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Lorenzo Moore

SpectralRam Cisgender Male

Iris Jasper Fallenheart

Little_Teacup18 Male "Don't be alarmed by the chains, please."


Rigby Demigirl They showed me crimson, gold and lavender, a shining parade. But there's no color I can have on Earth that won't finally fade.


Rigby Male Little voidling.

Will Cipher

JetFire Male The Dorito Demigod

Charlotte Evergrande

Lumaslily Female A devilishly exotic beauty gifted in the art of song and magic.

Reaper Unvene

Luminescent_Snow Male A soul reaper with an insatiable bloodlust


Anonymous Female


Anonymous Cisgender Male


JetFire Female The Sweet Child


Robyn Female An Infernal Princess learning all she can before Coronation, weaving inbetween adventures and assassinations alike.

Amali Tagora

dungeoness Cisgender Woman A bloodwitch that hunts demon and undead in a very unlucky world that she was unfortunate enough to survive this long.

Sylvie Jacobs

lonerRaven5885 Female loner with a good heart and traumatic past

Artemis Crowett

Anonymous Male Artemis Crowett, the ruthless reporter. He’s got an eye for a scoop and AWAYS gets what he wants. Whether you like it or not

Orycto Coniculus

GLSmolBean Cisgender Male Though he had suffered, he had made his heart ever softer with each passing day.


Anonymous Female The Grey Lady


crunkthum Female Bloodlust is better than botox.

Maxyne Maldonado

Anonymous Female Smart-assed tagline goes here.

Wesley The Good

G0DFlRE Male a Loyal knight who left his lord's serve on his own time he had earned enough that for the first 2 years he's away he'll be set he plans on making the enemies of the world be wary