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Clay Hawthorne

Icysoul Male "Why do I do anything? Boredom."

Blue Noah Hikaru

Icysoul Male "Respect me, and we might get along."


oldmusic Cisgender Female The world is a stage! And the stage is a world of entertainment!.

Mireya Celtorn

Anonymous Female A young ranger setting out to make her way in a wider world than she knew before.

Luz Noceda

BERDIEBerd Female “I was a nobody back home. But becoming a witch is my chance to be someone.”

Eric Gwàiwù

Dib2435 Male " People think that Monsters will even flight or kill. My job is killing the ones that will kill "

Mixie Tonitrua

GingerHades Female "Watch yourself, doll! You're only workin' up my appetite, y'know."


Magnolia_64 Female An orphan doomed to a life of misery and abuse, until a fateful spring break where she's locked in the school with four others.

Alias Smit

theliquidtoad Gender Nonconforming "Awe, come on! Loosen up would ya'? We're here to have fun!"


Anonymous Gender Fluid Appearances can be deceiving.


Anonymous Male


CisMe Male The one that was never good enough

Xailah Alptraum

Anonymous Female


Anonymous Male Overseer of House Alptraum, connoisseur of delectable morsels, and above all, a very good boy.

Samuel Mara

Anonymous Demiboy "A demon forced to live in the boring mortal world."

Tatum LeBlanc

ChaoticHazard Male "I may look cute, but I can and will bite you."


Anonymous i see the dangers, i acknowledge that they're there, and then i completely ignore them.

AKM 2200

Budenniy Male Homicidal Android.

Cymric Ambroise

VillKornCHR Bigender “Hahaha! Nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedys! wAH-”

Dahak the Fire Lord

Vozhad Male Leave the life your heart desires or you'll regret it dearly.

Jolene Sabsethateise

Anonymous Hermaphrodite A vicious business woman who rules her niche of the blacimarket with iron coils; She's in the game to make a buck, have some fun, and look good doing it.

Wang Meili

LotusFlower Female "The glory is not in never falling, but in rising everytime you fall"


NiftySpiffy Cisgender Male

Haku Nishimura

GingerHades Male "They don't call me 'The Big Bad Wolf' for no reason."


OrdinaryishPeople Cisgender Male