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Varil Dotsk

Pinata Male i'm hoping my leg muscles will atrophy, so i won't be tempted to use them.

Raj Targus

Anonymous Male

Kaimoa Dotsk

Pinata Gender Nonconforming i would say i outdid myself, but i'm always this good. so i simply did myself.


Letiche Transgender Woman Cyberpunk cyborg rabbit edgelord with an anxiety problem.


Rigby Intersex So, I haven't come to the theater to hear about other people's problems. I've come to be taken out of myself, and, preferably, not put back again.


Romluek Cisgender Male

Antonia Sanchez

Falyn Cisgender Female A small town dreamer wishing to travel. A strange event may soon change her life.

Axel Haroeris

Haroeris Male Before we depart, lets leave a mark, cause light shines brighter in the dark.


SmileyChesh Male Tell me what you want. I'll get it. Then, you give me what I want.


Romluek Cisgender Male

Gil Barane

WinterBlackDraoi Male Besides The Glass Green. Barane can be applied to other genres.


fiesch Androgynous A being forgotten into the dark of memories past but he still remembers what was taken


Alphaleader Male I kickass and Drink beer, and I'm out of Beer.


Mortem Male Once a pirate, always a pirate.

Drovic Claddsek

DarkonDreams Male Vampire lord mercenary looking to whittle away eternity in decadence with a side of shenanigans.

Leillah Lunorin

Falyn Cisgender Female A ranger wandering into a new world.


Rot Male

Maxyne Valduciel

Anonymous Female Smart-assed tagline goes here.

Shanni Auclair

Falyn Cisgender Woman Doctorate student in Landscape archaeology of the Middle East.

Fallon Grey

Falyn Cisgender Female Chaos mage and gunslinger in the Secret World.

Ciel Durand

Falyn Cisgender Female Walking between two worlds, both visible and hidden.


Anonymous Male

Emilia von drake

warhammerloremaster Female in the name of the god king sigmar I will kill those who bring pain on to others