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DarkCrow Agender Angel of Heaven

Fred Linch

Juls Male Rambler, Gambler, Wanted in Texas

Amethyst Azureshield

Anonymous Female Dwarven Paladin

Solstice Ulysses

Anonymous Gender Fluid What would you sell for perfection?

The Shadow

LotusFlower Female Deadly assassin ready to take anyone down


Anonymous Female ﴾Hereditary, Ceremonial, Green, Hedge, Cosmic.﴿

Analitta Ebonrow

Dndmama Cisgender Female Small and mute and frightened but eager to serve


Twilit Female What is done out of love is beyond Good and Evil

Princess Nalavaz Akvan

Anonymous Female


Anonymous Female The Grey Lady


Vanessa Female The girl who's ready to take on the world with fashion!


xHaru Female An ex-queen who travels between worlds to help them all she can.

Charles Darling

TetriLys Male A rugged loner that refuses to resign to a life of lowliness, and is willing to do anything to prove himself.


Lord_Cegorach Male The Nordic Wolf-God, who broke his chains prematurely and decided to wait for the Ragnarǫk within human society.

Beatrice Vitale

TetriLys Female Someone who wants to escape the incessant daily life to pave her own path - but she might need a push or two along the way


Bookworm Female A girl with the gift to see beyond the veil, possessing a bright mind with curiosity as her vice.


CrystalDisc Female The raptor who races sand.


Anonymous Female ~Delightfully Chaotic~


Anonymous Cisgender Female

Jessie James Booth

LakotaSiouxWarrior Male Gunslinger looking for gunfights whiskey saloon girls


Gear Cisgender Male An Inexperienced God