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Aluel Deng

Samiakki Cisgender Female "I wouldn't try that if I were you."


Aya Cisgender Female 🌸 Rosefinch 🌸

Somjit Vipavakit

Samiakki Androgynous "It's fragrant like pollen. . . and like pollen, it's getting everywhere. Ugh."

Eleanor Pettigrew

Anonymous Cisgender Woman "May flowers grow in the saddest parts of you."


FadedTapestry Male Yuan Ti Rogue/Warlock Captain. Pirate-Lord. Once-Deposed Noble. Hunter of Slavers. Ruthless with a Heart of Gold.


Chrove Cisgender Man "Thou shalt protect the living from that which thy are."

Connor Hunt

Samiakki Cisgender Male "I've thought about it. I'll consider your offer if I can trade you mine."

Sable Sans

SkeletonInFleshSuit Gender Fluid Sable Sans, is a 5’11 tall skeleton monster with psychopathic/sociopathic tendencies.


Bluebeldy Gender Fluid "Welcome.. Death's party begins at noon."


lumafly Demigirl


stormyjupiterseye Gender Fluid “If only I had run away…”

Zhou Yanfeng

Samiakki Transgender Male "Trying is all you can do, you know?"

Ambrose Meleran

WillowRue Male [🧛] -- A disgraced noble turned vampiric assassin who avenged his family's fates now seeks a greater purpose.


WildOracle Cisgender Man


Anonymous Male A.K.A. "Dave", he is a very emotionally complex and loving father

The Eclypsian Carnival

Anonymous Other Io and behold the terrible wonders of the Greatest Spectacle of All!


xXR0tt3d_M1nxXx Cisgender Female "Will I always be Half a Person?"

ARAR-S3404 'Rauna'

Samiakki Female ". . . Was that all?"


Aspen_XOXO Female "A adventures character who likes to spend time together and is willing to do anything for the ones she cares for."

Douglas Reid

realpenman Male A single father working as a detective.

Esther Krovopuskov

ghostdays Agender an immortal, traumatised spider child, risen to power to be brought down again


xXR0tt3d_M1nxXx Cisgender Female "Gotta live life right? It's not like you get out alive in the end."

Virgil Ghostdays Couture

ghostdays Transgender Male just some emo teen


Chaotic Male Thrill seeking motorcycle-messenger in a cheesy post apocalyptic world!

Court of Bats