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starwolf Demiboy "your special to me"

Princess Celene

BeccaE Female The Princess who must take the throne and save her kingdom

The Gilded Coast

Anonymous Neither A town and resort which seem to exist beyond the limits of normal time and space. Wherever one may be, WHENEVER one may be, it's always somewhere near


dead_dogs_two Who needs enemies, with friends like these!


Pyrroglaux Male "If I was a sensible man you can reason with, I wouldn't be in this line of work."


Cyanymph Female


Anonymous Cisgender Man

Sallie Olympus

ragemachine Female Daughter of Zeus


Riik Male A bold kid who looks out for himself; a master thief at such a young age.

Alice Walker

Rieper Female Fallen Hero


WinterBlackDraoi Male The Gaelic Storm.


WinterBlackDraoi Male Born of the Banshee.


WinterBlackDraoi Male Witch elf looking for adventure. I can be trusted, honestly.

Bryn Avenair

Skyran Female Treasure-hunting is her calling, and this dragon rider won't let any dumb mystery get in the way of her dreams.


Anonymous A seeker of knowledge, both of lost and forbidden.


TheThorn Female Even a monster can live with honor.

Cipher Stream

sunshinemutt Gender Variant A PI here to keep his friends safe from the next impending disaster.