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Pedro Pascal Almodóvar

TheCaptain Male A young musician looking for his place in the world.


Anonymous Male Lone mercenary seeking to redeem his fallen comrade's honor

Panda Panda

Anonymous Male Halfling Slinger


Lord_Cegorach Male The Nordic Wolf-God, who broke his chains prematurely and decided to wait for the Ragnarǫk within human society.

Sheyu the Venerable

Anonymous Female Sheyu, the great and powerful Djinni of the bottle. Open it and claim your wishes three, whatsoever they may be.

Floyd Delancey

Ivyking214 Male Armed with a quick gun and a whole lotta attitude, this phantom detective haunts the criminal underworld, keeping criminals checking under their beds every night.

Ixius Fadel

cringyduck Male I can shake the world.

The Doctor

Jabberwookie Gender Variant 900 years of time and space, and I've never met anyone who wasn't important.

Viro Serut

Jabberwookie Male The thing about horror stories is someone has to be left alive at the end of them to tell them. If you've heard of the Mississippi Mooncat, then you're either dead or back from the dead.

Fullmetal Alchemist

LunarWitch Gender Variant Fullmetal Alchemist


Failure Male Nothing and everything, all at once.


Juls Female

Steve Harrison

Anonymous Male CEO of Harrison Holdings LLC

Rigdon Bell

Lianoth Male Escaping poverty and forging his own path

Johann Ragnar Wolffe

Lianoth Male An old army general


Anonymous Androgynous

The Immortal

Anonymous Male Call Me Immortal

Loralei Nerezza

ChessAltaira Cisgender Female An Average Girl with Anxious Habits


AJ_89 Non-binary A Mughal doctor staring with hollow, exhausted eyes.


Decollates Male Harry Potter and the Series of Bad Choices.


Anonymous Female She doesn't rise from the ashes. She's the whole damn fire.

Bethany Aquilarios

Lianoth Female A busy scribe with ink stains on her fingers

Sgt Jasorick Alfred Gunthor

UmbraAuthor21 Male A troubled paladin on the side of Good, attempting to live his life as the last surviving member of his family clan.

Althaia Hawthorn

Lumaslily Female What does it mean to be a good person?


SkinnyFrog Male A selfish frog with a big mouth.

Otto Cygmenda

Numosa Male A human born into a life of riches and neglect, and wishes to make a name of his own by any means necessary.