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Anonymous Female

Star Noire

EclipseNightStar Non-binary "I don't believe in fate, or a certain religion. I believe in the stars."

Elias Phelan

revviruu Male An eccentric werewolf living alone deep in the forest.


Dustus Male

Zodi the Triclops

Anonymous Cisgender Woman I won't let you out of my sight

Poetry the Bard

JoyfulDemon01 Cisgender Male A bard who's downfall was the one thing he was searching for.

Kuzarah Mallwyndir

Too_Many_Beans Hermaphrodite Confident in her abilities of both body and mind this dark elf may come across as cold and indifferent it is simply the mask she puts up for those she does not know.


Vaporwave Male A prince turned pirate

Christian Montague

jolybean Male A brilliant but easily bored teenager willing to do anything to amuse himself


Anonymous Cisgender Female A blond guard that can seems a little bit cold but she can be quite affectionate.

Valdezmond D Patenaude

Ludda Cisgender Man “Let’s get this over with…”


Aya Cisgender Female ⭐️ Space Princess ⭐️


Anonymous Cisgender Male "For the sake of my sister, I must stay calm... No outbursts..."


Anonymous Cisgender Female "I'm back with a brother this time!"

Chanda Rao

Dndmama Male Wishes granted. All he asks in return is your soul.


Dndmama Male The Soul of a Rebel, The Body of an Angel, The Fallen from Grace


Fopsie Cisgender Female A rare gem

Diana Eidhel

MynMeni Cisgender Female The retired traveler with a heart of gold and a sense for adventure

Sofia Weiss

Serafina Cisgender Female A once stolen child, now an adult traversing two realms, neither to which she truly belongs.

Celain Melisandre

Serafina Cisgender Woman The illegitimate daughter of a knight, trying to make something of herself

Rydell Tameris

Serafina Cisgender Female A former noblewoman-turned-assassin, who came to the conclusion peace is only possible if those who threaten it are killed.

Cecelia Faure

Serafina Cisgender Female A pirate captain who took her fate into her own hands, and prospered


Fopsie Cisgender Female "I don't care who you are or who you were. Nothing is going to stop me from helping you."


FadedTapestry Male Yuan Ti Rogue/Warlock Captain. Pirate-Lord. Once-Deposed Noble. Hunter of Slavers. Ruthless with a Heart of Gold.