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Tyra and Kanza and mana

Anonymous Female

The Guinevere

IllustriousSpectre Neither Research and Development Voidcraft, cloaked and orbiting the planet Earth

Stellvira Hamuta

Anonymous Female A somewhat shy, curious woman who's the proud mother of three. She enjoys traveling and exploring new locations.

Amethyst Azureshield

Anonymous Female Dwarven Paladin

placeholder name

Anonymous Gender Nonconforming

Jenova Shepard

Anonymous Female I can take everything from you, or I can give you the world at the click of a button.


KatayokuNoTenshiVII Female "I walk alone."

Analitta Ebonrow

Dndmama Cisgender Female Small and mute and frightened but eager to serve


CrystalDisc Female The navigator who searches stars.


Anonymous Transgender Male

Aki Rurikawa

Anonymous Female A high-school girl with chronic awful luck.


Vanessa Female The girl who's ready to take on the world with fashion!

Kiriel Xiuh Infernum

Zankjra Male Stray Lizard looking for a warm rock to lay on.


Murder Other An advanced AI with the capacity to feel.

Charles Darling

TetriLys Male A rugged loner that refuses to resign to a life of lowliness, and is willing to do anything to prove himself.


DarkCrow Unknown WIP

Beatrice Vitale

TetriLys Female Someone who wants to escape the incessant daily life to pave her own path - but she might need a push or two along the way