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The Hunter

Valiant Female A screaming tribalistic monstergirl with a sharp teeth and a fluffy tail. Do not feed. Eek ekk oook!


copperbrownies Female Wandering half-grass-elf.


Gear Cisgender Male An Inexperienced God

Roaes Catarina Delacroix

Elvenlily97 Female Queen of ire.


Anonymous Female


royalty Female

Varissa Carys

Anonymous Female The Wandering Bard

Adalind Mercer

Ramika Female The Flowery Botanist


Anonymous Female A tempest, dare you seek the eye of the Storm?


Rune_Weaver Cisgender Female


Rigby Male Spirits are above, charms aloft on high! Sweep away the storm comin' 'cross the sky! See the rising sun, bid the breeze to fall Bid the robins sing, bid the roses grow!


Ramika Female The Huntress

Roy Stephenson

KansasVenomoth Male Life is a highway


Bookworm Female A girl with the gift to see beyond the veil, possessing a bright mind with curiosity as her vice.


Anonymous Male

Mikaze Agnes

Dekko Male "The world really is a scary place sometimes."

Krepta Draconis

Jabberwookie Female A formidable dragon of a woman, no matter what her form.


Anonymous Male

Side Characters

icyrosyseal Unknown We might be here a while.....

Zackary Marquis

AmberShades Male "They Laugh At Me Because I'm Different. I Laugh At Them Because They're All The Same."

Melissa Kissinger

MFManda Female Some Fairies are Sweet


MFManda Female


Somnom Female A very tired surgical resident that likes to pretend she knows what she wants in her life.


Vixy Female This Lady and Goddess is elemental, magical, and dangerous

Pacifica Crucis

Vixy Cisgender Female Archivist Cadenti of the Southern Cross

Zorander Vesh

Gear Male A Nostalgic Monster