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J_Flowers Male I am your Champion or your Conqueror; the choice is yours.

Clay Hawthorne

Icysoul Male "Why do I do anything? Boredom."

Michaella Kassandra

KatieKat96 Transgender Female Tell me, love, how can I make this universe more... pleasing?

Jessica Valentine

KatieKat96 Female Ready or not...

Abigail 'Soda' Claythorne

Novatrix Female Nothing will get in her way to stardom!

Alias Smit

theliquidtoad Gender Nonconforming "Awe, come on! Loosen up would ya'? We're here to have fun!"

Bartram c. Goldenson

Baron1819 Cisgender Male An inquisitive bull man who loves innovation but hates the slow of his progress or theft of his belongings.


Rigby Cisgender Man If you were me, you'd be good-looking.


Anonymous Gender Fluid Appearances can be deceiving.

Yami Ambrosia and Co

KingTai Other Her music is good for the soul and twice as deadly

Xailah Alptraum

Anonymous Female


Anonymous Male Overseer of House Alptraum, connoisseur of delectable morsels, and above all, a very good boy.


ChaoticHazard Cisgender Man "A man that was cursed to look like he was filled with villany, but is actually the hero."

Alexander Aaron Alaistar

AshenOne Cisgender Male A Geeky Comic Kid With a Dream


localtranscryptid815 Neither YOU COULD NOT COMPREHEND ME.


CatilinaBlack Female An orphaned hybrid that knows nothing but misfortune. Can she be saved by someone and let them in?

Alder Belmont

Anonymous Unknown "Are all humans really really bad at taking care of the planet? Or is it just the teenagers?"

AKM 2200

Budenniy Male Homicidal Android.

Cymric Ambroise

VillKornCHR Bigender “Hahaha! Nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedys! wAH-”

Dahak the Fire Lord

Vozhad Male Leave the life your heart desires or you'll regret it dearly.

Nick Valentine

Jblg31 Male A hard boiled detective with nerves of steel and a strong moral sense.


theliquidtoad Demigirl "You might want headphones, this is about to get sick."


OrdinaryishPeople Cisgender Male

Lucimal Stark

Arabosa Male Non-static male character for flexible settngs and themes.

Léon Ortiz

frostwyrmm Male A Boxer With A Habit of Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time