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Dearne The Fearn Druid

WinterBlackDraoi Male Seeker of the grey and walker on the path between the worlds.

Iris Jasper Fallenheart

Little_Teacup18 Male "Don't be alarmed by the chains, please."

Cinioch The Huathe Druid

WinterBlackDraoi Cisgender Male I'm an activist, I'm passionate, and I can be poetical, gentle and loyal.

Pebble Alexander-Onai

sunshinemutt Cisgender Man A pyromancer trying to overturn an entire government.

Paul Smith

Juls Male Riding the owl hoot trail.


Anonymous Female Fearless

Cordelia Eveline Ricebarrow

Anonymous Female Victorian Spinster


Robyn Female An Infernal Princess learning all she can before Coronation, weaving inbetween adventures and assassinations alike.


Anonymous Female The Grey Lady


AzureMosquito Cisgender Male An elven sorcerer with an attitude problem and too much to drink

Arthur Euangelos

jolybean Male Accidental God of the Dead


WinterBlackDraoi Cisgender Man One of the few Romani of the Brauen'bovi Camp.

Wesley The Good

G0DFlRE Male a Loyal knight who left his lord's serve on his own time he had earned enough that for the first 2 years he's away he'll be set he plans on making the enemies of the world be wary


Robyn Female 6 inches tall with something to prove beyond the secrets of generations before her.


WinterBlackDraoi Male Looking for Roleplay.


Robyn Male Headmaster of a prestigious magical Academy, royal Advisor and loyal Soldier.

The Wayfarer

ink_and_bones Male The Overlooked. Background immortal; consistent, observing, never making himself the forefront. The Forgotten.

Jaladri Mezek

Falyn Cisgender Female Privateer on the Sea Hawk


Romluek Cisgender Male


Anonymous Female