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Nebit Taia

noodle Female The Desert Rose of Asdel

Drake Lie

Anonymous Male Are you my next meal?


etheldritch Demiboy Cheeky cat man who ruins lives.

Lucian Matthews

Illuminate90 Male I’m not rude… I just wasn’t taught to politely pretend to be nice to people I can’t stand.

Inugami Koga

SleekJackal Male Powerful dog spirit seeking vengeance for his scarred face, and to thwart the plans of a scheming serpent.

Micky Tenfield

Anonymous Male

Vanya Petrova

Anonymous Female "Trust me..."


GLiTCh Male A Robotic man with a conscious

Charlotte Evergrande

Lumaslily Female A devilishly exotic beauty gifted in the art of song and dance.

Nano Bittes

beschun Transmasculine A damphyr looking for romance and adventure. Mostly adventure.


Vixy Female A fallen 'angel' turned mother and reluctant goddess

Pedro Pascal Almodóvar

TheCaptain Male A young musician looking for his place in the world.

Samantha Jenkins

OrchidLover Cisgender Woman "Throw me to the wolves, I dare you. I'll come back leading the pack. That's a promise."


Anonymous Male Nanaki


LunarValravn Female A dragon goddess who hides many secrets behind a veil of storms.


ConnanBell Take your pick of this wacky lineup!


Riik Agender Born of the wild; a partially-reptillian child who stands against evil.

Solstice Ulysses

Anonymous Gender Fluid What would you sell for perfection?

Hannah Jensen

OrchidLover Cisgender Female "Catch me if you can.."

Tamachi Oonu

MutantPotato Female Tama thinks you're Tamarific.


Lucretire Female A gentle female witch with a child-like exuberance and a constant stutter.


Anonymous Cisgender Man

Georgia Ray Crawford-Harrison

BeatlesFan68 Female The Scarlet WereWitch!


Trishields Male "Death couldn't make it... so they sent me instead."

Jacqueline Crawford-Harrison

BeatlesFan68 Female A witchy werewolf with lots of opinions.