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Pantrane Male RockStarLife

Panda Panda

Anonymous Male Halfling Slinger

Martsin the Blood Druid

Anonymous Suffering is Salvation!


Angel_Dust Female Hey, nice soda

Klaithus Vile

Lord_Cegorach Cisgender Male The former Wrath of the Emperor who destroyed his master and built the Alliance to protect the Galaxy from even greater dangers

Rasceva Farre

helzzier Agender "We make each other strong.."


LoneDarkWolf Male Supernatural

Floyd Delancey

Ivyking214 Male Armed with a quick gun and a whole lotta attitude, this phantom detective haunts the criminal underworld, keeping criminals checking under their beds every night.

Kletva Lazara

Pibbit Demigirl I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still.

Marie Lazara

Pibbit Female Live or Die, pick.

Rennoc Korzet

Ashen Male The first steps are always the hardest

The Doctor

Jabberwookie Gender Variant 900 years of time and space, and I've never met anyone who wasn't important.

Viro Serut

Jabberwookie Male The thing about horror stories is someone has to be left alive at the end of them to tell them. If you've heard of the Mississippi Mooncat, then you're either dead or back from the dead.

Grem and Casper

Jabberwookie Unknown A runaway from a distant world and his human partner take on both the strange and unusual, and everyday life.

Krepta Draconis

Jabberwookie Female A formidable dragon of a woman, no matter what her form.

Alyson Walker

Jabberwookie Female Inn Keeper, world walker, mother of dragons... just one, actually. She dated one too! Mean left frying pan.


Jabberwookie Male Death is powerless against you if you leave a legacy of good behind.

Fullmetal Alchemist

LunarWitch Gender Variant Fullmetal Alchemist

Winter Lotus

Anonymous Male An incredibly shy young man with a mastery for magic.

Indisha Tenau

Falyn Female A Bounty Hunter with a deep hatred for the Sith.


Anonymous Other Faceless space cowboy. Starbound Novakid OC


Resonance21 Female ✧ A vivacious young archaeologist seeking adventure and the next big discovery ✧

The Immortal

Anonymous Male Call Me Immortal

Loralei Nerezza

ChessAltaira Cisgender Female An Average Girl with Anxious Habits

Quincy Adams

Quinnkings Male A Detective In The ‘Supernatural’

Dark Balancer and Opiria

ragemachine Male The former ruler of the ENTIRE multiverse and our own

Diana Blanchet

Anonymous Female An otherworldly spy with no mission to call her own.