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ragemachine Male Hero of the Saiyan race


Rigby Demigirl They showed me crimson, gold and lavender, a shining parade. But there's no color I can have on Earth that won't finally fade.

Ekiya Kumar

Anonymous Female ~ Explorer of Life ~


Anonymous Female Fearless


AzureMosquito Cisgender Female A grouchy paladin with an attitude problem


AzureMosquito Cisgender Male An elven sorcerer with an attitude problem and too much to drink


Anonymous Neither A nomadic wardroid, decommissioned long ago, with a hunger to be left alone.

Maxyne Maldonado

Anonymous Female Smart-assed tagline goes here.

Wesley The Good

G0DFlRE Male a Loyal knight who left his lord's serve on his own time he had earned enough that for the first 2 years he's away he'll be set he plans on making the enemies of the world be wary

Sergeant Markuris Vande

randomentity777 Male An Assault Sergeant of the Dark Angels

The Wayfarer

ink_and_bones Male The Overlooked. Background immortal; consistent, observing, never making himself the forefront. The Forgotten.

3. Non-Euclidean Ideas

dead_dogs_two Concepts and ideas for RPing in a world that doesn't confirm to our known laws of physics. A non-euclidean plane of existance.

1. YM-VB

dead_dogs_two Who needs enemies, with friends like these!

Rhea Eyota

sunflowerwitch Cisgender Woman

7. Ket

dead_dogs_two (CURRENTLY INACTIVE) "need a hand?"

6. Ritz and Pepsi

dead_dogs_two Other (CURRENTLY SEMI-INACTIVE) "who knows m8"

4. Clips

dead_dogs_two Male (CURRENTLY INACTIVE) "live the dream with a time machine."

2. The rat and The bunny

dead_dogs_two "C'mon! Hedge your bets!"


Anonymous Neither The destruction of all creation can render even the proudest minds broken.

Roz Bellagamba

Anonymous Demiboy A timid rabbit devil with a wish to find "true love"

Ravenna Ava Branwen

MissLumina Female "I'm just my mother's shadow..."


MissLumina Female "May crystals give you power!"


GLiTCh Male A Robotic man with a conscious


Petrovalyc Female "....Bruh."

Hibari Haru

Anonymous Female "An ordinary girl with an untold future"