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Rakesh Iolite

Anonymous Male Sergeant Major Rakesh Basu, Codename IOLITE

Pepin Topaz

Anonymous Male 2nd Lieutenant Pepin Von Stein, Codename TOPAZ


Anonymous Male A modern neo-ninja disguised as a friendly humanitarian herb doctor, pharmacist and tea maker..


Anonymous Male The long lost brother to Samantha Stahlwing, he was once a palace worker in their ancestral home.


Anonymous Female Smart-assed tagline goes here.


Atropa Female

Floyd Delancey

Ivyking214 Male Armed with a quick gun and a whole lotta attitude, this phantom detective haunts the criminal underworld, keeping criminals checking under their beds every night.

July and June

milktea_dollie Gender Nonconforming A pair of twins that seem total opposites.

Franklin Dixon

Wixiany Male He's a rude and arrogant CEO, but also rich enough for everybody to tolerate it.

Tulip Crown

Anonymous Female Monarch Robot

Artie Irix

GarnaalProductions Female A spunky mechhead trying to make her way in the universe


Anonymous Cisgender Male

Lillie Galanot

JadeofStone98 Female A 5ft Tall gal with an Umbrella

Jade Blen

Anonymous Female A S.H.I.E.L.D Agent just doing her job. But man, is this job fun!

Tidus Simmons

Anonymous Male Just your standard SHIELD agent, keeping his head in the game.

Corttrys Fulcol

ChibiWeeb Male The ISB Director who hunts rebels viciously.

Steven Osric Fribble

Robo-Craig Male He is leader of the UG, one of the super-powered dance gangs that live in Step City, an island lost to the world.


JetStorm Male "I am NOT a girl!"

Alice Walker

Rieper Female Fallen Hero

Asami - Embodiment of Puu

Xenoworlds_Inhabitan Female The Terrifyingly Cute Puu Goddess~


Anonymous Female A calm and caring ghost girl in search of new friends.


Anonymous Trans I'm willing to go as far as you are, friend


_ElectroPhobia_ Male "One of the last of his kind, No friends, No family, No Hope, until he started to fight the good fight!


Anonymous Female One of the daughters of Kytsora and Carlos

Stacy Webber

Anonymous Female I’m Stacy Webber, and for the last four years I’ve been the one and only Spider-Woman. With the help of my uncles contacts I’ll save my city from the evils within


FenixIgni Male Sometimes a blaster isn't enough.


FenixIgni Male The Force is my ally.


FenixIgni Male Never giving up