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Turullia E. Collins

Kotomi657 Female The Young Environmentalist


Gear Cisgender Male An Inexperienced God


CisMe Male Free spirits are for the free

Dakota Kershaw

Anonymous Female


yesterdaysagain Cisgender Male

Althaia Hawthorn

Lumaslily Female A devoted woman that may appear rough on the surface, but has a gentle heart.


MissLumina Female

Ciel Durand

Falyn Female Walking between two worlds, both visible and hidden.

Ferran DeVare

Graideds Cisgender Man Vampire that's too old, too powerful, and too smart. Will cut a bitch


ragemachine Female How many times do I have to repeat myself, I don't do SACRIFICES!


Anonymous Female

Frank Efferson

Juls Male Cowboy turned Bounty Hunter


ragemachine Male He was the ruler of Hell for a time

Steve Harrison

Anonymous Male A Guy From Oakwood California

Hauk Alrek

CisMe Male Luckily for you, I am mighty.


Rogue-Scribe Male A Dunedain Ranger who answered the call of Halbarad and rode south with his brethren to meet Aragorn in the days of the War of the Ring.

pheniox evergreen

awsomegameknight Agender you watch as pheniox pass by you on his horse his blue eyes catches yours.


Bloom Cisgender Male "I will prevail, no matter how bloody the battle."


Coheed Male He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.


Rika24 Female survivor of a war


AJ_89 A lone Mughal bride staring with hollow, exhausted eyes.