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Waku Arima

Anonymous Male An eccentric author devoid of any empathy.

The Ruffians

GarnaalProductions Other A band of Kiandros mercenaries looking for adventure, cash and glory


Zelphy Male “......It’s you again.....The other me.”

Turullia E. Collins

Kotomi657 Female The Young Environmentalist


yesterdaysagain Cisgender Male


Zelphy Female "Onward to an Adventure !!"

Shade Chong

Cheng_Ching_Chung Cisgender Male A gloomy but kind boy who faced disaster in order to live happily.


Anonymous Male The Rebellious Netrunner


MissLumina Female

Nightstorm Gemstone

ragemachine Female She's Teiil's, Longma-goddess of order and destiny, best friend

JM Saberslinger

John-Michael Cisgender Man Exiled Padawan Seeks Companions & Credits


nnces Female


ragemachine Male He was the ruler of Hell for a time

Xia Roads

Anonymous Female A researcher dedicating her life to unraveling the secrets of the universe.

Lt Donna Nickers

Anonymous Female So far... she's a surviving redshirt.

Miki and June Mochizuki

Anonymous Demiboy A pair of twins that seem total opposites.

Hauk Alrek

CisMe Male Luckily for you, I am mighty.


fiesch Male The first of the sevens units, when left behind he learned to adapt and surivive.

H2 O

fiesch Female An AI just doing her best to keep her outdated shell functioning by any means


Rika24 Female survivor of a war