe Druid

WinterBlackDraoi Cisgender Male I'm an activist, I'm passionate, and I can be poetical, gentle and loyal.

Pebble Alexander-Onai

sunshinemutt Cisgender Man A pyromancer trying to overturn an entire government.

Azalea Alnighter

Feredir Cisgender Female A young assassin ready to learn what the world is all about.


Mason Male A sweet boy with some hidden secrets.


Soloachiever Female A lamia whose mother was killed by soldiers. She now has a deep grudge against them.

Will Cipher

JetFire Male The Dorito Demigod

Charlotte Evergrande

Lumaslily Female A devilishly exotic beauty gifted in the art of song and magic.

Reaper Unvene

Luminescent_Snow Male A soul reaper with an insatiable bloodlust

Raz Ahmud

Lanx12 Male Master of the Arcane Arts


Anonymous Cisgender Male


JetFire Female The Sweet Child

Ekiya Kumar

Anonymous Female ~ Explorer of Life ~


Anonymous Female Sarcastic, Cold Mage