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Jie Liu

Dndmama Female


Anonymous Female


Anonymous Female

Captain John Davian Cross

Mipps Male A egotistical, flirty, smuggler starship captain with a long list of failures and fantastic sense of humor.


Ramika Female The Huntress

Mikaze Agnes

Dekko Male "The world really is a scary place sometimes."

Krepta Draconis

Jabberwookie Female A formidable dragon of a woman, no matter what her form.


Anonymous Male

Side Characters

icyrosyseal Unknown We might be here a while.....

Melissa Kissinger

MFManda Female Some Fairies are Sweet


MFManda Female

Charlie Bee



Tar Neutrois

Fluro Harrows

Dragon_The_Cat Female Sometimes secrets are great, forgetting them isn't

Addison Dabria

Silvermoon325 Female A normal girl gets ripped from her home, is experimented on and genetically modified, turned into a super soldier, escapes, finds out shes an angel, and fights alongside other modified humans.

Neilson Shwenke

Animatonica Male A detective who loves to solve, even with the most inconvenient solutions

Alaska Griffon

RedPandaF0x Cisgender Male Werewolf Hunter and Hater

Altaira Cholena

RedPandaF0x Cisgender Female An Artist Who Doesn't Know What To Do With Her Life

Kwop Vis

Dreath Male A Kaleesh Jedi Master who was morally opposed to Padawan's in the Clone Wars and butted heads with many Masters regarding Jedi Doctrine

Erica Norvik

Anonymous Female I'm a shy rural girl having moved to middle-class suburb of a big city. PM or write a guestbook comment if you want to RP.

Victor Valentine

Gear Male An Unrepentant Psychopath


Gear Male A Proud Slave

Rami Nasser

Gear Male A Forlorn Doctor

Kiros Aldrudis

AmberShades Female "For Victory Of The People!"