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Edgar Crowe

scarffles Gender Nonconforming Just a plain lad, nothing to see here. [Always working on profile!]

Rinori Ashryn

Anonymous Female

Ryobe Jinja

Anonymous Male My presence will only dictate whether I'm a good or bad omen.

Junzo Amisaki

Anonymous Male You have no idea what you're up against!

Ex-Shrine Maiden

silentruth Female You don’t need to like what I did. I don’t. You just have to accept it.


CloudDragon Female A brilliant but forgetful mutagenist and purveyor of potions.

Githiran VoidBlood

Anonymous Neither


Anonymous Male

Cayden Ines

AshiokMemeSender Male A talented bio-inventor who became his own beta tester, becoming a dogboy in the process.


Anonymous Cisgender Female maybe rabid, definitely feral

Wilson Steel

sarcasyms Agender A man who may or may not actually exist.

Ashley Graham

Drakenheart Female A struggling college student who always ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Erin Demond

Misery_Loves_My_Comp Male Lose Your Dreams and You Will Lose Your Mind


hexblading Cisgender Female Negotiator, diplomat, spymistress.


smoluabean420 Demigirl a neko femboy who is a little

Kaoru Javier Unfrid

silentruth Male Don’t pace yourself. Just go until you fall over. We’ll pick you up. (Social, Diplomat)

Hadlee Silvers

Anonymous Female


Anonymous Cisgender Male Familiar with candle, with book, and with bell? Were you Whittington's friend? The Pied Piper's assistant? Have you been an alumnus of heaven and hell?

Ruby Kaufman

XrosHeartless Transgender Female An modern day witch for hire

Rhydian Blackfyre

Anonymous Cisgender Male Even the Warlord Prince of Darkness must pay a blood price.

Ahlam Valaide

Anonymous Male "You are such young fragile thing"


Anonymous Agender