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Anonymous Non-binary A naga who studies magic and seeks warmth

Drake Lie

Anonymous Male Are you my next meal?


Anonymous Female


Anonymous Male Sad alcoholic grandpa.

Winston White

CrystalDisc Male The vigilante who spins signals.

Ren Kaneko

Siren Male A Rōnin exiled after a betrayal close to his heart, he now looks for a way to survive in the wastelands and find a place for himself.

Solomon Kairos

Saltzer Male Imperial Technomancer


NightmareNadeshka Female “A mortal with psychotic urges yet gorgeously unique to the eye.”

Lucifer Valentine

Tee Male The king of the dead is back now, to reclaim what was once his.


Anonymous Female Goblin Slave

Krepta Draconis

Jabberwookie Female A formidable dragon of a woman, no matter what her form.


Jabberwookie Male Death is powerless against you if you leave a legacy of good behind.

Minor Characters

Riik A selection of characters who regularly appear in my Roleplays, but who I don't often play as a main character.

Kyle Cestis

Lanx12 Male Exiled Jedi


Siren Female An android saved from True Death escapes the suffocating hold of Glitter City, now wandering the Wasteland in search of her own objective and purpose.


Anonymous Male A friendly, post-apocalyptic cowboy.

Ren Mochizuki

Dekko Demiboy A cheerful entity from the demonic spiritual world.


starsteemer Female Who trusted this cinnamon roll with interdimensional teleportation?

Esther Pass

MerAkko Female Emptiness in liberation.


Anonymous Male A reformed intergalactic invader from the Irken Empire. His job was to destroy Earth, but he’d much rather live there instead.

Zora Nova

KingOfDorks Male "Death itself is not scary. Where we'll end up after is."

Erica Norvik

Anonymous Female I'm a shy rural girl having moved to middle-class suburb of a big city. PM or write a guestbook comment if you want to RP.


Mery Female Una chica diferente que descubrió su verdadero yo entre lobos


OrphenDragon Male lost wolf pup finding his way

Rossaz Zhisuk

aphfanmadefangirl Cisgender Woman A small troll with a big heart and unlimited creativity


AdoniVae Female A changeling who has many faces.