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oldmusic Cisgender Female The world is a stage! And the stage is a world of entertainment!.

Mireya Celtorn

Anonymous Female A young ranger setting out to make her way in a wider world than she knew before.

Luz Noceda

BERDIEBerd Female “I was a nobody back home. But becoming a witch is my chance to be someone.”

Casey Valentine

KatieKat96 Gender Fluid Shoot an arrow right in the forehead, make 'em look like a unicorn!

Eric Gwàiwù

Dib2435 Male " People think that Monsters will even flight or kill. My job is killing the ones that will kill "

Michaella Kassandra

KatieKat96 Transgender Female Tell me, love, how can I make this universe more... pleasing?


Anonymous Male Navigator in the Mariner's Guild of Gondor


Anonymous Female


Anonymous Male Infantry Soldier of Dunland


GingerHades Female "Hahee'loon, mar'tah! Ahem- Sorry, uh, in Demonic that means 'Hello, mortal!'"

Mixie Tonitrua

GingerHades Female "Watch yourself, doll! You're only workin' up my appetite, y'know."

Alias Smit

theliquidtoad Gender Nonconforming "Awe, come on! Loosen up would ya'? We're here to have fun!"

Bartram c. Goldenson

Baron1819 Cisgender Male An inquisitive bull man who loves innovation but hates the slow of his progress or theft of his belongings.


Rigby Cisgender Man If you were me, you'd be good-looking.


Anonymous Male


Anonymous Gender Fluid Appearances can be deceiving.


Anonymous Male

Landgrave Gilow

IcanTtouCHGrass Male "By the order of the monarchy, your union must become a unison, truly a benefit for us all"


Ishta Cisgender Woman


Nebbie Male A princely mermaid blind to the idea of humans as a threat.


CisMe Male The one that was never good enough

Yami Ambrosia and Co

KingTai Other Her music is good for the soul and twice as deadly

Xailah Alptraum

Anonymous Female


Anonymous Male Overseer of House Alptraum, connoisseur of delectable morsels, and above all, a very good boy.


theliquidtoad Female "Want to go to the woods with me? I hear the flowers that bloom at night are spectacular!"

Samuel Mara

Anonymous Demiboy "A demon forced to live in the boring mortal world."


ChaoticHazard Cisgender Man "A man that was cursed to look like he was filled with villany, but is actually the hero."


Anonymous Male One of the oldest of the Rift Walkers.